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5 Halloween Movies I’ll Be Watching This Year

Halloween is almost upon us! I am so excited and slightly stressed, for I haven’t shopped for my costume yet.


I should be okay though. Hopefully ,I can gather something from the thrift store to make my costume. My boyfriends costume is so much easier, sigh. I won’t tell you what my costume will be, but look here to see which characters I am thinking of dressing up as for Halloween.

To get in the Halloween spirit and mood these are the movies I will be watching.

1.) Sleepy Hollow & The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

sleepy hollowDisney-All-The-Legend-Of-Sle-284256
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I know these are two different movies, so I kind of cheated, but they are based off the same story by Washington Irving.

The first one I watched every Halloween for the longest time on VHS when I was a kid. I remember being scared every time by the Horseman. Nothing can beat the original, I recommend watching this one first.

Now my parents bought the Tim Burton movie quite a few years ago and  when I saw it my first thought was “Oh Great another Johnny Depp/Tim Burton movie. Actually it is really good and I really enjoy it.

Both are good for the Halloween season and a must watch to get into the spirit.

2.) The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Yes, another Tim Burton movie. This is one of the few movies one can watch both around Christmas time and Halloween, so why not watch it. Also, I love Jack’s Lament from the movie as well. So haunting and beautiful.

3.) Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island

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One of my favorite Scooby-Doo movies. I watched this a ton when I was little and this to scared me. I loved the idea that the Zombies were…well I won’t give it away for those that haven’t seen it. I will tell you though, the Island is cursed. Go watch it, I love it!

4.) Hocus Pocus

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For as long as my boyfriend and I have been dating we had been trying to find this movie on DVD in stores, whether used or new. It was impossible, we almost broke down to order it online, when my boyfriend found it by chance at McKay’s! We have already watched this movie about 15 times (at least) since October began.

5.) The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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This movie freaked me out a little when I was younger, it is still slightly scary (I scare easily) but for me you can’t get in the mood without watching Rocky Horror. Every year I watch it and every year I’m still left confused, but amused by it.

Do you watch any of these movies around Halloween? What Halloween movies do you watch that is not on this list?

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Comforting Fall

Despite all the craziness I have talked about on this blog lately here and here, I still find fall comforting.

When I was younger I wouldn’t look to fall as a time of excitement, for me it would be a time of dread. It was the end of summer, no more free time being lazy at home, and I would go back to school. An experience that I rarely enjoyed when I was younger.

Now that I am older that has all changed. Despite still being in college and dreading going to school at times, I find comfort in it.

Why do I find comfort in it:

1.) Cool Weather


It is a relief to be blessed with cool weather after a summer of horrid humidity. I have lived in Tennessee for about 10 years and I am still not used to it.

2.) Hot Drinks

photo 1

Yes, this is my cute Raccoon Mug.

You can drink hot drinks anytime of the year, but it just isn’t the same as having hot drinks in the fall and winter.  I can start drinking hot tea, have a pumpkin spice latte, and not feel like I’m burning up as soon as I go outside.

3.) Sweaters

photo 2

I get to wear sweaters again.  I just find it a comfort to bundle up in a big baggy sweater that is too large on me. It gives me another excuse to dress comfortably. Pair it with leggings and boots and I am a happy individual.

4.) Bonfires


My Photo

I prefer bonfires during the colder months. Many people enjoy them in the summer, here in the south I think that is the worst time to have them simply because its too hot and humid out.

5.) It feels peaceful

Summer to me always felt fast paced. I must go to the beach, I must go hang out with friends, I must, I must…


With Fall though, despite having to go back to school and getting back to a regular work schedule with no vacation in sight, I still find it oddly relaxing to have no pressure to try to fit everything in before classes start, since classes have already started.

6.) Looking at the Sky


Starry Night Over the Rhone by Vincent Van Gogh

Thanks to the humidity I am not up for doing a lot outside in the summer. I hate that sticky feeling that comes with it. Even at night in the summer it feels sticky outside, in the fall though I can spend more time outside.

I love looking at the sky at night. I love to see all the stars. We are not in the middle of nowhere, but we are far away from the city where we can still have a pretty good view of the stars at night.

7.) It’s Almost the End of the Year

photo (1)

Whether it has been a good or bad year, I look forward to the end of the year. I just find it comforting in the fact that no matter what happens things will end. Whatever is happening right now will only continue on for amount of time.

For me Fall isn’t just about sweaters or pumpkin spice lattes, its about peace and comfort.

Have a Happy Fall!

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For the Feast

For the Feast

SUNDRY white shirt
$195 –

Quiz heart sweater
$37 –

River Island flare jeans
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Pave jewelry

Hair band headband

buffalo journal A5

Word wall art


Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving!




Fall Looks: Baggey Sweaters

Fall Looks: Baggey Sweaters

Denim skinny jeans
$4.78 –

Banana Republic red scarve

H M braided headwrap
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Autumn home decor


Fall Looks: The Sweater Dress

Fall Looks: The Sweater Dress

Merrell dress

Maison Michel wide brim hat

Fall home decor