Scotland the ‘fraid

no freedom

Stockholm Syndrome at its worst. A spouse who is afraid of the consequences of leaving their abusive and neglectful spouse.

That is something we have just witnessed and William Wallace would be disappointed with all the Scots that voted no.

I was up late last night watching the election results for the vote for Scottish Independence. As time went on and I saw more and more votes for no, I paced back and forth in my living room baffled as to how a country could pass up an opportunity to be independent.

My boyfriend has Scottish heritage in him, and as someone who is has Irish Origin, you can imagine that we were both hoping for their independence.

While lying in bed trying to figure out why? Why would a country willingly allow this?

It took me a few hours when I came to my conclusion-Fear. Fear of change. Fear of unknown. Fear of the struggle that would come with being independent.

oh forget it

After all they would have to create a new government, a new currency, new laws, new policies, negotiate new treaties, etc. They would have to start from scratch and that is a scary thing.

The world as of right now is economically unhealthy and the idea of starting a new country is a daunting task.

There is also the matter that the countries are right next to each other. It would have been easier for Northern Ireland or countries that were further away to be able to break away, but when you are trying to divorce someone you have been living with for many years it can be a hard and scary thing to do.

It doesn’t help when major politicians from around the world come out against the idea of Scottish Independence. Wouldn’t you be concerned about the support you would receive once you became independent, especially even when the country that was famous for rebelling against England said it’s a bad idea (I’m looking at you Barack Obama). You wouldn’t feel reinsured; you would reconsider the matter.

Nor would it help when the Prime Minister gives a fear mongering speech saying fine we will respect your wishes and be really vindictive in the process. Emotionally understandable, but not the actions of mature individuals.

Than when celebrities weigh in on the matter like British Citizen living in Scotland J.K. Rowling who is against the separation or Scot Susan Boyle both who have benefited from the United Kingdom remaining United and would have faced problems had it became separated. Hearing celebrities say it’s a bad idea on top of the nation known from saying over 200 years ago “screw you England….”

There have been rumors that those that are Scottish citizens that were living in other parts of the UK (not Scotland) that were not allowed to take part I the Scottish election, even though non Scots in Scotland could. And same thing for Scottish citizens that were currently living in another country. I don’t have a confirmation of this, just what I have found out and heard from others. (This last one must be taken not as a fact, but more so as a keep this in mind, this is a possibility too.)


I realize now that the outcome shouldn’t be a total surprise.

At the end of the day, it is pretty amazing that a there was such a huge turnout for this voting process, sad though an opportunity was wasted. No one made history by choosing the easy and comfortable way out.

Either way I wish, I hope they will get what they want.

As for me, I would have to throw in a quote by famous American (that once loved the British with more vigor than thought possible) to convey my final thoughts on the matter.

Ben Franklin on Liberty and Security 05182009


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