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I’m Back, Let’s Party.

Seems like I have been gone forever, huh? Well guess what: grab a glass of wine, a party hat, and get ready for a story.

If you read this post you will know I have been dealing with a lot, including the death of our family dog, who we had for 15 years.

Where have I been? Dealing with a lot of stuff: being sick, family dealing with medical issues, and things breaking down around the house. Sine my family is more private than I when it comes to this kind of thing, we are going to stick with talking about me.

At the beginning of November the pain in my back returned, not as strong as it was the last time. Went to the ER and while there was told that my kidney infection had most likely returned. Well it turns out it wasn’t a kidney infection, although at this time I am unsure what the cause is.

My trip to the ER alone was not fun. Once I was in and went through the whole ‘when was your last period? Are you pregnant?’ questions, I was than wheeled into the ER. The nurse who was in charge of the IV did a horrible job sticking the needle into me, there was just enough of a hole for blood to pool around. Having been in hospitals enough times and having been around them thanks to my dad, I knew that she wasn’t doing the best job.

After having to give blood, which I have never had a problem with until that night, she gave me drugs for the pain through the IV. They were pretty nice drugs, but at first it felt awful. Those who live with chronic anxiety can understand this; I felt this rush throughout my body as though I was experiencing an instant panic attack. I hadn’t felt one this strong in a long time, I felt like I was going to hyperventilate and pass out. This was a result of the instant adrenaline rush that was sent throughout my body. Following that, I felt very out of it, as though my head was fuzzy and lifting off the pillow. Only closing my eyes helped alleviate the sensation.

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My Choice to Live at Home Over the Dorm


My Old Dorm Room

Last year I had a wonderful chance to live in 1436 with a wonderful roommate. I lived in the “Penthouse” of Morrill Hall with (mostly) other transfer students. I had a great RA, a less than great cafeteria, and out of the 3 elevators one of them would usually get stuck once a week.

Even though I’m glad to be living off campus this year, I will surely miss it.

I had a wonderful experience living on campus last year with an awesome roommate. I have also had terrible experiences of living with other people.

That is not the reason why I am not living on campus.

Not gonna lie to you, I was concerned about the idea of going from an awesome roommate to a horrible one. While that scared me, I still wanted to live on campus. It would have been convenient and easier that way.

Why am I living at home than?


It costs about $4,500 to live in a dorm and that is not including the required meal plan, which adds about $1,500 more (and that’s the lowest one too). That would make it a total of roughly $10,000-$11,000 each semester.

Thanks, but no thanks.

It won’t be easy, for one thing I don’t have a car. As a result my boyfriend will have to drive me to school everyday. I will have to make sure I have everything with me before I head to campus. Not to mention I can’t carry as much with me.

I do miss being able to just leave my dorm room, head on down to campus to all the various activities. I miss being able to sleep till an hour before class so I can just crawl out of bed, throw some clothes and makeup on, brush my teeth, grab my bags and head out to the door for class. I miss having constant access to a gym, and “free” activities on campus.

At the same time though, I love being able to go to a fridge and find it filled with food and not have to leave the building to get food. I enjoy not having to deal with lousy hall-mates who come back drunk from partying at night. I can still focus on sleeping and doing my homework without feeling pressured to socialize with my roommates or hall-mates (not that I mind, but studying comes first). I can still go the gym the time I am on campus and take advantage of the free fitness classes they offer for students.

Will I miss living on campus? Of course. Do I regret my decision to not live on campus?

Not one bit.


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What I Would Like to Do (& Get) Before I Finish Undergrad


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Right now I have begun studying for the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) so I can start taking the exams in the spring. Before that though there is a list of things I want to do before I Finish my Undergrad career.

  1. I Want to Participate in the Disney College Program. I remember learning about this while I was in high school. I have always wanted to participate Whether it is working on the rides or being a Major Character (like a Disney Princess) I would love to participate in the Disney College Program.
  2. I Want to Study Abroad in Ireland. My mother is half Irish and so is my father. As a result I have grown up with learning many Irish traditions and hearing stories about my ancestors when they lived in Ireland. You can click here to see where I would be interested in going.
  3. I Want to Study Abroad in the UK. This has been at the top of my list of places I want to go to and not just because I am a fan of BBC Sherlock. I want to visit where all the great writers lived and their stories. From Shakespeare to Austen to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle I want to explore The UK and all the historical sites.
  4. Publish a Book. This has been a goal of mine for a while. It would be awesome to have on my resume and it would be good to have some extra money coming in from the published book. What would the book be about? You will just have to wait for when it’s done.
  5. Go on a Mission/Volunteer Trip. Whether I go to Haiti, Jamaica, Cambodia, or Ethipia. I would like to go on one.
  6. Get a job in a Paid Writing Internship. Yes I want one that pays and whether it is with a website or a business company of some sort I would like that.
  7. Get a Car of My Own. Preferably a Ford Fiesta or a Mini Cooper.
  8. Have a Really nice Apartment or Loft of my Own (and be able to have awesome furniture and decor to go with it) I want to have a place of my own.
  9. Go to a Movie Premiere of a Movie I Really Want to See. I would like to be able to wear a really pretty dress, talk with some awesome actors and see a great movie.
  10. Win the Torchbearer Award (UTK Award)
  11. Win the Courage to Climb Award (UTK Award)
  12. Win a Writing Contest.
  13. Participate in Eureca (Undergraduate research & Achievement). I think it would be fun to tortue do some research on topics that I am actually interested in.

I’m sure there will be more added to this list as time goes by. I hope that I will be able to accomplish all of these goals.

Is there anything on you list that you too would do? Anything not on here? Let me know in the comments below!


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What I Wish I Had Known Before I Went to High School

book open2

With being out of high school for more than 4 years now I have had a lot of time to look back on my life and what I did while I was in High School. I have learned a lot and there are many things that I would change looking back on it, since I can’t though I hope I can pass my knowledge and what I have learned onto you.


  • Now is the time you will be preparing for College. I never thought about it like this, but it is true. When I entered high school this was far from my mind. All I was thinking about was “Thank God I’m out of middle school” & “Shit. I’m still around those people, but at least there are more people here that I like”
  • Start doing well in your classes now! This is a must, get a good head start on your classes. The reason for this as you reach your Senior year you will feel senioritis more and more. Sometimes you will begin to feel it in your Sophomore year.
  • Take more Honors Classes & and try some AP Classes. Taking more Honors classes can help prepare you for the challenge of college and with taking AP Classes depending on how well you do on the AP test, you can test out of a class and you won’t have to be in college as long.
  • Take a Dual Enrollment Class. This is where you can take classes and get college credit! Depending on the program you have sometimes you can take them at the college, at your high school, or its done at both your college and high school.
  • Talk with your academic counselor, a lot. If you are having any problems, talk to them. Whether you are struggling in classes or dealing with senioritis. They also know about different programs in the area. For example in my area there is this program called Governors School, an intensive program for talented and gifted high school students. There are topics ranging from the arts to agricultural to science.
  • Do the homework and study. Even if it seems easy and you understand still do the reading and study. Who knows you can either test out of classes or you can still learn that information for classes you will have to take in college.
  • Your Grades Don’t define you, but they are important. One F does not mean you fail at life. It just means you need to talk to your teacher, not make the same mistakes and work smarter.
  • Talk to your Teachers. Whether it is help with classes or you want help when it comes to trying to find guidance in the field of you interest, you teachers may be aware of opportunities that could boost your resume.

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Try Anything! Whether you join the robotics club or you want to start your own club, do it! I know it may be scary, but seriously just have the mentality of screw these people, I won’t really see them in  years. You deserve to have fun and to try new things. It also looks really good for college and it can help figure out what path you want to take.
  • Try out for sports (besides Cheerleading & Dance) at least once. I remember when I was younger I enjoyed basketball. As I got older I really enjoyed soccer and flag football. I wish I had tried out at least once instead of feeling that because I wasn’t popular or the typical individual I shouldn’t try out.
  • Do stuff outside of school. Try to get involved in extra curricular activities outside of school. Not only will you be opening yourself to more opportunities, you won’t be held back the cliques and the social order of high school that will exist.

Social Life

  • Forget the haters. You will have a lot of people hate you throughout your high school career. Just think of it this way, they are spending their time thinking about you. You must be that fabulous or they have a boring life. Either way
  • You don’t need to be in a relationship. While it is conviant when there are school dances, besides that it just adds another level of drama. If you want to date, fine. If you want to be in a relationship, fine. Just remember the odds of that relationship lasting beyond high school is slim. Also you may not be ready for a relationship and please remember you don’t need someone to complete you.
  • Try to find some real friends. I know this one will probably be the hardest out of all of them. Don’t be friends with someone just because of …. I talk to maybe one or two people from high school an the majority of people that I did hang out with- I had nothing in common with them, except I was an outcast.
  • Drama free is the way to be. If you want some Drama in you life watch reality TV, otherwise get rid of the drama. I know it’s harder because you go to the same school and you could possibly be in the same group, but look at it this way. You are already stressing out about classes, you don’t need other people creating drama or involving you in drama.


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