R.I.P. Amber


Me and Amber. This picture was taken this past week.

This morning my family, Christopher, and I went to the Animal Clinic to help Amber ease into sleep and pass away.

It wasn’t easy, I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but seeing it was the terrible. Seeing Amber lying there, while my dad held her in his arms one last time, as they inject the drugs into her. I can still see her head drooping and her body relaxing into his arms til finally her life left her body.

She just laid there, wasn’t moving or breathing; her eyes were closed.

I didn’t think I could feel anymore pain. I didn’t think it could be any worse. All week I had been crying on and off at the thought of Amber leaving us. I completely lost it as I saw her body turn limp. I had to leave the room. Thank God I had Chris there, I would have been more of a mess otherwise.

I know she is no longer in pain now that she has passed. She had been suffering from lupus, arthritis, neuropathy, and dementia. She was becoming blind more and more each day, on top of that her hearing was. She would bump into doors, stare off in the distance not know where she is or who we were. She walked into the tree this past week. I knew that with her passing, she would no longer be in pain.

Still doesn’t make me feel better though. I still miss her.

Amber had lived with us for 15 years. We found this beautiful Shetland Sheepdog/German Shepard furball of love in a shelter in Rhode Island and we adopted her.  I would go into more details about my fondest memories of her, but I can’t seem to do that just yet.

Please keep Amber and my family in your thoughts and prayers. It would be greatly appreciated.


My Mother took this picture.


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2 thoughts on “R.I.P. Amber

  1. nytewatchyr

    You are all in my thoughts and prayers. My husband and I lost one of our cats this past weekend. He was 14 and had gone through some previous (long) illnesses, but he’d been healthy for a while and his passing was sudden and shocking. I’ve spent my entire life surrounded by dogs and cats and, when I still lived with my mom, horses as well. Losing members of our four footed family is never easy on our hearts, no matter how much our heads tell us they lived happy, long lives, and were loved dearly. So my thoughts and prayers are with you, your family, and Amber. Perhaps, hearing these prayers, she’ll go visit our Tango, who is most likely curled up with his brother Cash (who we lost in 2009). Tango has always loved dogs and would love the visit. Or perhaps Tango & Cash will head her way. ::hugs:: I’ll light an extra candle for her.


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