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While I won’t be at the game this Saturday due to lack of funds, I will be watching the game against Florida on TV.

Normally Tennessee Fans would just dress up in orange and white and you would see a blend of the colors throughout the stadium.  For this game though, UT has something big in mind.

They want to #CheckerNeyland and they will need every Tennessee Vol that is going to do their part. I hope they are able to accomplish it, it won’t be an easy task. That is why I am blogging about it. To help bring awareness to this awesome idea.

For those that don’t know at the end of the goal posts in the stadium, they are checkered orange and white, inspired by the checkered pattern in Ayres Hall Tower design.

ayres hall


Make sure to wear the right color for the game this Saturday! Go over to this site. All you have to do is put in your section, row, and seat number. You will than be told what color to wear.

While I am watching the game on TV, I will be wearing orange and white and I hope to see the stadium checkered in orange and white.


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Having Plenty Isn’t Bad

Whether it is books, movies, or makeup to met having plenty or an excess of it; isn’t the issue. There is nothing wrong with having  or wanting lots of things.

How to Know it is a problem:

  1. You are unable to part with anything and you value your items over your family.
  2. You value material things more than people in general.
  3. When your home looks like a hoarder lives there.
  4. You don’t appreciate what you already have.
  5. You are willing to go to great lengths to get more of what you want (even if it harms someone else).

Wanting items, wanting more isn’t the bad part. What we do to get more can be the problem. How we treat each other as a result of wanting more can be the problem.

I want more money, clothes, books, and makeup. I’m not going to commit crimes or hurt others in the process of getting more of what I want.  While I wait for “more” I will read books, watch movies, and use the makeup I do have in the meantime.

Now I don’t really have money thanks to college tuition prices and no scholarships 😦 I am working hard so that way I can qualify for more scholarships and earn more money from my job. Along with looking for another job on top of it.

Until I can get another job, I will have to use what I have or I can ask my parents nicely if it would be possible to get it. Even than I would only ask occasionally since my family is tight on finances as well.

Wanting and having plenty isn’t bad, how you act as a result of plenty and wanting plenty could be the problem.

Inspired by The Daily Post.

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R.I.P. Amber


Me and Amber. This picture was taken this past week.

This morning my family, Christopher, and I went to the Animal Clinic to help Amber ease into sleep and pass away.

It wasn’t easy, I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but seeing it was the terrible. Seeing Amber lying there, while my dad held her in his arms one last time, as they inject the drugs into her. I can still see her head drooping and her body relaxing into his arms til finally her life left her body.

She just laid there, wasn’t moving or breathing; her eyes were closed.

I didn’t think I could feel anymore pain. I didn’t think it could be any worse. All week I had been crying on and off at the thought of Amber leaving us. I completely lost it as I saw her body turn limp. I had to leave the room. Thank God I had Chris there, I would have been more of a mess otherwise.

I know she is no longer in pain now that she has passed. She had been suffering from lupus, arthritis, neuropathy, and dementia. She was becoming blind more and more each day, on top of that her hearing was. She would bump into doors, stare off in the distance not know where she is or who we were. She walked into the tree this past week. I knew that with her passing, she would no longer be in pain.

Still doesn’t make me feel better though. I still miss her.

Amber had lived with us for 15 years. We found this beautiful Shetland Sheepdog/German Shepard furball of love in a shelter in Rhode Island and we adopted her.  I would go into more details about my fondest memories of her, but I can’t seem to do that just yet.

Please keep Amber and my family in your thoughts and prayers. It would be greatly appreciated.


My Mother took this picture.


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Contributing for The Daily Beacon


I decided to join a newspaper and be a contributor for The Daily Beacon.

The Daily Beacon is the University of Tennessee’s newspaper that has been around since 1871. Over time it has evolved and the staff has grown. I am very excited to be part of a Newspaper that has a great deal of history.

I had heard of them last year but I was still trying to overcome all the mental health issues that I was dealing with at the time. Now  that I was better and because I wanted to get involved on campus (preferably something that could help my future) I decided to try my hand at journalism.



Photo Credit

My first interview was all right, but I was very nervous during the whole process. I will say I do find it easier talking with students than with those in positions of authority. I know this is because the student that I am interviewing have less likely been interviewed than the adults.

I currently have one article that has been published and I am very excited about writing more.

Now due to writing for The Daily Beacon, I won’t have as many blog posts up on here, but if you want to keep up with other writing that I am working on just click here.


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Fans at Fault For Not Buying Comic Art

I wish I was kidding, but that is the summary behind two articles that have been posted on Denise Dorman’s blog site here on wordpress.

dave dorman

Dave Dorman

I found this article through The Mary Sue. I read the whole article before commenting by the way. Yes I commented; for I prefer to tell a person my opinions about them before writing about them (if I have the opportunity).

my comment to her first article

Comment on her first post in regard to this matter.

She responded to my comment and I responded back.

She responded to my comment and I responded back.

Response to 2nd post

Response to 2nd post

She is the wife of Dave Dorman, apparently a famed Star War artist (I have seen his Star Wars art before by the way, I didn’t realize it was him , but I have seen it before and I always thought it was cool) that hasn’t been doing so well when it comes to his sales. As a result which is why the wife wrote this first blog post in anger, irritation? You decide.  Either way, it came across as immature.

In her first article it really does come across as she is blaming cosplayers and those that spend so much time seeing cosplayers. I can understand her frustration and appreciate it. For people are sometimes cosplaying as characters that artists have come up with and people are paying mroe attention to the cosplayers than the artists who came up with the character in the first place.

I have slowly come realize that in this selfie-obsessed, Instagram Era, COSPLAY is the new focus of these conventions–seeing andbeing seen, like some giant masquerade party. Conventions are no longer shows about commerce, product launches, and celebrating the people who created this genre in the first place. I’ve seen it first-hand–the uber-famous artist who traveled all of the way from Japan, sitting at Comic-Con, drawing as no one even paid attention to him, while the cosplayers held up floor traffic and fans surroundthe cosplayers–rather than the famed industry household name–to pose for selfies.

However In Dave Dorman’ & Denise Dorman’s case I am having some issues:

#1.) He did not create the characters in Star Wars, yes he did a great job drawing them, but he didn’t create the character from scratch. The characters existed before he drew them, he did his interpretation on the characters, that is the only thing he can own.

#2.) Artists of all kinds borrow from each other all the time. He did some batman art and you can say he was probably inspired and probably borrowed from other artists, nothing wrong from that. All artists inspire and borrow from each other.

#3.) If your point Denise is being misinterpreted, it is not the readers fault, it is how you wrote and presented the issue.  This came off as a rant and blaming the people that attend, which leads to my next point.

#4.) She isn’t owning up to what she did. And neither is her husband saying to her “Hey Denise, I’m glad you love me and you are protective of me, but that wasn’t cool.” If I did something like this (which I wouldn’t) my love would tell me that I reacted wrong and I would tell him the same if he reacted that way (which he wouldn’t).

However she writes another article saying that she doesn’t blame cosplayers. She says she wanted to have this as a avenue for discussion and it blew out of control.

What I had hoped for, igniting an HONEST discussion about what we, as exhibitors (and they the convention owners) could be doingdifferently and how to give the fans what they want and still be able toafford to exhibit, turned into something ugly. Online harassment. Threats. Hate.

Whether or not we agree with someone, sending threats to an individual is wrong.

I have to call her out though, the first post, did not sound like someone wanting to have a discussion, she just honestly sounds pissed off. Which is not a bad thing, but if you are going to rant, own up to the fact that you had a moment you lost your cool, apologize and move on.

Don’t backpeddle, which is what she did not surprisingly with the amount of backlash she received.

In her Second post about this topic she talks about how she blames fans and those that attend:

 “It’s the new breed of attendees who are there because someone said it’s cool to be there; they are the onescompletely unfamiliar with the comics industry. They are the ones who attend any hard-to-get-tickets event just to boast online. They are the people I take issue with.NOTthe Cosplayers. Those are the people who care only about their selfies on their Instagram profiles.Those are the people who hijack events like #Burning Man,#Coachella and #SDCC with no understanding of why these events exist, or their raison d’être. Once they show up to the party, the event jumps the shark. “

While I understand she is blaming a certain type of fan, she is still blaming fans and attendes. She is still acting in an exclusive manner which, silly me, I thought was against geek culture.  Yes, it can be annoying when people who have no idea what Star Wars is about are taking pictures with Slave Leia because she looks hot. At the same time though these individuals could become potential fans.

fans at fault

Denise Dorman herself

It is because of Social Media that I have Heard of Burning Man, Coachella and other venues where people come together to have a great time. Yes,it may be annoying that people are going there just to be seen, but they are the reason why I have heard of some of these great events!

Social Media is a wonderful thing. It can make or break you. Unfortunately between; her husbands site which is under construction and not user friendly, the fact he doesn’t market himself to a younger generation but seems to be expecting his fans (which seem to range from 40s-50s) to carry him through) and this bad publicity he just got due to the fact that his wife went on a rant, he may have a harder time appealing to the younger generations now.

My Overall Critiques on Their Social Media Presence:

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Scotland’s 45%


After 55% of the population of Scotland voted no, whether out of fear or tradition, a new movement arose.

They are the 45%.

Those who voted Yes and those who supported the #voteyes movement were left in dismay about the results from last week. The 45 revitalizes the group of voters.

While low and behold the BBC announced that new technology will be added to the oil reserves off the North Sea, the same oil reserves rumored before the election to have been a great way for revenue and income for the UK if Scotland stayed (think about that No voters). Is anyone shocked that this was revealed after the election results are in? Not me.

ayell be back

While I haven’t been able to find any news about the 45 on BBC as of the date this is posted, I have been finding many American new sources and people criticizing those who are unhappy with the results. The irony is lost on them, for we American long ago left the The British Empire because we felt like they didn’t care about us. For Americans to not weep for those who voted yes and to be happy that the Union is staying together- my response…


Who cares about the change of flag? Who cares about what would happen to Doctor Who ( and I like Doctor Who!). The want for freedom should never be comprised because of a desire for profit or a fear of change & difficulty.

Sadly, this has happened.

I hope the 45% movement keeps rising, I hope more and more people join the movement, and I hope Scotland will eventually become independent.

Stay Strong!


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Sexual Assaults at UT

At the University of Tennessee within a month there were 5 sexual assaults reported all by young women. Knowing the statistics though, the number of sexual assaults that have occurred on a college campus no doubt double that number.

This year the UT Police Department are obligated to send an email out to all the students, faculty, and staff every time a sexual assault is reported to them. The students identity have been kept a secret and none of the young women have chosen to file charges. Out of the 5 that occurred, only 1 of them was by a stranger and that was when that person was going out for a run.

There are three things about this whole situation that have bothered me.

3.) Students reactions to the reports

On anonymous social media apps like Yik Yak, students revealed their true thoughts on the issue. Many blamed the victim. Others made a joke out of it or thought they were simply lying (hence why they aren’t pressing charges).

reminder about rape  lying about rape

Whether it is groping, rape, or another other form of sexual assault, it isn’t funny. Stop joking about it. You are not only making light of the matter, you are empowering and encouraging those committing these horrid actions and you are being disrespectful and hurtful toward the victims.

people saying shit trying to be funny

Thankfully there were a few that said this shit needed to stop.

what is wrong with you be responsible

2.) Not one of them have want to file charges against the individual.

I understand why, one of them probably thought that finding the individual would have been unlikely.



Photo Credit

As for the other young women that knew their assailant, I’m not surprised they didn’t file charges. You don’t feel people would believe you no matter what you do, people will look down on you because of what happened, and people will say that you shouldn’t have put yourself in that situation and question why did you trust him.

They wouldn’t say or lay any of the blame on the one who hurt you, they would just focus all that blame on you instead.

So before anyone out there lays all the blame on the victim check yourself and stop judging.

1.) It’s happening.

The fact that its happeing. The fact that there are students on campus going through this, is terrible. No one should have to go through this.

While I am glad that more awareness is being brought to this problem, it is sad that it still exists. It is sad that young women are afraid to file charges and its sad that sexual assailants get away unscared.


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