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Things Aren’t Fine, Fine Bros

Today we are talking about the internet, more specifically youtube. Before I share my actual opinion, I am going to try to present as much information on this subject as possible in this one post for you to see. Since trying to find all this information in one place is like herding cats.

After that is all done, than I will share my opinion on this matter. Grab your popcorn, get something to drink ,and get comfortable.

All right, let us begin!


If you don’t know who The Fine Bros are, they created a bunch of react video series on youtube. Kids react, Elders react, youtubers react, teens react,etc. It has always been pretty popular.

Well, not anymore.

This past weekend they uploaded a video to youtube (which they have since taken off their channel). This guy below does a reaction video to it and has the whole video in this video as a result. He is well spoken and really cool to listen to btw,  one of the few good things to come out of this fiasco.

As a result of this announcement, many people were outraged and expressed there feelings on youtube, some were pretty calm like this guy. Others used satire.

Some youtubers were just downright angry. This next two videos uses curses and flips the bird, so be warned.

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A long time ago when Pottermore first came out I was on the website and I was bored by it.


Photo Credit

Before you judge me, please keep reading. I was expecting this magical, wonderful experience. I was expecting games, puzzles, and being able to do all this cool stuff that really didn’t happen. To be honest I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was disappointed. the first time around I took the sorting hat quiz and I was sorted into Gryffindor. (for I like Slytherin and Ravenclaw). Despite my disappointment with being in Gryffindor I decided to keep playing.  I became quickly bored and abandoned PotterMore.

I guess after the last book came out, than the last movie, I was in mourning. Even though I was disappointed with the last book and expected more than a really long camping trip I was really sad about the magic and how I could never relive the whole experience, only remember. For me I guess I was hoping that this could help me relive the experience and I was just disappointed that it didn’t happen.

Well a few days ago I  decided I would go back on. Wow, has PotterMore changed a lot. I feel like I am reliving the magic again and I am very happy to be learning more backstory to the wonderful world that J.K. Rowling had created.

Unfortunately,I had forgotten the email, username, and password I had in order to access PotterMore. I decide to start a new one and see what would happen. I had screenshot the whole experience. I even screen shoot the questions for the sorting hate so I could remember how I answered them, but for some strange reason I can’t find the file.

I think it was magic that did it. Or the Nargles.


So what house did I end up in?



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Ravenclaw! (The House mascot is an eagle. An Eagle! How hard is it to just understand that? I swear everytime I try to get Ravenclaw merchandise there is always a raven on it. I understand its easy to get confused because of her name, but come on already!) Moving on from random rant….

I was very excited and happy. I felt like this was truly my house. No, I didn’t research the questions before this. I went in blind and not remembering any of the questions from the first time around. I can’t tell you how happy I was when I got my wand too! Oh the Joys of being a Ravenclaw! I knew this was truly my house!

My Wand is 13 3/4 inches, Cherry Wood, Core is Phoenix Feather, and it is slightly yielding.


Photo Credit

My Username is AccioDream 15354. If you are on pottermore add me as your friend. I would love to meet people!

Are you on PotterMore? Which House do you Belong to? What is your favorite part of Pottermore? Let me know in the comments below!


Worst Superbowl Commercial of 2014

carmax-slow-clapNow is time to pick the  worse Superbowl Commercial of 2014.

Drumroll please….



Basically every car commercial. I seriously lost track of how many car commercials there were after the 10th one.  Was I the only one who was annoyed/irritated by the number of car commercials this year?

I did like the Romance Chevy one with the bull and the car commercial where they were working with cancer research was nice. That is really it though.

Please, next year, less car commercials. There were so many car commercials I actually didn’t want to buy a car and I have never owned a car before!

Which commercial did you think was the worst? Did you think there were way too many car commercials this year? Let me know in the comments!

Commercials that Should have Aired During The Superbowl

There were two ads that I wish to have seen during the Superbowl. One was banned and one would probably never make it to be considered.

1.) Daniel Defense Super Bowl Commercial


This commercial sparked a lot of controversary because anti gun acitivists don’t like it and pro gun activist do. While I am against violence, I am for defending oneself and having laws banning guns won’t stop bad people from getting them. I would want to have a chance at protecting myself from another person that has a gun.


2.) Proud to Be


Why do we continue to use Redskin as a mascot? First of all the term is an insult. Please spread the word. This is ridiculous, why can’t we just change the mascot to a different name (yes I know years of tradition, merchandise, etc. Well that excuse was used for everything else that’s wrong).

Superbowl 2014 Commercials That Pushed the Mark


The Superbowl commercials seem to push the mark when it comes to representation this year. I am really excited about this.

Also I want to show commercials that as a company they got it right,

  • Cheerios

    I love this commercial simply because there is representation of an interracial family. How awesome is that?

  • Coke

    America the Beautiful sung in different languages and showing the diversity in the United States. Awesome!

  • Duracell

    I love how showed someone who has a disability overcome it. I think it is great and will help encourage others to follow their dreams.

  • Goldieblox

    How cool is this! I had heard about this company a few months back, but the fact they were able to advertise at the Superbowl makes me happy. I hope their business grows.

  • Go Daddy  Puppet Company

    I was so happy about this. There was no girl being sexualized. It just focused on the fact that Go Daddy is a website that helps other people make their own websites.

  • Microsoft

    A father and a Former NFL Player living with ALS. Representing those with special needs once more!

Favorite Superbowl Commercials 2014


Here are my top favorite commercials from the Superbowl

Top 5 Favorite

5.) Danons Okios Greek Yogurt

I enjoyed this commercial so much. I couldn’t believe the other two from Full House was there. Made me so happy.

4.) Budweiser Military Commercial

Anytime their is military recognition for the hard work they do, I am happy.

3.) Duracell Trust Your Power

I love this commercial because it shows someone who has risen to the challenges that life gave them and overcame them.

2.)Radioshack- The 80s Called

I could not stop laughing with this commercial. This was so creative. Reminded me of the Dominos commercial and how the commercial stated, “we don’t suck anymore.” I think it is great

1.) Puppy Love

Out of all the commercials, I thought this was so adorable, cute, and creative. I love how the horses basically free the puppy from the car and they bring their friend back home.

So these are my 5 favorite superbowl commercials of 2014. What were your favorite commercials of 2014? Let me know in the comments!

Click here to see other superbowl commercial lists.

Superbowl 2014

My mom made some excellent food for the superbowl and I must say I really enjoyed it. We really didn’t do much preparation wise. I did dress in Broncos colors for that was the team I decided to root for for the day.

1601193_10201299779245782_748923304_n 1010811_10201300138134754_1878529596_n

Here are some pictures that mom & I took of the food mom made and the decorations that she put together:

1496730_10200776198322106_1574937583_n (1) 1724851_10200776199162127_1023019843_n 1798522_10200776198602113_1953624983_n (1) unnamed



Cheesy Tortilla Soup

My Thoughts during the most boring Superbowl Game I have watched:

  • Renee Flemming- Yah she is singing it right! I like her dress
  • Peyton Manning- “Oh helicopters.”
  • McDonalds totally stole that bad lip reading idea from this youtube channel
  • T-mobile- awful commercial
  • New Girl commercial- okay. Prince is in the episode that’s cool
  • Nascar commercial- random.
  • Pre Kick Show
  • The fur coat the new york jets and giants- totally lame and so pimpish
  • Seattle won the toss and Denver will receive.
  • Warm weather for the game.
  • This is no ordinary commercial-it’s double the commercial, they should have just kept James Franco for the whole commercial, not that old guy.
  • I loved the music in the beginning right before the kick off
  • What was that?  Peyton that was a fail. That was such a derp Peyton.
  • There is a flag already!
  • Fastest scoring in the Superbowl.
  • Refs calm yourself with that whistle.
  • Sports commentators- rolling my eyes.
  • Seahawks almost took out a cheerleader and one of the staff members, calm yourself sir
  • Denver just blocked that.
  • Sports commentator just said Exscape…. (shaking my head)
  • Bud Light superbowl ad- that is interesting about a guy that doesn’t know he is in a superbowl ad. That is weird/creepy.
  • Introspective commercial, what is this about. This is so random. cities, dancers, blue collars workers, and strike? I hate car commercials. masserati
  • Doritos- its the future. I love the time machine and it is a box too with random noises. I think they were inspired by Doctor Who.
  • A man and his truck, the bull is a very eligible bachelor. Chevy commercial. best car commercial so far.
  • Come on Denver step it up!
  • Another foul on the Seahawks!
  • Dreamworks? I hope not another car commercial.  Need for Speed? Wasn’t that a movie already?
  • That could have been a great commercial, but than it went to turbo tax. I loved the whole premise. would have been better if it was for a sports video game.
  • The strain- that looks interesting
  • That was way to close Broncos!
  • Yummy Chicken wings that my mom made.
  • A Challenge Flag is thrown, I challenge you!!!
  • bud light part 2 i like it
  • beats commercial  three bears premise with Ellen DeGeneres. It’s okay.
  • They got another touchdown, wait never mind he lost it.
  • No they got a field goal.
  • Seems like a field goal night so far
  • Another commercial dang
  • U2- still not happy that you took the golden globe away from Frozen’s let it go. Oh it s a charity for AIDS. Still not happy with you U2.
  • That wasn’t an ad commercial. It was relevant.
  • Nascar car commercial another one. Oh geez
  • Okay the Sounds of the Game thing is a great feature. I love it.
  • Intercepted by the Seahawks!
  • Interracial commercial. puppy, mommy, daddy, son
  • Interesting commercial websites
  • Radioshack the 80s called, they want their store back. The technology equivalent of the Dominos commercial, we don’t suck anymore.
  • Not another car commercial! Nice and sweet- supporting cancer. Still over car commercials.
  • Go Daddy- thank you for not having a lady in a revealing dress/outfit. I love how original this commercial is. Thank you for not sexualizing this.
  • Cosmos – Carl Sagan? OMG
  • Oh look another field goal.
  • I am so sick of bud light commercials I like the music, but that was boring.
  • weather tech made in America. ‘Murcia!
  • Transformers commercials- excited !!!!!!
  • This is such a boring game so far
  • Seahawks does another interception
  • Pretty hawk. very pretty
  • Car commercial- they all look the same.
  • Pistachios- I like the eagle in a little suit
  • That was funny
  • continuing commercial trend.
  • Did they really FUMBLE?!?!
  • The Seahawk pulled it out of the broncos
  • Another break?!?! OMG
  • Spiderman comercial
  • Carmax-slow clap? hey there is samwise gamgee.
  • Geico- boring commercial. Yea we know it has a pig, but still boring.
  • Russian Mafia commercial? M&M commercial. Kind of cute, not their best.
  • Yah Denver got a first down! No fumble. Yah!
  • America the beautiful coke commercial  I liked it in the different languagese I really enjoyed it
  • That was cool sound commercial. Sonos
  • random fire commercial before it got cut off
  • Muppet and car commercial. There were singing vegetables and chilken- kermit it happens to me all the time.
  • fritos chiken sub at subway- no thanks
  • It is already halftime, that was such a boring first half
  • Fox sports commercial- in a clam shell, wipes her nose, hilarious.
  • Zombie legal commercial- weird, but interesting.
  • west chervrolet commercial- local knoxville boring
  • another local car commercial
  • Jeep halftime report- report is in,  the game has been boring so far.
  • Both teams have just been blah.
  • I am so sick of car commercials.
  • Seinfield Tom’s Resturant – comedians getting coffee- it ended so arublty I wish it could have lasted longer.
  • Protect manning.
  • Pepsi commercial
  • Pepsi Halftime- here we go I don’t like Bruno Mars.
  • I like the kids singing and the american flag/spirit thing.
  • He can’t play drums. Although my boyfriend  said it is better than what he hears at guitar center.
  • Temptations vibe to the performance.
  • He performs live pretty well. Wow, I am so surprised.
  • Elvis gyrating there
  • Red Hot Chili peppers
  • Such a strange combination.
  • Bruno being classy and red hot chili peppers looking like red hot chili peppers
  • Red hot chili peppers-they got old
  •  They look like they are having fun
  • Yah soldier shoutouts!
  • When bruno mars was going to sing another song, I was really hoping he wouldn’t sing grenade
  • I think he sounds better for lie. live choreography better than his music videos.
  • I actually wanted a longer halftime performance.
  • We didn’t even need red hot chili peppers
  • coolsculpting knoxville?
  • The first thing they have to do is stop sucking and score. That is what they(broncos) have to do.
  • Living on a Prayer song playing in the background.  I think the broncos need a prayer.
  • Oh My word broncos. That was beyond sad!
  • Peyton is just sitting on the bench,  like “what the?”
  • The Tennessee Vols football team plays better than the Broncos right now.
  • Are the players on mary jane right now or something, because they are playing so bad.
  • Or maybe they are playing so bad because they are not used to playing without using maryjane
  • I am so sick of car commercials
  • GOLDIE BOX commercial- come on bring your toys. I love it
  • what is that the 5th t mobile commercial
  • man this is a boring game.
  • All I heard was “I air deep”  from the sportscaster. He can’t grammar though.
  • Really they see everything out there, mr sports caster?
  • Axe peace- make love not war. Dictator style.
  • chobani- weird, but cool bear commercial
  • matrix commercial, blue key or red key. kia. not bad.
  • Heinz- huming cmmercial cute
  • That was just bad. another fumble.
  • oh there is a flag
  • Honda, that was interesting.
  • Clysdale commercial. I’m coming home. Welcome home soldier. Mom is crying while watching. And they are their watching the game.  Shame it is not a better game.
  • They (broncos) are failing so hard!
  • OMG another touchdown. What a surprise!
  • I’m enjoying peoples comments on twitter about the superbowl more than the superbowl
  • Detriot  car commercial – yeah Detroit is now bankrupt.  Why is Bob Dylan doing a commercial.  chyrslar
  • Will Denver ever score?
  • They Finally got a touchdown! OMG
  • And a 2 point conversion. WHOA
  • By the end of the 3rd quarter 36-8
  • Another car commercial. They are getting old fast.
  • coke football commercial. little kid was cute.
  • Butterfinger commercial was a  disturbing
  • Twitter is the best part of the superbowl
  • That’s it I’m going to mass. Broncos are going to lose anyway.
  • Reading updates on twitter. Oh look at that Seahawks won. What a surprise. Gee I would never have guessed that.
  • Well I’m glad they won.

So my overall assessment of the game is that I was bored.

unnamed (3)

Who Should I Cheer For in the Superbowl?

who do i cheer forIt is superbowl weekend, you have been invited to superbowl parties, and you have never watched sports in your life.

You aren’t the only one. For me I don’t take sports seriously, especially NFL teams. I don’t see the point. If you have read this post. You know that I’m no sports expert nor do I claim to be.

Still though the whole point of watching competitive sports is to see which team will win. It make the experience enjoyable.

Over the years I have developed a way for myself

How I Choose A Team to Cheer for:

  1. Teams mascot. I try to figure out which mascot I like more. This usually helps me decide real quick.
  2. Team colors. If I am not a fan of either teams mascot, I look at their colors. Usually if I don’t like a mascot, I can find which teams colors I prefer.
  3. Where the team is from. It usually doesn’t get this far, but research the area the town is from. Heck even if you just don’t like the name of the town where a team is from that could be a determining factor. A silly way to do it, but hey sports fans probably think this list itself is already silly.
  4. Find the hottest player. Once you find that person, you have your team. If you find multiple players hot, pick the team that has the most hot players. I never got this far for the record, I can usually decide which team I want to pick by #3.
  5. Cheer for the Underdog. If there is an underdog, cheer for them. It is awesome they were able to get this far. They deserve to have some more fans on their side, even if only for a one game.
  6. Cheer for the Big Guy. If you really don’t like cheering for the Underdog (which I do slightly judge you for) or you just really don’t like that team, than you can always cheer for the big guy.
  7. Go along with the team your friends are cheering for. This way they can teach you everything about sports and you can learn more about your team.

No matter what though, I hope you have lots of fun this Superbowl weekend! Stay Safe.

Want to see who I am cheering for? Check out my post here

Why I Am Cheering For the Broncos


Before you read this post, you may want to read my other post so that way you know how much I am not familiar with sports. Just a fair warning to sports fans out there.

You have been warned.

I know nothing about the Broncos except Peyton Manning is on it, he used to play for the Dallas Cowboys, and before that he played for Tennessee. Go Tennessee!

I am no sports expert. I don’t watch sports often, I only watch sports occasionally.

The Reasons why I am cheering for the Broncos:

  1. It is the Year of the Horse! For those that have no idea what I am talking about January, 31 2014 is Chinese New Year. As result we are now in the Year of the Horse. Broncos are basically untrained/wild horses so it only makes sense.
  2. My Chinese Zodiac Sign is a Horse. So for me, it really is a no brainer and my boyfriends says that my sign really fits me. As a result I decided to just stick with the Broncos.
  3. Peyton Manning played for Tennessee. I got to UT. I think this one is self-explanatory.
  4. I just have a Gut Feeling. I could totally be wrong though. So don’t blame me if you don’t win a bet. But if you do win a bet because of my reasoning, please let me know, that will make my day.

Who are you cheering for? Why are you cheering for that team? Let me know in the comments.

Still don’t know who you are cheering for? Check out this post that can help you decide which team to cheer for.

Why I Watch the Superbowl (even though I Rarely Watch Football or Sports in General)?


This weekend is Superbowl Weekend!!!!

Are you excited? Are you ready? Can you handle the EXCITEMENT?!?!

I really don’t watch sports that often. In fact, It is pretty rare when I do watch sports.   I am interested in many things, but out of all the things that I am interested in, the thing lowest on my list of interests is sports. It’s not that I don’t like sports, for me I just can’t get into it. It’s not for lack of trying either. I have read about sports. I try to follow sports teams that I am interested in, but it doesn’t last long.

I have gone to football, basketball, baseball, and even hockey games. I don’t obsessively follow any teams. I am a fan of the Tennessee Vols and the Knoxville Catholic Irish. I think the only reason for that is because I attended Catholic and I am currently at UT. I have gone to a couple of football games here and I have really enjoyed myself. Although usually when there is a flag on the field or when there are fouls, I usually don’t understand what happened or why. All the plays look the same to me.


Random Fact about Myself!

 When I was little I loved the Dallas Cowboys, but only because I thought their cheerleaders were so pretty and I wanted to be like them. I liked their self confidence and I thought they were cool.


Also my family isn’t that obsessed with sports. My father ran, my mother danced, I dance(d), did cheerleading, & ran, and my brother plays baseball. My mother is a Penn State fan (it scares me a little sometime) and I also have a great uncle who is into baseball and loves the Yankees. Although we have some athleticism in my family, we really didn’t grow up watching ESPN and going to a lot of sports games.

Despite all this every year we watch the Superbowl. I really thought it was weird at first, but over the years I have looked forward to watching the Superbowl.

4 Reasons why I watch the Superbowl:

  1. Everyone Else is watching it. Why not? Seriously though, there is no reason for me to not watch it and in this case I can hang out with my family or friends, whoever and watch the Superbowl.
  2. Good food to Eat. I like good food. Most times while watching the superbowl there will be nachos and cheese, pizza rolls, wings, etc. I love food. I have another excuse to eat all of this and not get weird looks. Yah for food!
  3. The Energy. I usually love the energy that comes with watching sports with a bunch of people. It makes the experience fun and enjoyable. Granted some people become scary, but I really do enjoy the people the get into the game.And My Favorite Part…
  4. The Commercials. This is my favorite part of the Superbowl. I love how creative they can be, I’m hoping though they will be less sexist this year. Women do watch the superbowl too.

If you want to learn more about the superbowl click here, this guide is great if you are clueless about all the stats and the major players for this years superbowl.

Want to know who I am cheering for? Read this post!

Are you going to be watching the Superbowl? What are you going to be doing for the Superbowl? Let me know in the comment section!