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No Cancelation- #BigOrangeScrew Once Again

Yes, that is an actual image of the bridge on campus not salted, not cleared off, and a dinky yellow sign that says caution wet floor. This was an image passed around on the #bigorangescrew hashftage on the 18th of this month during the terrible conditions that had forced many students, faculty, and other staff to stay home.

If you don’t remember, last year in January and February, there was a great deal of snow and the administration did a poor job of handling the situation. It is not uncommon for the University of Tennessee in Knoxville to not close the school despite the harsh weather conditions. Granted how the state and local government responds to the issue is another matter. This post will be focusing on how the University has handled it.

Now the Knox News Sentienal, a local newspaper, brings out this article as the University’s official reason as to why it doesn’t close. I started choking as I started to read it.


Here is the reason why I think that. When I was looking at @UTKnoxville’s twitter account I noticed they shared this.

You can see why I can bull on the whole story that they don’t close because of an incident that is over 50 years old.

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My Valentine’s Day 2014

2-26-2014 125

Valentine’s Day wasn’t a a huge ordeal this year. I was really excited for where Chris was going to take me, but honestly for most if the day I kept thinking of one thing, I needed to get his gift done.

I decided to make him for Valentine’s Day this year 52 reason why I love him. While I know I can’t narrow the reasons down to that number, I decided to try anyway. I won’t lie it was hard. It took me hours staring at the computer trying to figure out what words to say. Trying to describe why you love someone is hard, especially since there are so many reasons, and for me loving Christopher comes as easy and natural as breathing. Can be difficult at times when you are upset with each other, but it’s like exercise- those muscles are getting stronger and so is the relationship.

It took me I want to say about 4-5 hours to finish the whole thing. It took me a while. All the paper and gluing I had to do. I was very glad I had told Chris that I we should have dinner later at 10, because originally we were thinking about having dinner at 7:30 and I only finished his gift a little after 7:30.

2-26-2014 034

Look at this lovely mess.

2-26-2014 057


2-26-2014 056

52 Reasons Why I Love You!

2-26-2014 055

On the left is the box the deck of cards came from and on the right is the end result of this project. I don’t think the cards would have fit in there. I used a lot of paper.

After that I sped through getting ready. I was originally going to curl my hair, but I was too impatient and I decided to just try to give it volume instead.  I called Chris to let him know I was on my way. I was very excited to see where he was going to take me. I don’t know why I was really excited for this Valentine’s Day, I knew we weren’t going to be doing a lot. I think it was because I was excited to just spend time with him and I wanted to see what he thought of his gift.

After I got my makeup on, which took less time than I suspected, I kept pacing back and forth. Bothered my roomate and hallmates until Chris texted me to let me know he was here. I was freaking out.


2-26-2014 119 2-26-2014 070

When he finally arrives I head down to meet him (guests are not allowed into the dorm unaccompanied) and I see him there and he is so surprised by what I was wearing, very different from what I usually wear, but I loved the outfit and I was rocking it. I got lots of compliments and stares that night.

When we arrived to dinner I was genuinely surprised to find out that we were eating at Copper Cellar! I was really excited I hadn’t eaten at this restaurant since I was 12! I loved the food and it felt so fancy! Now I was nervous because we were an our early, so I didn’t know what we were going to do. Well it turns out that a lot of people didn’t show up for their reservations (sometimes people book multiple restaurants ahead of time and than give their date more options as to where they want to go, but they never cancel the other bookings. We were able to as a result get in a hour early! I was very happy.


When it came time to giving gifts, I insisted Chris open his gift first. I couldn’t wait to see his reaction. He was confused and shocked at first. I explained to him what it was and he loved it. I was so happy that he loved his gift. I had also bought chocolate and a starter Theros deck ( he is into Magic the Gathering), but he said his favorite gift was the deck of cards I made for him.

2-26-2014 078

Looking at the cards I made for him. 😀

Now when he handed me his gift I was nervous, he said that it wasn’t a ring so I shouldn’t worry (which I was very glad for I am not ready for that yet). Well, when I opened the book I was shocked. He gave me real emerald earrings. They were beautiful. I was speechless. He even laughed from how speechless I was. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t cry because it was an amazing gift and I was amazed that he bought it for me. I knew it must have cost a lot. Chris at one point said with my reaction everyone would have thought he proposed. Man, my reaction when he proposes, I will probably cry, freak out, and be dumbfounded all in one. Anyway.

2-26-2014 115

I was genuinely shocked.

2-26-2014 129

The Emerald Earrings


The rest of dinner was great I had , delicious wine, crab cakes mashed potatoes, and Cesar salad. I was stuffed. We just spent time together and it was wonderful. After dinner was over we drove around, did some shopping, and went home and cuddled while watching The Golden Age of Sinbad.

2-26-2014 124

It was a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I believe this is on par with our first Valentine’s Day (part 2- I will explain the story in another post later). How was your Valentine’s Day? What has been your best Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments.


Happy President’s Day!

Happy President’s Day to my 3 Favorite Presidents!

3.) Ronald Reagan

2.) Abraham Lincoln

1.) George Washington



Snow Day 2/13/2014

2-13-2014 169I am so glad that University of Tennessee decided to close the school the other day. I will definitely say they made a smarter decision this time than they did the last time it snowed a few weeks ago.  I woke up around 8:30 this morning, my first two classes had already canceled, but I had wanted to check to see it my other classes canceled. Well I can’t tell you how happy I was to see in my inbox in my email that the college was closed for the day.

I was very excited and the fact it was still snowing really surprised me. I got up and began calling family and texting friends to make sure everyone was safe and doing well. After that I got ready to head out into the snow. I put my hair up in a bun and tucked it into my hat simply because I knew I was going to do a snow angel later and I didn’t want to have to walk around with wet snowy hair afterwards while taking pictures.

It was beautiful. I was taking pictures non stop while walking through campus. I hadn’t seen this much snow in Tennessee since I first moved down here in 2002.  I came across so many people playing in the snow: building snowman, having snowball fights, building snow creatures, sledding, and taking pictures. It was wonderful.

I really felt bad at the same time, because I still saw people on the roads on their way to work. I tried to smile at them and wish them a good morning since some people had probably been stuck at work, or had a hard time driving to work. I even saw someone walk by who I could tell was a little down on her luck. I gave her some change because that was all I had. I still felt bad for her.

I walked around all over campus. I even ran into the Tibetan Monks that have been visiting and performing on campus this week. Apparently they haven’t seen snow in a really long time (from the monastery they were from they didn’t get as much snow) and they were having so much fun playing in it. They just kept picking up the snow.

When I went over to the Torchbearer there were a lot of people taking pictures of the Torchbearer in the snow in Circle Park I was genuinely surprised and not surprised by how undisturbed the snow was in Circle Park. Even the dinosaur we have on campus was covered with snow. All I kept thinking of was I needed to come up with an Ice Age joke. (I know, I know different time period. Still though amusing.)

I finally made my way to Ayres Hall and walked up The Hill. There were so many people sledding down the hill and having a great time. There were a lot of makeshift sleds broken and left over from the night before, as well as some leftover adult beverages left in the snow. I finished taking pictures here and than I went back to the dorm. Still running into more snowball fights, having snow fall on me from trees above, and witnessing some really good and some really bad snowmen.

Below are some of  the pictures I took. The ones at the bottom  link back to my instagram in the meantime. Check out my instagram to see the rest of the photos. 

2-13-2014 424

I think these maybe animal tracks. I could be wrong though

2-13-2014 447

Loch Ness Snow Monster

2-13-2014 517

These guy were working on a snow family all this size. I can’t believe how big this snowman is!

2-13-2014 514

They also created this turtle

2-13-2014 513

They made this cute seal

2-13-2014 339 2-13-2014 361  2-13-2014 440  2-13-2014 452 2-13-2014 453 2-13-2014 454 2-13-2014 455 2-13-2014 456 2-13-2014 457 2-13-2014 458 2-13-2014 459 2-13-2014 460 2-13-2014 461 2-13-2014 462 2-13-2014 463 2-13-2014 464 2-13-2014 465 2-13-2014 467 2-13-2014 470 2-13-2014 471 2-13-2014 472 2-13-2014 473 2-13-2014 474 2-13-2014 475 2-13-2014 476 2-13-2014 477 2-13-2014 478 2-13-2014 479 2-13-2014 480 2-13-2014 481 2-13-2014 482 2-13-2014 515 2-13-2014 518 2-13-2014 519 2-13-2014 521 2-13-2014 522 2-13-2014 523 2-13-2014 524 2-13-2014 525 2-13-2014 526 2-13-2014 527 2-13-2014 528 2-13-2014 529 2-13-2014 530 2-13-2014 531 2-13-2014 532

Is it snowing where you are at? What do you like to do during a snowday? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

valentines day

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day if You Are Single?


We all at one point have been single on Valentine’s Day. You may or may not have a special someone in your life, however you can still celebrate Valentine’s Day.

This is a great time to give yourself lots of love because if you don’t love yourself and recognize your best attributes, no one will. Also if you have friends that are single, why not spend the day with them! Romantic love is not the only kind of love that exists. You love your friends, family, and yourself. So share the love you have with your family and friends this year!

Either way, here are a list of ideas that you can do for yourself:

  • Spa Day! Whether you go to a professional spa, or you buy a bunch of items to set up your own at home spa do it. Get a manicure, pedicure, heck get a massage. (I love massages).  Have them do your hair, makeup,etc. Go all out girl, you deserve it.
  • Buy Yourself Flowers. You can have the flowers sent to the office and special delivered for you. If people ask you who the flowers are from you can just say, “Someone Awesome.” You are awesome after all.If you feel self conscious about that you can just buy flowers and have them in your home. Just because it is Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate yourself
  • Movie Night! Whether you are having a horror or bad sci fi movie marathon. Have a movie night in with yourself.
  • Treat yourself to Dinner. If you are feeling bold and a little rebelious treat yourself to dinner. Yes by yourself. I won’t lie it is scary to eat by yourself and strange, but there is nothing wrong with it. You may be feeling awkward at first and this is totally understandable
  • Shopping Spree! Buy yourself something really nice. Since you don’t have to worry about buying for someone you love why not go on a shopping spree and buy something nice for yourself. I personally would love to get this Tiffany’s necklace for myself.


  • Go on a road trip out of town. Valentine’s Day is a weekend this year, so why not go to the beach if it is warm enough or go walking along a mountain trail. Heck take a trip into the city and check into a hotel room. Treat yourself you deserve it!
  • Host a party! Have a valentine’s day party with your single friends! You can all hang out, eat food, and exchange gifts!
  • Have fun! No matter what you do on Valentine’s Day have fun. It honestly doesn’t matter if you have someone on Valentine’s Day it is just an added bonus.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments below!


Valentines Day Gifts for your Book Lover & Writer


Valentine’s Day is coming up! Do you know what you are getting for your book lover and or writer? Here are some ideas and suggestions from one herself! Just click on the image if you are interested in the item.

  • A Book Safe. Depending on how the book lover in your life feels you may or may not want to get this for them. If you do get a book safe for them make sure you put something inside. Whether it is a nice piece of jewelry (either something literary or a key necklace would be fitting), a handwritten letter or poem.

    And if you are thinking about proposing, well here is something I recommend.

    il_570xN.511128597_d31r il_570xN.511128607_i7c3

  • Literary Candles. Even though we have electricity for light it can’t replace the warmth that candles give off. They have candles from Edgar Allen Poe to Jane Austen. I can’t wait to get a candle for myself.


  • Personal Library Kit. This is my dream! Seriously, I would buy this for myself right now if I wasn’t a responsible adult paying her way through school. I have so many books and I have always been afraid to lend them to people. This is a great gift for any book lover that should honestly open up their own library.


  • Literary Charmed Necklaces. If you are wanting to stick with jewelry but don’t want to get the typical heart necklace for her. Here are two book charm necklaces I found that I think are really cute. You can even
    il_570xN.234167112 il_570xN.290710916

  • Writing Journals. No writer can ever have enough journals for writing. I love the detail on the first journal, but if you want a variety of colors, moleskin has a lot to offer and they are a literary staple for any writer.

  • Literary Prints. Prints that are literary and are romantic is something simple but nice to give to someone for Valentine’s Day. Here are some prints that I really like.

    il_570xN.417431000_qcaw il_570xN.522286272_2khi il_570xN.561136325_mcnd

  • Quill or Pens. Every writer could always use a special pen or a quill. Here are some that I found that I like.

    Blue_Malachite_Cigar prodzoomimg3975_1

I love to write. I usually write short stories, fantasy, or blog posts. When it comes to reading I usually read anything, although I tend to stick with Young adult Literature, Classic Literature, and Fantasy.

Which of these gift ideas do you like? Let me know in the comments below.