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A Run In with A Modern Day Pharisee

Modern Day Pharisees. What is a modern day Pharisse? Who are they?  They are becoming more prominent and more of a problem. You will see them protesting outside of concerts, different movies, holidays or at funerals. There are different groups like this one or as well known as the Westboro Baptist Church.  They are here, they exist, and of course they are giving Christianity a very bad name.

I’m Catholic, I’m Christian. I believe in God, I love God, and yes, I do read the bible. I go to mass every Sunday (unless I’m sick) and I try to pray as often as possible.  I’m not perfect, I don’t know everything. But I can recognize right from wrong. These people- they are wrong.

Recently on the UT campus we have had for 2 days these Pharisees were on campus. Now while I was at UTC we had people reading from the bible, they were just talking about the end of the world, but as far as I was aware, they were not targeting, pointing, or yelling at specific people. They were just basically saying that we needed to all turn to God and love God.

Not everyone would like it, but hey, it wasn’t hateful.

This however was.


The first day I was really angry. I mean, I felt my blood boiling, and I wanted to fight this jerk. He was being extremely hateful! He called all of us sinners and said that we are all children of the devil. He kept saying he was perfect, and without sin because everyday he consciously chose not to sin. He basically told someone of the Muslim faith that all Muslims were going to hell. He told women to stop wearing tight pants, put on long dresses , get back to the kitchen, and be subservient to men. He also told another women to be quiet and stop preaching bible verse at him, saying it wasn’t her place. That she needs to be quiet.

Yeah, I was angry.

I decided against saying anything or doing anything. With people like him, they won’t listen. They want a fight, they want an argument. Also I was angry, extremely angry.  Rather I set the alert to different groups on facebook that are UT orientated, that way students can avoid this hateful man. I got a lot of interesting comments back. One of them, made me think and stuck with me.


The next day, they were back.  Most students ignored them, many were getting into arguments with them. I personally knew that arguments would be futile. They live for this stuff, they want people to argue with them. They want to make you angry. They honestly believe they are doing the Lord’s work when they are making you angry.

At first I wasn’t going to say anything or do anything. In fact I didn’t want to. Why?

I don’t like public speaking. I don’t like speaking in front of others, especially strangers. I hate confrontations and angry debates. I don’t like drawing attention to myself in this manner.  I prefer to be hidden by a computer screen and write on my blog about it. Even than, I don’t like talking about myself, I don’t like putting myself out there.

So, what changed my mind. Two people and a bible verse. The first was an African-american man. I don’t remember what promoted me to but I eventually shared the verse with him. He said that someone should share this with him and see what he says. It clicked at that moment. I should try to share it with him. I also noticed another individual. I believe they were  transgender  ( if they were not and they are reading this, I apologize, I don’t like to make assumptions, I’m just going of what Little I know) . I was struck by how sad and upset this individual seemed to be, the more that person sat there, the more I could feel her/himself (?) feeling smaller. That made me angry and upset. I asked the individual to please watch my backpack for me for a moment.

I went up to the pharisee, there was a little brick wall he was standing on. He was taking questions and I of course was originally thinking of asking him to read the verse out loud rather than read it myself. I raised my hand (how degraded I felt in that moment, as though I was a child asking for permission to be heard). He kept ignoring me, despite others who noticed my looks of help try to convince him to hear me out. At a certain point I realized I wasn’t going to be called on.

I did the one thing I was really afraid of doing, I got up on the brick wall right next to him. I was next to another girl, who had been confronting him and his hateful ways. She gave me a smile of encouragement and pride. It helped a lot. I don’t know her name, but thank you. It really helped me.

I had my phone with the verse on it ready to go. All I knew I was going to read this verse and hope that God would help me from here.  I wasn’t going to be rude and interrupt him, I let him finish and I began:

1 John 2:9 

“Whoever says he is in the light, yet hates his brother, is still in the darkness.”

That’s all I said and I looked at him during the last phrase. Some didn’t get it, others clapped at what I said. I saw the expression on his face, he was in shock. I don’t believe anyone has used that verse as a counter argument to him before. I actually felt the feelings of hatred and anger stop. He was dumbfounded.

He recovered quickly though from his moment of shock. He said that yes and I should stop being hateful towards him. I said to him, I don’t hate you. I love you, cause God asks me to. I feel sorry for you. For you are an angry man and you are spreading nothing but hate.

He begins to flip through his book. Asked me if I was a Christian and I said Yes and i sin all the time. I sin and I don’t judge others that sin. Why? For I am not perfect. Who am I to Judge?  While he is continuing to look, a nice individual offered me a whole plate of cookies for what I just said. I only took one. ( Thank you by the way if you know who you are, I appreciated the cookie). The Pharisee began quoting Leviticus and how I should be respectful toward men, saying how a women should be modest etc. He than looks at me, and I said to him and to the crowd (wearing my boot cut jeans, a sweatshirt, and a baseball cap) I look pretty modest, everything is covered. But even if I was not,even if I was wearing just a bra, I am a human being,  a child of God and I should still be treated with respect.

At this point he starts rambling on about how I shouldn’t be preaching to him. That I need to be quiet for he was the boss. I was about to open my mouth and he said “SILENCE WOMAN!” He got in my face, yelling this at me. If there is one way to really piss me off, is to use the phrase woman in a derogatory manner. I responded, “I will not be silenced you are not my boss. God is my boss. At the end of the day, he is the one I have to answer to, not you.” To sum up what he said next, he said women should be seen not heard. Women are and should be subservient to men.

I got off the wall at this point. I wasn’t done I was beginning. What about Mary, the prostitues, and the other women disciples, those that were with him at his death. They came to him to learn from him.

The Pharisee than has the gall to say yes they did, but they didn’t ask questions. I heard some people shouting. How do you know? Were you there?  I said (as far as I can remember), “What? How do you know? When you want to learn, when you thirst for knowledge you ask questions! Jesus would not have treated them with disrespect!”

He than tries to drown me out say we are all children of the devil. And I said No, we are made in the image and likeness of God. God is love. He loves us. He believes in us. He finds all of us worthy, even if we don’t believe it ourselves. Love is opposite of hate. The devil is hate and you sir are spewing hate. You are a disgrace and disgusting and I am done with you.

Needless to say I got my backpack and said wish the individual who had been watching my backpack a good day. I even ran into some fellow Catholics who gave ma a high five and hoped they would see me soon. I left and went to class. I had an exam to study for soon. I won’t lie, I felt on top of the world at this moment. I stood up to a hateful man, threw him off his game for a little bit and I hoped that maybe others would see that not all Christians are hateful. That God doesn’t hate them.

Some of the events of the speech may be slightly out of order and I’m paraphrasing for I know some of the things I said, but I don’t fully remember everything I said, just the major points. So please forgive and know I am not trying to come across better than I am. I’m going on memory at this point.

I’m not a scholar, a nun, a minister, or one who has studied the bible with a fine tooth comb. I’m just a young women who was angry at how he was spewing hate in Jesus’ name. It was honestly thanks to that one person on facebook that put up that quote. It was thanks to my mom who listened to me when I was seeing red and encouraged me not to confront him while angry. It was thanks to the fellow Catholics and Christians I had met, it was good to see people unite against such injustice. It was thanks to the man who said someone should share the phrase. It was thanks to that one individual with the sad eyes and the hurt written on their face. It was thanks to the girl that smiled at me with encouragement. Thanks to the guy who gave me the cookie, that was a nice gift.  And it was thanks to God that I did that, for I don’t like speaking in public and I don’t like confrontation of any kind.

Don’t let the Pharisees anger and hate seep into your heart. Rather feel sorry for them, for them to have so much hate in their heart they can do nothing but share it. That is something to be pitied indeed. Pray for them, that they becoming more loving in their ways. Also in the meantime don’t let them get away with what they are saying, stand up for people, use the bible. Use versus like the one posted, don’t shout angry words at them. Don’t provoke them. Just question what they say. Yes they will be angry no matter what, but your hands will be clean. You won’t look like you are the bad guy.  Rather than aggravating the situation with pointless shouting like “You suck”, “We hate you”, or “We love satan” just to get him all riled up.  And for goodness sakes, stay calm about it, don’t get angry. I know I did (again, not perfect), still it helps if you don’t get angry and show that anger to them. They want you to be angry. They feed off that anger. That is why I left before I became extremely angry.

Also please remember these Pharisees, they do not represent all Christians. They twist the bible so they can interpret it the way they want to and use it as an excuse to be hate filled individuals.


Bullying on Twitter

Just today I came across this image on Facebook.


It all began on twitter, became big on Tumblr and off course found its way to Facebook. People of course responded to this girls rude ways, how she acted like a bully, her lack of knowledge of the English language and the obvious mistake of your and you’re.

Usually when these images comes up, there will be people that will head to that twitter account and leave messages for the individual who committed the crime. Crime of bring stupid, rude, mean, nasty, hateful, and or bully.

People, no. Just no. I have of course many times looked up the person who wrote that tweet to see if they have sought forgiveness ( if they were being racist, a bully, etc.) Most of the time what I discover is that:

  1. they are being attacked by others, verbally speaking
  2. their account has been suspended
  3. their account has been set to private

Rarely do I see:

  1. the user apologize to the person for being nasty and asking for forgiveness
  2. people not becoming a bully toward the individual

People there is a difference between standing up for someone and being a bully yourself.

(Can’t believe I’m making a list of differences by the way)

Defending someone on twitter:

  • That wasn’t nice
  • That was rude
  • Stop being so mean
  • Not cool
  • You’re rude
  • Stop being a bully
  • You should treat other people with respect
  • what did she/he do to you?
  • what gives you the right to act this way?
  • Why would you do that?
  • Stop acting like a jerk
  • stop acting like a bully
  • etc.

Being a bully on twitter:

  • You’re a B%$@#
  • You’re stupid
  • You’re a bastard
  • you’re a dumb ass
  • you’re a whore
  • you’re a slut
  • you’re stupid
  • you’re dumb
  • etc.

Do I really have to continue on this?

Once you start attacking the other person with comments from the second list, you are essentially stooping down to their level. Do you really want to be just like that person?

Now I am human, when I saw the “your, you’re” incident I honestly though this “wow, she is stupid” and when the eyebrow comment registered I thought, “wow, she is a stupid bully. that’s sad and funny”

I thought this. I’m not proud of thinking it. I went to that twitter account looking for the original post. She deleted it and was defending herself from all these people that were making fun of her lack of grammar and her bullying ways. In fact when I looked at her twitter account asking them to stop making fun of her, I realized and thought, those that go on there and make fun of her are acting just as bad as her.

I didn’t feel bad for her, just sad. Pity. She felt the sad and pathetic need to pick on someone because of their eyebrows of all things. Her grammar was atrocious and as a result it made her internet famous for a few minutes. She than gets a taste of her own medicine her account is then suspended and put on private.

So what did we learn here? That bullying is normal. That we can bully someone if they are stupid and they bully someone else. Sound wrong to you? Well, it should.

Yes, she was being mean. Yes, she was being a bully. And yes, she was ignorant. But how much does it reflect on us if we go after her and attack her by calling her stupid. You could just say that she was being mean and not make fun of her.

Here are the only things I posted. She had asked a question that unfortunately I cannot get an image of because they account is suspended or private. Twitter keeps telling me 2 things:





She asked, “Why is everyone suddenly being so mean to me. I responded with the first tweet ( which is at the bottom) she than says that she doesn’t like and it doesn’t make it right. And I respond as much as I could, before the account is suspended.


Start with the bottom tweet than continue reading upward. The photo is the first image you see in this post.

I did not attack her. Nor did I say how others were acting was right. Am I saying that others being rude and nasty to her is right? No. It doesn’t matter who you are, no one deserves to get bullied. As someone who was bullied for most of her life. I sympathize. Yes, part of me still wants to say karma is a ______. However, that’s not right. It’s not nice and shouldn’t we try to be the better person.

What kind of example are we setting when we are acting just like them?

Do I laugh when I see terrible grammar? Yes Do I use terrible grammar sometimes? Yes. Everyone does.

Do I laugh when I see someone saying something really stupid? No, I usually shake my head feeling irritated and I want to share the stupidity with my friends because I am in shock at how stupid people can be sometimes.

Do I go to their page and make fun of them to make them feel like a terrible person? No. It’s not right.

Have I had a perfect record of my twitter account? Probably not. I probably have been guilty at some point and said something nasty to someone or about someone. I’m not perfect, but I’m trying not to be like that.

Now, the next time you are online think of what you say, what you are typing, and how it will affect them and the side effects as a result of what you said.


My top 4 Favorite Web Series

I am on the internet a lot. I’m addicted, I can’t help myself I love to learn. Thank God I also love to read books otherwise I would never be off. Seriously, if I could make money fangirling over all my fandoms all day long I would do that. Since the likelihood of that is slim (we can’t all be Felicia Day after all) I’m in college studying English and History (and no I don’t want to be a Professor, I want to work in libraries).

Getting to the point, I am on the internet a lot. On youtube this past year I have discovered something amazing. Something I have never heard of, Online Web Series.  And they are free, you can interact with the people just as quick as you can send them a message and you can watch it whenever you want, as many times as you want.


Since you asked so nicely I will tell you. Basically instead of the random cat videos, vlogs or stupid stuff ( which can be good sometimes) that you see, these series have actual plot to them. Just like a TV Show, except a lot better than a majority of the TV Shows out there. Honestly, if I can stay glued to a series for a whole season you have to be good, for I have not have the desire to stop what I’m doing and make an actual commitment to watch the show. I may like the plot, but if I’m reading a book and the show is about to come on, it better be pretty amazing to take me away from my book.

Now unlike most TV shows, once an episode is posted, its posted for good. So far, at least the ones that I have been watching, they stay up forever. Now in the future they may take them down, but with the ones I have been watching they are still up and some of them are releasing a dvd of the whole show. If you want to get started with great Web series here are my top 4 I recommend (and one to look forward to!)

All of these shows have their own facebook page and I believe twitter as well. Some of them also have a tumblr to follow them and keep updated. Go check it out. Click on the titles and it will take you directly to their youtube page.

#4. Job Hunters

Image This web series takes place in a dystopian future where jobs are limited and you have to fight your way to the top, literally to get the job of your dreams. College Grads are basically chosen by this organization that sends to live in a house filled with people, all with the same mission of having to fight/kill the other. They cannot attack each other in the house, only during sanctioned times are they allowed to fight. They rest of the time, they have to eat and sleep in the same house.

The show has been on a hiatus due to money. However on their youtube channel they are showing that the 2nd season is coming soon. So catch up on the first season fast, its really enjoyable.

#3. Space Janitors

Image If you like star wars, you will enjoy this. Basically it follows the janitors and other lower staff as they are working on a space station controlled by an evil Dark Lord. This comedy follows the janitors and their friends as they go on adventures and learn more about themselves and the empire they serve. Honestly you need to watch this if you love star wars, you will enjoy this.

Currently Season 2 has finished and I haven’t heard that much news as to when the next season will come out, so for all the people who are interested now is the time to catch up on it.

#2. The Autobiography of Jane Eyre

ImageThis is a web series that is done as a vlog by Jane Eyre herself. Following her journey as she become a nanny/tutor to a brilliant intelligent girl in the modern day world. She never expresses her deepest emotions, but for those that have either read the books, seen the movies before, or just have a knack for knowing what happens next; you can tell what she is truly feeling thanks to the brilliant acting. This season is still going and she captures a modern day Jane very well. Yes, she is different but what do you expect? This is the 21st century after all.

I really enjoy this series. Some people will complain about the camera quality, but to me that is what makes it authentic. How many people can afford cameras that can cost up to thousands of dollars and just for a vlog. That doesn’t seem realistic and Jane Eyre, being such a crazy story they need to have some aspects of the story to be down to earth and Jane is a very down to earth character as well.


The Show that started it All for me-

#1 The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

ImageHer name is Lizzie Bennet and this is her life! This was the show that started it all for me. First of all, if you roam the internet and haven’t heard of this show I would honestly be surprised and congratulate you on that. Second of all, if you haven’t watch it you must. Third, if you have watched it already, watch it again and get a friend hooked with you!

Got a little excited 🙂  to the plot!

A Modern day adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, if takes the Bennett sisters, Bing Lee, and of course Mr. Darcy into the 21st century with new takes on certain aspects and bringing into light some modern day concerns, mixed with some old ones as well. All 100 episodes are honestly delightful and they actually helped me deal with my severe 3 month long depression, one of the reasons this show holds dear to my heart.

Also what was so great about this show was that each character had a twitter account, they would tweet what was going on in their life as it was “happening!” They even responded to fans at times (how cool is that, imagine trying to respond to a character from your favorite TV show- talk about geeking out) And you got to discover what happened once Lizzie loaded her videos. And other characters on the show had their own youtube videos as well (not as numerous as Lizzie and not as over the top as you would think it would be), they complemented Lizzie’s videos and as a result it gave us a well rounded perspective on what was going on in the lives of the Bennett family and the people they meet.

If the fact that its Jane Austen Adaptation, the idea of 100 episodes to look forward to, the ingenious of characters interacting with their fans, and my personal story didn’t move you. Maybe the fact it won an Emmy. Yeah, a youtube web series won an Emmy!!  As you can imagine, youtube just gained a whole level of respect because of that win. Youtube in a way owes a lot to the Lizzie Bennett Diaries as a result.

And a show to look forward to…

Emma Approved!

ImageFrom the creators of Lizzie Bennett Diaries comes the next modern day Jane Austen Adaptation, Emma Approved.  Based on Jane Austen’s Emma the series will follow Emma. She can do it all and with style. She is fashionable, intelligent, and smart. She can help improve a companies image or make the perfect match for you.

As Emma is Promoting on her Channel, I can make your life better!

The series starts Oct 7 for Emma Approved. I can’t wait to see this!

Check these series out for they are addictive and amazing!


Yes, Everyone knows you are Drunk.

ImageDisclaimer!! *I am not saying that drinking illegally (before the age of 21) is right and or moral. I am not encouraging you to drink or not drink on campus (especially if its supposed to be a dry campus). I claim no responsibility for your actions, if you are choosing to drink, you are making an adult decision and only you can deal with the consequences.  If you get caught by the police, end up in the hospital, or just do something really stupid. Not My fault. *

Now onto the Article-

Going back to campus after an awesome dinner at Mellow Mushroom I saw a group of kids all together. One guy who was flushed and a little sweaty was being held up by 2 girls, one arm around each girl (trying to make it look like he was a pimp daddy or something like that). The girls were giggling and the guy was talking nonsense. I’m pretty sure I overheard one of the girls saying, can’t believe we got away with it.

Technically you didn’t. I overheard later how people knew that the guy (they described him to a “T”) was drunk off his butt. It was so obvious, you could see it a mile away. I knew before he even spoke and he was slurring his words like crazy.

For those that have started drinking before they were 21 years old. Guess what guys, we know you are drunk. Why? Well more than likely we either were the ones holding our friends up or were the ones needing to be held up.

For those freshman that honestly have the intense desire to go nuts because they no longer live with your parents. I can kind of relate (even when I was a freshman, I didn’t have the complete urge to go bats#$t crazy.). Same time I will say this, if you are going to be making this adult decision. Don’t be stupid. Don’t get so blackout drunk you either have to go to the hospital or you are arrested, or both. It’s your choice what you want to do with your life but remember, Your Choices can Affect Others Too!

To men: don’t force yourself on woman, don’t rape them. In fact if they are drunk, don’t take advantage of them. I don’t care what if they are fully clothes or butt naked and in your lap doing whatever to you. Real man don’t take advantage of a woman when she is drunk.  Don’t Put pills in their drinks so you can have your way with her. If you are gay, same thing goes for you, but just don’t do this to a guy. If you see one a guy (or girl) doing this, stop it and protect that girl (or guy). I don’t care if he/she is your friend or frat brother. I don’t care. To sum it up, Don’t be an a$$, be a man. Real men don’t have to act this way.


Seriously I don’t care what excuse you have. Be a real Man!

To women: the above applies to you also girls, there are more cases of the above happening where girls are putting pills in guys and or girls drinks. Don’t do it. It’s not classy, its trashy. If a guy(or girl) offers you a drink, don’t take it. At all. I hate to say it but not all the men and women will follow my advice. Also find ways to protect yourself. Mace, self defense classes, your high heels. Keep on your guard. Be safe, be smart.

To sum it all up drinking is a choice, an adult choice. Your actions still count against you (even more so when you drink). Your actions can effect others when you drink. When you drink you accept the consequences and if you think you got away with drinking. You didn’t, everyone knew you were drunk.


I Apologize for Forgetting Benghazi

I feel awful. I went on about 9/11 and how everyone keeps forgetting about it and/or not caring.

However I forgot something terrible that also happened on September 11. Benghazi. And it was over a year ago.

For those that have not heard/ do not know. Benghazi is in Libya (which is in Africa), is the 2nd largest city in Libya, and in Benghazi over a year ago A U.S. Ambassador and 3 other Americans were killed at the consulate (7 Libyans were injured and 3 Americans were injured as well). This attack has led to a lot of angry Americans and questions. Conspiracy theorists are having a field day and the government really haven’t been handling it well.


Benghazi is the one circled. Here is a map to give you a visual.

Basically 125-150 gunman  (suspected terrorists, for they were wearing Islamic militant garb) attacked the consulate. Automatic weapons and rocket launchers (or weapons similar) were used.  They eventually set fire to the place.

Due to inadequate security (for Hillary Clinton signed a memo saying they could reduce security at the consulate) they had to call for reinforcements. They sent a call to Tripoli asking for help and it got cut off!

This assault took place during the night. The streets were sealed off with gun trucks to prevent people coming in and out. Even though they were supposedly attacking according to the President due to a movie that degrades the Islamic prophet, Mohammad (on a side note this sounds like rape culture- oh she wore that outfit, so she deserves to be attacked, therefore its her fault), and that supposedly there had been demonstrations outside of the office earlier. However people that had been there that day didn’t see any protesters. Not even security.

There is so much information about this attack, that it is honestly impossible for me to summarize it in one post. I encourage you the reader to look into and decide on the matter itself. Don’t just look into one source and decide your view point there. Look around, read, question. Personally I think the Administration has been doing a poor job of dealing with the issue.

It doesn’t matter what sparked this attack. The thing is it happened, not matter what excuse they are using, it doesn’t excuse them for attacking people by surprise in the middle of night. It doesn’t excuse the fact that they killed 4 people and injured so many others.

I’m sorry for not remembering your deaths that day. Forgive me.


Glen Doherty, Embassy Security Personal and Former Navy Seal


Tyrone S. Woods, Embassy Security Personal and Former Navy Seal


Sean Smith, Information Management Officer


John Christopher Stevens, U.S. Ambassador to Libya









Today is 9/11

It’s 9/11. Not Patriot Day

I know this day is now know as Patriot Day throughout the country, but to me this will always be 9/11, because to me it was a day of terror, pain, and fear.

I lived in Rhode Island at the time. I was in class, social studies to be exact. I remember a student running into the class saying the towers were hit, we have been attacked.

As a Navy brat living in a state where there were lots of military families everywhere and I had a strong grasp of our nations history (although I’m sad to say I didn’t know what the towers were). Still though I knew 3 things:

  1. We have just been attacked
  2. People have died
  3. This will lead to war

I knew from hearing my parents talking, watching the news and listening to the kids in the neighborhood and school things were awful. There were many kids, families that I knew that were firefighters, military men, policemen, etc. Many went to New York. Many told their families their stories. We heard about them, you can’t forget those kinds of things.

My mother cried a lot, so did grandma. I felt numb and confused at the same time. I had a hard time understanding why someone would do this. America was to the me the land of opportunity. Many people, including my ancestors, have immigrated here for a better life. This is a country where everyone has a voice. It’s not perfect but it is better than most. Why did they do this?

All those images on the TV, all those stories, over the years the more I look back on that day the more I realize how truly awful that day was. It saddens me that people are starting to forget.

I remember when I moved down south 4-5 months later, how people didn’t seem as affected by it. They didn’t seem as upset as I did. I noticed it during the first Anniversary of the attacks and I have noticed it every year since. It’s like they don’t care because it didn’t touch them personally.

Every year I try to wear all black, sadly I live in a dorm and I don’t have a black shirt-I will be posting the outfit shortly that improvise what I will be wearing today.

But every year because I’m wearing black on this day and they notice its 9/11 I have been asked have I lost someone. I always say no. I can tell people are surprised. I know people are wondering Why am I mourning still?  Its been over 9, 10, 11 years?

I mourn every family who lost someone that day. I mourn every friend that is now gone. I mourn for all those that died while trying to save lives. I mourn because it was a great tragedy. It was not done by nature, it was done by man. To me the fact that men are capable of such acts, is also a thing to mourn.

I mourn where our country is at right now. I mourn my loss of innocence that day. For once my eyes were opened, I could never shut them again to the scar that day left on me. I cry as I type this, for this day makes me sad every year and it makes me sad that people just don’t seem to care anymore.

Million Muslim March

When I heard about this I was angry, extremely angry. It is honestly very tacky. Would we look at the Germans without a second glance if they have marched on Holocaust Remembrance Day? Or if the Japanese marched on Pearl Harbor Day? I understand that Muslims have dealt with backlash as a result of 9/11. Guess what this is not the day to talk about it. It’s not all about you! Today is about the people that died, that did not ask to die.

Here is a link linking to how many people died that day

As someone who has lived up north during that time you are not helping your cause and this won’t help gain sympathy. Thank God this is not being done in New York, that would have been really tacky. And let’s thank there were brave men and women on flight 93 who gave up their lives for if they hadn’t the White House would have been attacked and this march would even be more terrible than it already is at the present moment.

  • Is it right Muslims are treated with disrespect? No, of course not.
  • Should they be treated with respect? Yes, of course. All human beings should be treated with respect?
  • Is doing this march on 9/11 a good thing. NO! Not at all.

Honestly it’s counter productive. It gives those that are bigots more fuel for their fire of hate, those that aren’t bigots but are angry they are doing this on a day of mourning will be eyed with suspicion. It’s just not very well thought out overall.

Luckily Millions of Bikers are counteracting the protest. And they will honor those that died that day. Thankfully they remember what this day is about.


Please everyone don’t forget this day.I know what you may say, I want to forget I had family and friends that died? Or why can’t I forget I didn’t know anyone that died? It is still important that you remember. This day was awful. It was terrible. We can’t forget it. We can’t forget.