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Dear Doctor,

I wish you were real, for right now I could use a trip in the Tardis.

A relative has come to live with us since her house was bought out from under her since she only rented it. I lost a chuck of financial aid that helps pay for college. My brother has been having trouble in school. I got a kidney infection, we just put my dog down a few days ago, and yesterday I was given notice at my current job. They are waiting till I can find another job, still, it doesn’t feel good.

I have missed doctor appointments because due to the stress and becoming forgetful with everything that has been going on. I have to make up class work already due to being sick and in bed for a week. One professor scares me and another professor didn’t find the one paper I turned in. Hopefully he will accept it. I haven’t felt this depressed since pre-medication. I’m still nowhere near the level of unhappiness I was at before, still, this past month hasn’t been easy.

I’m tired of having obstacles thrown in my way. I just want my family to catch a break.

I just want to go on an adventure. I want to get away from here. I want to be able to be outside of time and just be able to look at life.


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In all honesty I need a miracle.

I don’t know how I will pay for tuition this year. I already miss seeing my dog Amber around the house. I don’t know how my family will be able to afford another person in a house previously filled with 6 people (now it being 7). I just don’t know what is going to happen. I know things will work out. It’s just right now, a visit from the Doctor would be a nice thing.

I would love to wake up one morning and see the Tardis outside of my house with the Doctor asking me if I would like to go on an adventure. I would love for him to appear on campus and tell me to “Run.” Heck, I’m cool with just talking to him for hours and explore the Tardis only to come out and it be just minutes later in our world.  I would love it if the Doctor was real.

Wishing You Were Real,



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Just Want to Let You Know

ut campus

(Note this is more of a fictitious piece)

~By Christine Vanek

Walking back from class I came across an envelope on the ground. Thinking someone probably lost it I picked it up. I was about to put it in my purse, when I realized it had a name on it. My name.

I look around around me, I only see other students walking by; all focused on where they were going. I went over the to sit down in the grass, took my backpack off, and decided to open the envelope.

It was a letter to me.

Dear Christine,

I know it has been hard for you. You are still in college I’m guessing. You want to quit. I understand completely.

Let me tell you something. Don’t quit. I have seen your future. I can’t tell you what will happen in your future, but I can tell you that yes your dreams will come true.

Stop doubting yourself Christine. I know you are scared and I know you have a fear of failure. You are capable of accomplishing anything that you put your mind to, in fact you will accomplish so much this year. I am not saying this to pressure you, I am saying this to reassure you. Keep working hard, stay smart, and take care of yourself.

You are on the right path.

I know you feel this degree of yours may be useless to your dreams. I can tell you, you have no idea the opportunity that will come up in the next few months. Keep a lookout for it. Be open, be aware.

I am writing this to you because I too received this letter at this same time 1 year ago.

Thanks to a certain Doctor I have been reassured about my future, your future.  You will still face hardships. You will still face pain. And you will still face challenges.

Despite all of this, you will be happy. You will succeed.

Relax. Take care of yourself.


The Doctor & Christine 🙂


Folding the letter back up, I look around and in the distant I see under the bridge that leads to the Humanities building, a blue telephone box fading away until it was no longer there.

Smiling to myself I stood up, looked at the letter in my hand, and walked to the library to study.

I have a happy future to look forward to.

“Thank you both”

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My Thoughts on “Spoilers”

im gonna troll you so hard

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I may tick people off when it comes to this, but I don’t really care. I am kind of irritated.

I know that when a new episode of my favorite TV Show, a new book to my favorite series, or a sequel to a movie I enjoyed has come out. I know there will be this crazy thing that will pop up on the internet called spoilers.

I also know that if I start getting into a series that has been around for a while there will be lots of fansites on the internet that could possibly spoil it for me. As a result I don’t go looking for it till I have caught up. I am okay with that.

And if a series is older than 10 years I shouldn’t have to post spoilers in the title. I shouldn’t have to post spoilers in the article at all.

But apparently on reddit you have to .

Even if the series is 16 years old….

You can click here to see for yourself. 

what what

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Really come on now.

When I am getting into a series and I know it is old; I don’t go looking online. If I do, I know I am doing it at my own risk. If I am just getting into a series that is brand new, if a new episode has come, out and I haven’t seen it yet; I will avoid those websites in the meantime until I have seen the episode. It is a lot easier to do than you think.

I have missed a lot concerning Once Upon A Time lately. Due to my facebook feed all I know is that the Wicked Witch is involved. That is it. I don’t know anything about it.

When I have missed new episodes from Doctor Who, Once Upon A Time, Sleep Hollow, Game of Thrones, etc. you know what I do? I do this amazing thing called don’t look and don’t search for it. I don’t go looking for things on tumblr, pinterest, etc. If something pops up while I’m on there I do this amazing thing where I ignore it. I don’t read it, I just click away from it.

I know crazy right.

crazy right

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Now when I am talking among friends in person I have more discretion because well even if they cover their ears there is not much they can do about it. Instead I talk privately about with the friends who are in the know or I ask if that person cares if I spoil it for them.

Most of them don’t, a few do. It’s cool.

What happens if what happened on the internet happened in the real world, where people actually interact face to face.

I am in a bookstore or cafe talking about a new episode with friends. It is just a conversation between the two of us. All of a sudden someone comes up to me and says ‘you just spoiled that episode for me!’ You should have said spoilers!’ ‘I wasn’t talking to you though and you didn’t have to listen in’, I say. ‘Still though you can’t go around talking about it and spoiling for everyone,’ says whiny fan(girl/boy).

See how ridiculous that is?

In all honestly though I don’t know what is so hard about not looking for information related to your fandom. My father does it all the time. I do it all the time, and so does my mother. We are all Geeks. If they sees any article related to TV Shows and yes even movies that they are interested in, they will do this crazy thing where they ignores it and they don’t read and or watch youtube videos online, or look up anything related, unless they don’t care. Which sometimes they don’t.

I do the exact same thing. I don’t fanboy/fangirl rage at someone for spoiling something, especially since, I went looking at the topic in relation to said fandom in the first place. I can understand it may be a little more “difficult” when you are subscribed and or following that person. Usually the titles though are a pretty good giveaway of what they are talking about. I follow so many geek related sites and I have yet to have the entire episode of Game of Thrones spoiled for me. It has only happened once. Once!

Big example. I have’t seen the current season of Game of Thrones. I accidentally saw something about the purple wedding and I only know that…..



You have been warned


Are you sure you want to go further



Fine I am not responsible….





Honestly that shouldn’t be a surprise to:

  • those who have read the books
  • those who have watched the season so far
  • those who know that George R.R. Martin loves killing people more so than Moffat.
    (Imagine if they did an episode together…)

OH the Horrors!

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I am not against warning people about spoiler related things, but there is a limit. Here is what I will post spoilers on…

I will still post spoilers on things that are:

  • The episode just aired
  • New books in a series that just came out
  • Movie sequel just came out
  • you get the idea….

But I won’t post spoilers on:

  • Movies (especially if the movie is based on a book- sorry I am no sorry- that is not happening)
  • Movies that have been in existence for more than a year
  • Book series that have been out longer than a year
  • New Bestselling Books (have to be about a year old)
  • TV Shows that are over in general
  • TV Shows Season that are over (like once the 4th Season of Game of Thrones is over- all bets are off)
  • Games- this just won’t happen

That is my stance because frankly if I have to put a spoiler alert on every single thing I am posting, it will take way too much time. And that is a little overkill.

So be warned anytime you see anything fandom related on my page. You have been warned.




“We’re all Different People all Through our Lives”


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I should be doing other things: homework, homework, and homework. But I wanted to get this out of the way, I am having trouble focusing on homework.

In another post a lovely blogger, thelonelyoutcast, said that what I had said reminded her of the 11th doctors last speech.

I remember seeing this episode back in December. I still cry whenever I watch this scene. I can’t help but be touched by this; it really pulls at my heartstrings.

For a blogger to say that what I said remind her of the 11th doctor in the comments. As a whovian, who wasn’t thinking of this final speech when writing this article, I feel very honored indeed.

They say you never forget your first doctor. My first doctor was 11. He was my first Doctor. I loved how ridiculous he was.  A man that looks at life as an adventure, filled with crazy possibilities. He has seen much pain, he has felt much pain, and yet he still has hope and believe in humanity. He can still see beauty and wonder in the world. I like that a lot.

At one point in life I was snarky, I was angry, and filled with despair. Tired of people and I had very little faith in humanity. Which is why I can relate to the 9th Doctor so much. Until I met some great people in my life that came along,I was not filled with hope. I wasn’t happy. But once I met some great people, I evolved. I was reborn. I began having faith. I began to believe in myself. I began to believe in others.

I haven’t completely changed. I still doubt others and myself a great deal. I’m still skeptical. I want to have faith in humanity. Still I am a lot more silly than I used to be. I am filled with more hope. I believe more now. It is a good feeling to believe in life. It is good to be alive.

I can tell you that I am not the same person I was 2, 4, 8 years ago. I have changed, I have changed a lot. The first year I underwent my change when I first started blogging back in May 2010. When I finally graduate with my bachelors and my masters, I will have even changed than. I will constantly be changing and that is okay.

We aren’t supposed to stay the same all our lives. We are supposed to be like the Doctor. We are supposed to change. We do not forget who we are, and not who we were. No, we are supposed to regenerate into a better person, a better human being. The companions are the people in our  lives that we meet, that we touch, and we are supposed to be the Doctor and touch in return. The companions are our family, our friends,and  the random stranger we smile at.

We are the Doctor. The Doctor is you. The Doctor is me.

We all change. When you think about it, we’re all different people all through our lives, and that’s okay, that’s good, you gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all people that you used to be. I will not forget one line of this. Not one day. I swear. I will always remember when the Doctor was me.

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What I Ship.

If you have read my other two blog posts here and here.

Here are the list of the ships that I ship:

  1. Marcus & Ivanova
  2. Sherlolly -Molly & Sherlock
  3. Johnlock- John & Sherlock
  4. Thilbo- Thorin & Bilbo
  5. Dramione- Draco & Hermione
  6. Drarry- Draco & Harry
  7. Nuna- Luna and Neville
  8. Harry and Luna
  9. Harmione- Harry and Hermione
  10. Snape and Hermione
  11. Fremione- Fred & Hermione
  12. Captain Swan- Emma Swan & Captain Swan
  13. Rumbelle- Rumplestilskin & Belle
  14. Kiliel- Kili & Tauriel
  15. Legolas and Aragon
  16. Aragon and Eowyn
  17. Jared and Sarah (Labyrinth)
  18. Frodo and Sam
  19. Eowyn and Faramir
  20. Elsa and Jackfrost
  21. 9th Doctor and Rose
  22. Anna and Kristoff
  23. Rose and Jack (Titanic- I prefer happy endings)
  24. Katniss and Peeta
  25. Fionna and Marshall Lee
  26. Tamaki and Haruhi (Ouran High School Host Club)
  27. Hikaru and Haruhi
  28. Kaoru and Haruhi

So these are all my ships up to date. What do you ship?

Watching a Dolphin Documentary & Dolphin Who!

It is narrated by Davided Tennant and it is beautiful. As a result a new fandom has been born. Dolphin Who. check it out now

Updated: 3/1/2014

This Dolphin Documentary was really cool. Spy In the Pod was  awesome and I can’t wait to see more from it in the future.

What I learned from this Dolphin Documentary:

  • Dolphins can give seaweed to their significant others, like we give flowers. CUTE!
  • They like to get high off of puffer fish.
  • They are really cute when it comes to making friends.
  • some dolphins can swim up to 30+ miles per hour!
  • They Love playing with bubbles! They chomped on bubbles that came up from underwater vents and it was adorable!


TV Show Review: Doctor Who Christmas Special


Doctor Who

Episode: 103 (Christmas Special)  The Time of the Doctor

Writer: Steven Moffat

Director: Jamie Payne

Producer: Marcus Wilson


Goodnight Raggedy Man.

Last nights Doctor Who Christmas Special left me with heartbreaks and tears for sure.

Matt Smith was my first Doctor for me and though Nine is my favorite, I have been told you never forget your first Doctor and I don’t think I will ever be able to forget him.

I don’t have BBC America and neither do my friends, so we all went to Green’s Tavern which was open on Christmas Day and having a special showing of Doctor Who. My Boyfriend and I arrived at Green’s around 7:30. I thought this ridiculously early myself, but I was proven wrong when seats were already filling up around 8:00. So for about an hour with some new friends and old friends we played Cards Against Humanity.

It eventually became too loud to play so we just watched the behind the scenes footage of Doctor Who all the while reading the subtitles, yah for subtitles!

Soon we were watching the show. Now because it is Moffat I will talk about what stuck out to me rather what I liked and didn’t like.


~My Immediate Thoughts While Watching:

  • OH MY GOD! We have had Daleks, Cybermen, Silence, and Weeping Angels all in a span of 15 minutes. What the hell Moffat?!
  • I would hate to live in the Town of Christmas, I would have no friends.
  • The Crack is Back.
  • What the…Don’t do this to Clara! Idiot.
  • The Tardis has been gone for 300 years and you have been okay with that? I freak out when I can’t find my phone after 5 minutes.
  • What I’m having feels for Handles. I’m having feels for a Cybermen’s head?!?!!? OMG! I can’t- I can’t handle this.

    This was the image I had when I began crying over a Cybermans head

  • Wait what, I’m confused.
  • We are going to see the New Doct- wait its young Matt Smith again.
  • Oh great so I have to see young Matt Smith only to see him regenerate.
  • He just asked to fly the TARDIS?!? Oh God.

Honestly after the episode my brain froze than crashed like my old dell computer.

All the questions I have:

  • What about him dying on Trenzalore? Does that mean he will be coming back here?
  • Were all the silence on that ship? if so were they all inhabited by the Daleks? How is that even possible?
  • How did the Doctor remember the silence were confessional priests?
  • When were the silence inhabited by Daleks, before Clara saw them the first time or after?
  • Where did The Doctor get Handles?
  • What happened to the little boy who was guarding the TARDIS? I hope he didn’t die, but I got that impression.
  • How many new regenerations does The Doctor now have?

I overall thought it was a great Christmas Special. It wasn’t my favorite Christmas special, but I enjoyed it immensely. Between crying over Handles, seeing Amy Pond again, and of course The Doctor regeneration I’m definitely feeling emotionally drained.

I’m still processing it, so I may be posting more about this episode later on. For now though I give it 3.5 stars out of 5. 3.5 star

Hope all of you had a Great Christmas.

Happy Boxing Day and Happy St. Stephen’s Day!