Scotland’s 45%


After 55% of the population of Scotland voted no, whether out of fear or tradition, a new movement arose.

They are the 45%.

Those who voted Yes and those who supported the #voteyes movement were left in dismay about the results from last week. The 45 revitalizes the group of voters.

While low and behold the BBC announced that new technology will be added to the oil reserves off the North Sea, the same oil reserves rumored before the election to have been a great way for revenue and income for the UK if Scotland stayed (think about that No voters). Is anyone shocked that this was revealed after the election results are in? Not me.

ayell be back

While I haven’t been able to find any news about the 45 on BBC as of the date this is posted, I have been finding many American new sources and people criticizing those who are unhappy with the results. The irony is lost on them, for we American long ago left the The British Empire because we felt like they didn’t care about us. For Americans to not weep for those who voted yes and to be happy that the Union is staying together- my response…


Who cares about the change of flag? Who cares about what would happen to Doctor Who ( and I like Doctor Who!). The want for freedom should never be comprised because of a desire for profit or a fear of change & difficulty.

Sadly, this has happened.

I hope the 45% movement keeps rising, I hope more and more people join the movement, and I hope Scotland will eventually become independent.

Stay Strong!


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