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Who Should I Cheer For in the Superbowl?

who do i cheer forIt is superbowl weekend, you have been invited to superbowl parties, and you have never watched sports in your life.

You aren’t the only one. For me I don’t take sports seriously, especially NFL teams. I don’t see the point. If you have read this post. You know that I’m no sports expert nor do I claim to be.

Still though the whole point of watching competitive sports is to see which team will win. It make the experience enjoyable.

Over the years I have developed a way for myself

How I Choose A Team to Cheer for:

  1. Teams mascot. I try to figure out which mascot I like more. This usually helps me decide real quick.
  2. Team colors. If I am not a fan of either teams mascot, I look at their colors. Usually if I don’t like a mascot, I can find which teams colors I prefer.
  3. Where the team is from. It usually doesn’t get this far, but research the area the town is from. Heck even if you just don’t like the name of the town where a team is from that could be a determining factor. A silly way to do it, but hey sports fans probably think this list itself is already silly.
  4. Find the hottest player. Once you find that person, you have your team. If you find multiple players hot, pick the team that has the most hot players. I never got this far for the record, I can usually decide which team I want to pick by #3.
  5. Cheer for the Underdog. If there is an underdog, cheer for them. It is awesome they were able to get this far. They deserve to have some more fans on their side, even if only for a one game.
  6. Cheer for the Big Guy. If you really don’t like cheering for the Underdog (which I do slightly judge you for) or you just really don’t like that team, than you can always cheer for the big guy.
  7. Go along with the team your friends are cheering for. This way they can teach you everything about sports and you can learn more about your team.

No matter what though, I hope you have lots of fun this Superbowl weekend! Stay Safe.

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Why I Am Cheering For the Broncos


Before you read this post, you may want to read my other post so that way you know how much I am not familiar with sports. Just a fair warning to sports fans out there.

You have been warned.

I know nothing about the Broncos except Peyton Manning is on it, he used to play for the Dallas Cowboys, and before that he played for Tennessee. Go Tennessee!

I am no sports expert. I don’t watch sports often, I only watch sports occasionally.

The Reasons why I am cheering for the Broncos:

  1. It is the Year of the Horse! For those that have no idea what I am talking about January, 31 2014 is Chinese New Year. As result we are now in the Year of the Horse. Broncos are basically untrained/wild horses so it only makes sense.
  2. My Chinese Zodiac Sign is a Horse. So for me, it really is a no brainer and my boyfriends says that my sign really fits me. As a result I decided to just stick with the Broncos.
  3. Peyton Manning played for Tennessee. I got to UT. I think this one is self-explanatory.
  4. I just have a Gut Feeling. I could totally be wrong though. So don’t blame me if you don’t win a bet. But if you do win a bet because of my reasoning, please let me know, that will make my day.

Who are you cheering for? Why are you cheering for that team? Let me know in the comments.

Still don’t know who you are cheering for? Check out this post that can help you decide which team to cheer for.

Why I Watch the Superbowl (even though I Rarely Watch Football or Sports in General)?


This weekend is Superbowl Weekend!!!!

Are you excited? Are you ready? Can you handle the EXCITEMENT?!?!

I really don’t watch sports that often. In fact, It is pretty rare when I do watch sports.   I am interested in many things, but out of all the things that I am interested in, the thing lowest on my list of interests is sports. It’s not that I don’t like sports, for me I just can’t get into it. It’s not for lack of trying either. I have read about sports. I try to follow sports teams that I am interested in, but it doesn’t last long.

I have gone to football, basketball, baseball, and even hockey games. I don’t obsessively follow any teams. I am a fan of the Tennessee Vols and the Knoxville Catholic Irish. I think the only reason for that is because I attended Catholic and I am currently at UT. I have gone to a couple of football games here and I have really enjoyed myself. Although usually when there is a flag on the field or when there are fouls, I usually don’t understand what happened or why. All the plays look the same to me.


Random Fact about Myself!

 When I was little I loved the Dallas Cowboys, but only because I thought their cheerleaders were so pretty and I wanted to be like them. I liked their self confidence and I thought they were cool.


Also my family isn’t that obsessed with sports. My father ran, my mother danced, I dance(d), did cheerleading, & ran, and my brother plays baseball. My mother is a Penn State fan (it scares me a little sometime) and I also have a great uncle who is into baseball and loves the Yankees. Although we have some athleticism in my family, we really didn’t grow up watching ESPN and going to a lot of sports games.

Despite all this every year we watch the Superbowl. I really thought it was weird at first, but over the years I have looked forward to watching the Superbowl.

4 Reasons why I watch the Superbowl:

  1. Everyone Else is watching it. Why not? Seriously though, there is no reason for me to not watch it and in this case I can hang out with my family or friends, whoever and watch the Superbowl.
  2. Good food to Eat. I like good food. Most times while watching the superbowl there will be nachos and cheese, pizza rolls, wings, etc. I love food. I have another excuse to eat all of this and not get weird looks. Yah for food!
  3. The Energy. I usually love the energy that comes with watching sports with a bunch of people. It makes the experience fun and enjoyable. Granted some people become scary, but I really do enjoy the people the get into the game.And My Favorite Part…
  4. The Commercials. This is my favorite part of the Superbowl. I love how creative they can be, I’m hoping though they will be less sexist this year. Women do watch the superbowl too.

If you want to learn more about the superbowl click here, this guide is great if you are clueless about all the stats and the major players for this years superbowl.

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Are you going to be watching the Superbowl? What are you going to be doing for the Superbowl? Let me know in the comment section!

Online Quizzes:What Once Upon A Time Character Are You?

Want to take the quiz? Click on the Image now!

I am kind of disappointed. He is my least favorite character on the show.

My favorite characters are Regina, Belle, and Rumpelstiltskin. I also love Belle and Rumpelstiltskin as a couple.

Who is your favorite character? What results did you get? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy (Chinese) New Year

It is My Chinese Zodiac- The Horse! Oh I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. Before January 1st I had this feeling of hope.

I am very excited now because this is my year.

What is your Chinese Zodiac sign? Let me know in the comments!

Bad Movie Reviews

My Journey with Bad Sci Fi movies all began when my hall-mate’s friends sent her Sharknado as a gag gift. When I first heard of it, I thought it was the most idiotic thing I had ever heard of until I watched the trailer.

And I was hooked.

While at Walmart for $5, there were 5 awfully bad good sy fy movies.

The 5 movies are:

  1. Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus
  2. Mega Piranha
  3. Chupacabra vs The Alamo
  4. Miami Magma
  5. Momentum

As a result of me watching these movies, knowing they are going to be bad I have decided to have a separate movie category.  There will really be sense to the rating, the only thing that can help or hinder the rating is how bad the movie is, the quality of acting, the plot, the bad graphics, etc.

I am really excited. This is definitely going to be a new hobby of mine. If there any bad movies sci fi movies you think I should watch just let me know in the comments below!

My Confessions


Even though I write constantly I have a hard time expressing my emotions.

To be frank, I hate expressing my emotions. I don’t like it. I feel vulnerable, stupid, and all around over sensitive when I talk about how I feel.

I don’t like talking about how I feel. I don’t like drawing attention to it. I just want to ignore it and hope that my feelings will just disappear. I want to ignore the hurt, the pain, and the emptiness that I usually live with on a daily basis.


Unfortunately, I no longer can do that. I won’t be successful if I don’t get help and if I keep my emotions all bottled up inside of me; it will end badly. I just don’t like being vulnerable. Yes, I know no one does. To me though there are some people who seem to live for that kind of attention. They will try to get attention any way they can. They want the whole world to know their every emotion and moment of angst. I care about the whole world knowing. The truth is, I don’t want them to know, I want to hide. I don’t think I can hide anymore though.

At the same time , I am genuinely afraid. Will this be used against me? Will the whole world know? How will this affect my future? How will people view and think of me?

I don’t like talking about it, but I want someone to know. I just have had trouble with how to express myself. I guess writing is the only way. I have tried writing in a journal, but all I can do there is creative writing. Whenever I blog though, I think I have an easier time with talking about my emotions. I don’t get it, but that is just one of many things I don’t understand.

As a result I have decided that occasionally I will do a series of called “A Confession.” Each will be a different topic about whatever I am feeling at that moment. It usually will be filled with emotions and pain.

Part of me is still really nervous about this and another part of me is glad I am doing this. Oh God, my whole family might see this, my friends,  my boyfriends family.

Same time though, this blog isn’t popular, I don’t have many followers. Heck, I doubt people even read this blog. I don’t know why I have the urge to have one despite that.

Maybe I do want someone to notice me?

I’m really scared. What will they all think of me?