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Book Review- The Thin Man

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Title: The Thin Man

Author: Dashiell Hammett

Paperback: 208 pages

Publisher: Vintage (that name makes me smile)

I was very excited to read the book since I have seen the collection of the Thin Man series multiple times. I knew there would be differences, but I didn’t realize how different the book would be. Although Nick and Nora are d the funny people you see in the movie, it almost seems they are a little more raw and condescending at times. The story itself is darker. The characters are developed more and the ending is different from the movie as well.

The story is about a detective, Nick, who wants to settle down with his wife, Nora, and just take care of her fortune that she has inherited. Due to his connection to a family in trouble he is caught up working on a case involving a missing man and multiple murders. All the while he is drinking his liquor and and hosting parties.

For those who have seen the movie, reading the book is a different experience and it explains some of the smaller characters in greater depth which add to the story. I truly enjoyed learning more about the smaller characters, and somewhat disturbed at times.

Even though I really enjoyed the book, this was one of those few times for me where I enjoyed the movie over the book. It really helped that I was able to imagine William Powell portray Nick and Myrna Loy portray Nora helped, I prefer the comedic side of the movie to the semi depressing condescending atmosphere the book seemed to give off.

Would I read this book again? Possibly. Will it be for quite some time? Yes, I need some time away from this book. Even though this book was good, it felt heavy and was a let down to what I was expecting.

My current rating for this book is 3 stars. 3 star



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A Roller Coaster Week.

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Ever had one of those weeks that feel like you are on rollar coaster ride every single day? This past week has been crazy.

Between going to my therapy session, dealing with haters on reddit, getting compliments from others, crying, got a C on an exam (all because of a technicality, I had misread the question. Sigh. Otherwise I would have gotten an A-. His words), had two pop quizzes, accidentally missed a class because I slept through an alarm, my mother got into a car accident after dropping me off at the dorm and the driver that was the cause of the accident drove off, our ceiling got fixed in our house, we have to get a new car now because the jerk of a driver (college student), there are so many paper deadlines coming up, etc.

So much has happened this past week. I hope this week goes a lot better and a lot more smoothly.

I hope your week goes well.


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My Theory on the Origin of Elsa’s Powers

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I was watching Frozen on DVD with a friend who had never sen it before and she actually asked some pretty good questions. The question basically was where do Elsa’s powers come from? After she mentioned that question I began to think. I began to think a lot and asking other questions and observations:

  1. Where do her powers come from?
  2. How old is that book in her fathers library that had information on the trolls?
  3. Why did he have said book in the first place?
  4. How did he know the book existed?
  5. Did he know that the trolls would be able to help or did he need the book to find out?
  6. Did he use the map that fell out of the book to find his way?
  7. He never picks up the map or is seen looking at it.
  8. If he didn’t look at it how did he know where to go?
  9. The king didn’t seem to taken aback by the trolls.
  10. If he has seen the trolls before when? And under what circumstance?
  11. How did the trolls know the king?
  12. The queen didn’t seem too surprised by the trolls either.
  13. How did her father know that the gloves would help?
  14. How can Elsa’s glove hold back her magic?
  15. Elsa’s gloves can hold back her magic, but everything else can’t. Not her shoes, her dress, nothing.
  16. Are her gloves magical?
  17. If they are magical who performed a spell on them? The trolls?
  18. The father said that being afraid and worried would only make things worse. How would he know that, unless he has had some experience with it.
  19. How long had that prison been there in the middle of the lake? Looks kind of old.
  20. That is really strange that that prison cell doesn’t have normal chains that just cover the wrists, but covers the whole hand.
  21. Who knew about the fact that the prison had a cell where the shackles covered the whole wrist?
  22. Were they the one that told Hans?
  23. If they did, I want to hear their story, they are probably old.Other random questions & thoughts
  24. When the servants would clean up after Elsa, wouldn’t they notice the random amounts of water and ice that were always around? After all we see her touching objects with her bare hands at times they immediately were covered with ice.
  25. If they were forbidden to clean up after Elsa didn’t they suspect anything? After all the palace had been locked up for a long time, since they were ages 3 &4.
  26. How can you keep a secret in the castle a secret that long? If we have learned anything from is that servants gossip.
  27. What about Elsa’s dress measurements? I know this sounds far fetched and out there since her powers can go through anything save her gloves how was she measured for her coronation dress? Coronation Day is a huge day for a monarch, they want to look their best.

After I started coming up with these questions, I immediately began come up with theories. I was excited. I believe her powers come from her fathers side. The reason why I believe this is because her father seemed more informed on Elsa’s powers than the mother did. We see the father knowing/having an idea as to what to do when Elsa accidentally strikes Anna in the head. The Father is the first one to run to a bookcase containing an old book that just happens to be in the family library with a map that could lead to the trolls that we see dropped to the floor that the father doesn’t even bother to look at before racing off. Not to mention that once the father gets there, the trolls recognize him, and say, “It’s the King.” That means the trolls have seen him before.

While I wouldn’t be surprised if Elsa’s powers showed up early on when she was a toddler, maybe even a baby, I believe they may have known the king far before that. I believe they have met the King numerous times, before he was King. After all he is the King of Arendelle.

If we are to go with traditional ways that a monarchy works a prince usually marries a princess. That princess will probably come to his land, his castle and once the father of her husband dies, they become King and Queen. With this assumption and the fact he knew this book existed in the library.

Her gloves can shield her magic, but the rest of her, shoes, dress cannot. I mean when she is wearing her famous blue dress we see her ice powers come from her chest which accidentally hits Anna as a result.


If you look closely you can see that her powers are coming from the center of her chest, her heart.

Photo Credit

Here you can see the powers clearly go through her shoes.

She can use her hands to use her powers once the gloves are off.

How can her gloves keep her powers at bay?I believe they are magical. We saw her father give them for her. He tells them thy shoud help. How would he know? Also where did he get them from? Part of me thinks he went back to the trolls to be the gloves, the other part of me believes they already existed within the family.

Even though throughout the movie there has been no indication as to either parent having special powers. T the father has more of an idea what to do with Elsa’s powers than the mother. Also to back track let us we consider the theory that Elsa and Anna’s mom is related to the father of Rpunzel (I prefer this theory over the other one because of these few infographs.)


Queen of Corona, Queen of Arendelle, King of Corona.

c4bb1380e2be6c08d695d4738991d766aba80d3cf7c6e9bdcdeb6d40a6fa4562f74d66d03bc83a92875e27c54eaae976 184eb65125f2fb760e37cc2b78857bfe   1bab56ef9cfe88ba1e56e6e5c56a51c7

For if the power come from Elsa an Anna’s mother it is possible powers would have probably shown up in Rapunzel. Remember Rapunzels healing powers came because her mother drank tea infused with the flower with that special power. (All I keep thinking now is flower power….) I wonder if King of Arendelle’s mother. If not the mother, than perhaps he had two sisters, one of them being Rapunzel’s mom and the other well something a little more tragic would have happened to her.

When it comes to which of his family members could have the ability I am torn. Part of me believes it could be just the mother. Another part of me believes it was both mother and a sister(who is no longer living). While another part of me thinks that it was just a sister. We forget that in royal families it was common to have a few children (not as many as those in the lower class) to create alliances.


If it was the mother (of the King of Arendelle) I like to go with the idea of the original story of The Snow Queen, that actually inspired this movie. The Snow Queen that we know from the original Hans Christian Anderson story, well if the mother just happened to have abilities, (and we know how tales and stories become exaggerated with each telling), I believe the story would be based off her, and not Elsa (yes I know they originally intended Elsa to be the villain from the beginning). It would be a little different, but before I continue let us go back to the beginning of Frozen. Remember the scene in the beginning as they have arrived in the area where all the trolls lived. When grandfather troll asks how did Elsa get the powers, “Born with the powers or cursed?” The King says “born and getting stronger.” Right here we can safely say that he has not brought Elsa to the trolls before now, but the fact he knew they could help is important. It is important to note that he doesn’t see Elsa’s powers as a curse. I like to think she was able to keep the powers a secret from the rest of the world and knew how to control them, as a result, the King learned from listening to her.

If there was more than one member in his family that had abilities I believe that it was the mother and maybe another sister. While I do know that him having another sister comes out of nowhere and I have no proof that he did have another sister. Let us assume that the mother had powers and could control them and one of her daughters too had powers. However the missing sister had a hard time controlling her powers. At first she was at ease with them, but as she got older she became afraid of them. She was scared of what she could do. I think eventually at one point, like Elsa accidentally struck Anna in the heart, this unknown mysterious sister struck either her mother, her father, or both of them. And we all known what happens when someone is struck in the heart.

I think as a result of one or both parents being struck by ice, one or both died. With this happening, there was only one thing that could be done. The sister was locked up, in the same cell where Elsa was locked up- covering her hands to prevent her powers from going out of control.

What happened to the sister, I couldn’t tell you. She could have been exiled into the mountains inspiring the very story of The Snow Queen. Or it could have taken a darker turn….you can imagine. This could have happened while the other sister

Even if the mother didn’t have ice powers, the theory with the mysterious sister could still be applicable. The father knew that worry and fear would only make it more difficult to control her powers. Being sacred of her own powers would only make things worse. He knew about that.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that book in the library was part of the research to try to help the sister out. Those gloves could have either belonged to the sister, the mother, or both (at one point).

Either way though, this incident would have had a lasting impact on both the future King of Arendelle and the future Queen of Corona. The King will be forever concerned over what could happen and he tries to prevent things from spiraling out of control. While the future Queen will feel loss the her child more strongly than normal, because she has no mother (and or father) there with her to show her support. This causing the brother (now King of Arendelle) to visit his sister whenever he can, causing little Anna and Elsa to feel the strength of isolation even more. Eventually visiting them once it is learned the Rapunzel has returned and is getting married. This causes them to go on a journey across the sea, only to die in the storm. Which in turn encourages Rapunzel and Eugene to visit Elsa and Anna for Elsa’s birthday and Coronation Day.

That is my theory. What are your thoughts on the matter?

Update as of (5/15/2014) A Reader asked me a question in regards to this post- check out my response here!


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How I Met My Beast, My Love, My Christopher

beauty-and-the-beast-disneyI remember when I was a little girl I was obsessed with Beauty and the Beast. Well if I am honest with myself, I am still obsessed with it.

I have always identified with belle. She reads books, she felt like an outcast within her own community. With this being said I always wanted to find my own beast. The one thing that always struck me was that when I first saw the ending of Beauty and the Beast I was struck with uncertainty by what I saw. I had imagined the prince to look different, but I did like his eyes.


Over the years I had seriously dated a few men, went on a few dates with others, and flirted with many. There was variation, but my type was generally blonde hair, blue eyes, and slightly taller than me. All of those encounters would end eventually leaving me filled with disappointment and irritation.

Than I met Christopher.

I had met Christopher only 6-7 months after I got out of a long term relationship. I had been dating that individual for a year and a few months, had dated him before an knew him since the 6th grade. I was ready to be on my own. I was tired of being in a relationship and not looking forward to one.

I had plans. I wanted to date around. I wanted to enjoy being single and free. I was ready to kiss strangers and flirt with men. I was ready to party, to live, and be free. I was 19, single, and ready to mingle.

Christopher kind of ruined some of those plans.

I had met him my second year I was at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I met him through my roommate. I don’t fully remember our first encounter- I was too focused on leaving for dinner at the time, but he remembered me and he said he was blown away by the presence I had.


A day or two later my roommate was getting ready to head out and Christopher was picking up a bunch of friends and she was one of them.

While she was getting ready Christopher showed and needed to be let in. In my pajamas that my grandma had made me. I went to the door and let him in. He said thanks. When we got back inside we hung out in the kitchen and just talked for 5 minutes. I had a feeling he was attracted to me, but I ignored that feeling. I don’t remember what we talked about, but apparently I had left an impression. He was cute and awkward, but than again I wasn’t looking either.

Later on I found out from my roommate that he was interested in me. I was not surprised, but I still was at the same time. Anytime a guy shows interest in me it still takes me by surprise.

She said if I would be interested in meeting up with him. I said sure, but I would like someone I knew there since I didn’t know him. I didn’t mention that I was nervous since I was still recovering from a past abusive relationship. I didn’t mention that this guy was the tallest guy I had ever dated and the first guy I felt intimidated by, ever.

I decided to go not because I was head over heels, but simply for the reason why not. I had said I would start dating. He seemed nice, funny, and he was cute. I would give it a shot.

On a Sunday my roommate, Christopher and I all went to Mellow Mushroom in downtown Chattanooga. We all ordered pizza and Christopher and I just talked. My roommate said I was acting like this the first date I had ever been on. Heck I remember my first date, I was never this nervous.


We talked about everything and we tried to include my roommate in the conversation, we didn’t want to have her feel like a third wheel. We talked about everything. We broke all the rules about what to not take about and I didn’t care that I was breaking all the rules. For me I was testing this guy. Every girl does it, most don’t admit it.

We talked about religion, politics, our old schools, college, everything. I felt so nervous, but at the same time I felt such ease. He was different I could read him, couldn’t pin down his personality. He was a mystery.

After that kind of date I had a great time and I really enjoyed. We continued talking over the week and we soon went on our first date. After a month of seeing each other we officially became a couple. I will be posting about our first week getting to know each other and our official first date.

Now we have been dating for over 4 1/2 years and it has been one awesome crazy ride. I won’t lie in the beginning I constantly questioned if I did the right thing. Am I with the right person? Am I settling? Am I repeating the same mistakes again? Do I really want this?


I can tell you after over 4 1/2 years I made the right decision that day. Like I wasn’t sure about the Beast after I saw him transform, I wasn’t sure about Christopher.

What helped me change my mind was a few things:

  1. I realized his eyes were the same color.
  2. Like the Beast was not what I was expecting, neither was Christopher.
  3. Belle wasn’t expecting the Beast to look and be him either. She doubted too.
  4. Sometimes God doesn’t give what you expect, he gives you something he knows will be the best thing (in this case person) for you. And he did.

There were other signs as well. I had a list of things that were important to me to find in a man. Well the weirdest part is, I know that Christopher fit that list, but I can’t remember all that was on that list. It is like once I found the person that fit the list, the list disappeared from my memory. I know weird.


For me I know I found my Beast. He is not perfect, he is awkward and clumsy at times. He is the sweetest person and very kind. Sometimes you find love unexpectedly. I know I did.


Post inspired by The Daily Post


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Breaking a Nose, Over a Pair of Shoes

In Georgia a fight broke out between two boys. Well I wouldn’t say it was so much of a fight, it was a beat down. David Egan (16 years old) was beaten by the other boy because the other boy accused David of taking a pair of sneakers…


While watching the video I was shocked!  No one intervened except when the kid was on the floor, and than I think an adult came by.  I know this was a locker room, but did no teacher hear what was going on? Also if you watch the video below isn’t it odd how the camera is recording, before the fight? It is as if the person recording knew the fight was going to happen.

I think because they knew about the fight and, and they recorded it, they should get in some amount of trouble. There were many students that were also encouraging the fight to happen. What will be done about them? Do we want kids encouraging each other to fight? What is wrong with you people?!?

The kid punches Egan in the face. he stumbles towards the lockers where he is shoved from behind face first into the metal. When he turns around, he is punched again and knocked to the ground. He didn’t have a chance to defend himself! He was still trying to recoup from the last two punches and having his face bashed against the locker!

No student intervened. People were just recording and watching. The only way a student could have possible intervened without me seeing it on camera is if they ran to get a teacher. If a student actually did that, thank you. You are a better person than all of the guys that were in the locker room not doing anything. You are 10 times better than the person who was recording the fight. And you are 20 times better than the guy who punched the kid in the face a few times over a pair of shoes.

The kid who punched Egan over a pair of shoes had apparently reported them missing the day before this incident took place. I guess he heard a rumor that Egan had them and decided to take matters into his own hands. Others must have known about it too, how else would they have begun recording the incident before it happened? If others knew about it beforehand, this shows this we premeditated and this should be taken seriously.

I don’t care if this kid took the shoes. It doesn’t make what he did right. Egan did not go up to the kid and say, “I want you to punch me in the face so hard my nose will be separated from my skull and I will need extensive surgery.” Even than, you can walk away from that, its called free will; making the right choice. The smart person, if they heard anything, would have reported the details to whoever is in charge of missing items and the person in charge could investigate.

I don’t see how complicated that concept is!

But noooooooooo, we are going to act immature. We are going to show that we are real men and we can do things like how “real men” would. I am going to show that I am tough guy. I am going to show the whole world that I can’t be walked all over, because I am a MAN! I am strong!

When I heard where Parkview High School was located (Lilburn, GA), that it was a public school, and it was 30 mins away from Atlanta. I am sorry to say that I was not surprised.

What did surprise me most of all was the schools reaction. This kid was obviously (from watching the video) punched in the nose a few times.  Just looking at his face in the pictures below showed that he had serious damage done to him. The high school doesn’t call the ambulance and the parent at the same time to let them know what was going on. No, instead they just call the dad to have him picked up.

As to what happened to the kid who threw the punch, no idea what his name is or what actions are taken place beyond the fact that are “disciplinary.”

As of right now the attacker is being charged as a Juvenille. The father is upset and has every right to be. He is calling for the kid to be tried as an adult, since he is 16 and just 2 years away from being an adult.  The father stated, “He didn’t throw sand in his eyes, he didn’t stab him in the arm with a pencil, he broke his skull.” Although it was the nose that was “separated” from the skull, still he makes a point. There are other boys that are being investigated as well, although it is unknown as to whether or not they are being disciplined or tried.

It doesn’t help that this is nothing new. Fights at the school according to students, were normal and common. And according to records the number of fights have increased over the past year.
The  District School district spokesperson was asked to speak on the manner

Jorge Quintana,

“The student is a juvenile. I understand that this offense does not qualify to charge a juvenile as an adult in the state of Georgia. The seven offenses under which a juvenile can be charged as an adult are listed under OCGA 15-11-560.

“Typically when there is a fight, 911 is not called as adults intervene. Injured students are typically taken to the clinic to receive immediate care from the clinic worker. Parents are then called. The school handled this case well, acting immediately to care for the injured student and to investigate so that appropriate disciplinary and criminal charges could be made.”

To counter this statement:

  1. The adults were slow in their response to intervene.
  2. His nose was badly broken, what could the clinic worker do? Give him Tylenol and tell him to walk it off?
  3. Parents should have been called right away.

Also what if they kid had been knocked out? Would they have called the ambulance or just take him to the clinic and call his dad? Egan was lying on the floor before an adult intervened. Where were all the adults? He had to be walked to the clinic in pain, and only than was his father called.

Being curious I  also looked up the 7 offenses. I checked a few law wedsites to confirm that the list below is legitimate. Here is the main site I used though.

The seven offenses are:

  1. Murder
  2. Voluntary Manslaughter
  3. Rape
  4. Aggravated Sodomy
  5. Aggravated Child Molestation
  6. Aggravated Sexual Battery
  7. Armed Robbery with a Firearm

All he had to do was kill the kid before he could be tried as an adult? Come on, this is ridiculous. If you look at the pictures below, this could have permanently damaged him. Since his nose was already away from his skull, imagine if the kid kept on hitting him! Let us look at the intent, he may not wanted to have killed the kid, but he definitely wanted to knock him out. The attacker only stopped once an adult entered the picture.

I hope the kid is charged as an adult, cause wouldn’t this be considered aggravated assault with intent to do bodily harm?!? I know that is not one of the 7, but it should be added to the list.

This needs to be stopped. This is ridiculous! If kids are this violent in high school, they should be treated as adults!

Warning there will be some disturbing images and videos linked on this page. If you don’t want to see it don’t look.

Are you sure?

All Right…..

I am posting the images.




Oh yeah, this is nothing more than a scrape (sarcasm).


Before Surgery



After Surgery


I guess the school wouldn’t call this a big deal.


My Love for the Lizzie Bennet Diaries


It has been a whole year since we said goodbye to The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I still miss the whole cast.

I discovered late in the game when they were already on the 30th(ish) episode. I remember discovering their twitter accounts, multiple youtube channels, and their tumblr page. I was surprised, I was shocked overwhelmed and in love. Soon I began asking for Lizzie Bennet buttons, Lizzie Bennet mugs, shirts, posters, etc.

I even had a Lizzie Bennet  Themed birthday party!

It is really sad that I have been unable to find a web series on youtube that comes even close to how Lizzie Bennet Diaries made me feel  (there is one, but on a scale of 1- 10, 10 being excellent and 1 being horrible, the two most recent web series that I am watching are at a 6 and a 8). I remember staying up late while watching 30 + episodes all at once and ignoring all the homework that needed to be done.

This series, if you haven’t heard of it already, is based off of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

In this series it has been revamped for a modern day setting. Lizzie Bennet is a Mass Communications grad student who starts a vlog as part of her school project with the help of her best friend Charlotte Lu. The series is shown through Lizzie’s eyes and we even get the view points of her sister Lydia, their cousin Mary, and even Charlotte’s sister, Maria. All the while they are posting pictures and random musings on twitter. We are introduced after a long wait to the insufferable Mr. Darcy himself, who looks very handsome in his bowtie.

I can’t tell you how many times I have gone back to revisit the episodes. How I check the website on a daily basis to see if there is any news about the DVD release. Even though it has only been a year it has felt like forever since a youtube video was posted.

I would say it has been forever since they posted twitter, but they (Lizzie, Lydia, Jane, Bing Lee, Darcy, and Charlotte ) have last posted on Twitter on March 17.

I will never be able to ever say goodbye to this show that opened up a whole new world of web series for me. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries will always have a special place in my heart.

Thank you LBD cast. I only wish that it could have lasted longer.



Song Review: Follow Your Arrow


I first heard this song while I was watching the Oscars and I was genuinely surprised by how much I enjoyed this song. When I first saw Kacey Musgraves outfits I began to think of the time during Johnny Cash with the style of outfit she was wearing. I thought her outfit was cute.  I want to have the same outfit, minus the lights.

When she started singing I loved her voice style, reminded me of the singers from Johnny Cash era (I know it is not the same thing, it just reminded me of it). The more she sang the more I fell in love. Her voice was great, but it was the lyrics that won my heart.

Here are the lyrics below:

If you save yourself for marriage
You’re a bore
If you don’t save yourself for marriage
You’re a horrible person
If you won’t have a drink
Then you’re a prude
But they’ll call you a drunk
As soon as you down the first one

If you can’t lose the weight
Then you’re just fat
But if you lose too much
Then you’re on crack
You’re damned if you do
And you’re damned if you don’t
So you might as well just do
Whatever you want

Make lots of noise
Kiss lots of boys
Or kiss lots of girls
If that’s something you’re into
When the straight and narrow
Gets a little too straight
Roll up a joint, or don’t
Just follow your arrow
Wherever it points, yeah
Follow your arrow
Wherever it points

If you don’t go to church
You’ll go to hell
If you’re the first one
On the front row
You’re self-righteous
Son of a-
Can’t win for losing
You’ll just disappoint ’em
Just ’cause you can’t beat ’em
Don’t mean you should join ’em

So make lots of noise
Kiss lots of boys
Or kiss lots of girls
If that’s something you’re into
When the straight and narrow
Gets a little too straight
Roll up a joint, or don’t
Just follow your arrow
Wherever it points, yeah
Follow your arrow
Wherever it points

Say what you think
Love who you love
‘Cause you just get
So many trips ’round the sun
Yeah, you only
Only live once

So make lots of noise
Kiss lots of boys
Or kiss lots of girls
If that’s what you’re into
When the straight and narrow
Gets a little too straight
Roll up a joint, I would
And follow your arrow
Wherever it points, yeah
Follow your arrow
Wherever it points

Kacey Musgraves performs "Follow Your Arrow" at the 56th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles

After this song had finished I was in shock. I loved this song and it touched me deeply. Basically this song has been saying what I have felt for years. Do what you want and don’t let the haters stop you. My favorite part of this song is

Can’t win for losing You’ll just disappoint ’em Just ’cause you can’t beat ’em Don’t mean you should join ’em

I love the message this song. Is this song perfect? In my opinion yes. Is this song the best country music has to offer? Probably not. I don’t care though. For me this is my mantra!

I give this song 5 stars for it makes me happy!

5 stars