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You Are Not God!

are you God

A while back I posted about how We Need to be Better Than the Westboro Baptist Church, just click on it to read the post.

Well someone commented on the post…

condem catholics



I didn’t approve of the post to be published simply because I’m not going to have a “I hate Catholic” blog being linked to my page. I’m not for condemning someone just because their faith is different from mine, so I won’t take it from others either.

Instead of going on about his bad grammar, I will just talk about the fact that this individual obviously condemns me for being Catholic.

I have been real disappointed with those within the Christian faith this past year. Between The Pharisee that was on campus to the multiple comments I have received in online forums as a result of my Catholic faith, I’m tired of it.

I don’t know why, but for some reason there seems to be a lot of hate from other Christians against Catholics. Which I find ironic since the whole Christian faith kind of evolved from Catholicism aka the Reformation. What I find more puzzling is when Christians hate those that are Jewish.

confused black girl

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I Don’t Need to Be Perfect

being perfect


This past year I have been working really hard on improving myself. Between going on medication, going to therapy, and constantly challenging myself I realized that no matter how hard I work, no matter what I do I won’t be perfect.

On top of being most likely OCD & ADD I know that I have a problem with being a perfectionist. I can’t tell you how I feel every time I look at my blog. Every time I look at it there are so many things I see wrong with it and it drives me nuts to say the least.

Whether it came to my grades, my room, or just trying to being an adult I would constantly criticize myself and try to see how I can be better.

It was difficult at times and still can be. Before I went on medication I used to wish on a daily basis that things would just go perfectly. I would get upset with myself and berate myself if things didn’t turn out the way I wish I had planned.

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Thoughts on Season 1 of Ladies of London


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This past week Ladies of London ended with tension, but no yelling.

For those that frequently watch Bravo the final showdown between Caprice Bourett and Caroline Stanbury was one of the most tense, but the least over the top exchange on Bravo TV and there was no yelling!

Finale Itself!

Caprice shows up to the Dinner party late and does not even address the host. While I wish Caroline had stood up to say hello, its not necessary. It was more important that Caprice address the host and than the host could have gotten up. No instead she says hi and hugs other people at the party instead. She also didn’t thank for the vegetarian or vegan meal she had (I can’t remember which one it was), a big no no.

I really did like the fact when they were having a discussion there was no yelling and it was still tense. I found it really annoying that when Caroline sad she had proof in an email and Caprice is saying that she isn’t interested in seeing it, even though she has been saying that Caroline is lying.

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What I Wish I Had Known Before I Went to High School

book open2

With being out of high school for more than 4 years now I have had a lot of time to look back on my life and what I did while I was in High School. I have learned a lot and there are many things that I would change looking back on it, since I can’t though I hope I can pass my knowledge and what I have learned onto you.


  • Now is the time you will be preparing for College. I never thought about it like this, but it is true. When I entered high school this was far from my mind. All I was thinking about was “Thank God I’m out of middle school” & “Shit. I’m still around those people, but at least there are more people here that I like”
  • Start doing well in your classes now! This is a must, get a good head start on your classes. The reason for this as you reach your Senior year you will feel senioritis more and more. Sometimes you will begin to feel it in your Sophomore year.
  • Take more Honors Classes & and try some AP Classes. Taking more Honors classes can help prepare you for the challenge of college and with taking AP Classes depending on how well you do on the AP test, you can test out of a class and you won’t have to be in college as long.
  • Take a Dual Enrollment Class. This is where you can take classes and get college credit! Depending on the program you have sometimes you can take them at the college, at your high school, or its done at both your college and high school.
  • Talk with your academic counselor, a lot. If you are having any problems, talk to them. Whether you are struggling in classes or dealing with senioritis. They also know about different programs in the area. For example in my area there is this program called Governors School, an intensive program for talented and gifted high school students. There are topics ranging from the arts to agricultural to science.
  • Do the homework and study. Even if it seems easy and you understand still do the reading and study. Who knows you can either test out of classes or you can still learn that information for classes you will have to take in college.
  • Your Grades Don’t define you, but they are important. One F does not mean you fail at life. It just means you need to talk to your teacher, not make the same mistakes and work smarter.
  • Talk to your Teachers. Whether it is help with classes or you want help when it comes to trying to find guidance in the field of you interest, you teachers may be aware of opportunities that could boost your resume.

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Try Anything! Whether you join the robotics club or you want to start your own club, do it! I know it may be scary, but seriously just have the mentality of screw these people, I won’t really see them in  years. You deserve to have fun and to try new things. It also looks really good for college and it can help figure out what path you want to take.
  • Try out for sports (besides Cheerleading & Dance) at least once. I remember when I was younger I enjoyed basketball. As I got older I really enjoyed soccer and flag football. I wish I had tried out at least once instead of feeling that because I wasn’t popular or the typical individual I shouldn’t try out.
  • Do stuff outside of school. Try to get involved in extra curricular activities outside of school. Not only will you be opening yourself to more opportunities, you won’t be held back the cliques and the social order of high school that will exist.

Social Life

  • Forget the haters. You will have a lot of people hate you throughout your high school career. Just think of it this way, they are spending their time thinking about you. You must be that fabulous or they have a boring life. Either way
  • You don’t need to be in a relationship. While it is conviant when there are school dances, besides that it just adds another level of drama. If you want to date, fine. If you want to be in a relationship, fine. Just remember the odds of that relationship lasting beyond high school is slim. Also you may not be ready for a relationship and please remember you don’t need someone to complete you.
  • Try to find some real friends. I know this one will probably be the hardest out of all of them. Don’t be friends with someone just because of …. I talk to maybe one or two people from high school an the majority of people that I did hang out with- I had nothing in common with them, except I was an outcast.
  • Drama free is the way to be. If you want some Drama in you life watch reality TV, otherwise get rid of the drama. I know it’s harder because you go to the same school and you could possibly be in the same group, but look at it this way. You are already stressing out about classes, you don’t need other people creating drama or involving you in drama.


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Why I Won’t Watch Game of Crowns Anymore

game of crowns


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After watching last nights episode I didn’t feel relieved or any better. I stated in this blog post my reasons behind for watching reality shows (and yes I understand how scripted they are). For the first time while watching a reality show I was left feeling not relieved of stress or thankful that that is not my life. No, I felt frustrated and upset.

I think this is the first reality show that I have watched that has made me feel upset.

Why am I upset?

I can deal with cattiness, I have watched enough Housewives reality shows to be immune to the cattiness by now. Still the level of cattiness on Game of Crowns really bothered me and I couldn’t place my finger on it, which is why I continued to watch it past the first episode. I finally realized what about it bothered me last night.

It reminded me of middle school and high school all rolled into one.

I was amazed/disgusted last night by the level of pettiness and cattiness that existed among the majority of the women on the show. These women were all trying to out pretty, out smart, out class, etc the other and were trying to tear each other down in the process.

I knew when I began watching this reality show there would be drama, especially when a Tiara is involved, but it is like these women have never grown up!

If I was in the same situation, I would just love to put on pretty dresses, do the competitions for fun, and if I won I would be happy, but if I don’t I’m not going to go around scheming trying to find a way to get to the top.

It was really sad to see women who talk about the importance of class, grace, poise, etc. demonstrate anything but that. It was really disappointing to see women take bets as to whether or not their friend would win (not classy at all). It was disappointing to see women trying to live vicariously through the children. It was disappointing to see grown up women, who were acting like 12 year olds.

I thought Pageants were supposed to be about being the best women you can be. I thought it was about being a good role model. I thought it was supposed to be fun. These women make it look like hell.

I would rather watch Jersey Shore (and I couldn’t stand that show) than watch this show again, for although the level of intelligence on that show can be debated, at least they weren’t acting like a bunch of catty middle school girls.

Have you seen the show? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below!


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So Excited for Sharknado 2!


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For those that don’t know I love bad sci fi movies. I enjoy watching the bad acting, the ridiculous plot twists, and the funny dialogue. I always enjoyed them, but my love for them began thanks to Sharknado and now God has answered prayers of everyone was has seen the first one.

The movie is coming out in a less than a week!

full house gif

I will be live tweeting about the movie, so if you want to see my thoughts on the movie immediately just follow me here.

While waiting for this movie to come out July 30th on the SyFy channel I will be watching other syfy movies and pinning away for Sharknado 2.

Get your Chainsaws ready, Sharknado is coming.


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#AskThicke is a Beautiful Disaster


Woke up this morning and checked twitter.

Boy I am glad I did.

Everyone, even my mom had comments about Robin Thicke.

Hilarious and amusing doesn’t do justice to seeing all the questions being directed toward Robin Thicke.

Seriously who thought that this was a good idea? Don’t they remember/ know that every single #Ask that has trended has been backfired or “hijacked.”

E-Online says it was “hijacked by angry internet trolls. ” Yes, because why can’t human beings be ticked off by a man that wrote rapey music, who cheated on his wife, and is now harrasing her. Yes, there are trolls out there asking really stupid questions, but in this case E! you know he want it.

i know you want it dance

Seriously though hijack.

You make it sound like someone hacked into the twitter profile of the individual that started this hastag and started writing evil hashtags without anyone noticing until hours later.

No, its wasn’t hijacked, it was invaded.

It was invaded by intelligent people that actually respect other women, other human beings, and who happen to understand that no means no. It was invaded and written by individuals that can see through Thicke’s….whats the word???


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