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Book Review: The Beast Within

the beast within

I grew up loving Beauty and the Beast. I have read many different versions of the tale. I have read modern adaptations and I have read different cultural adaptations. I will be talking about the book in length, so there will be spoilers.

Having Read Fairest of All, and having enjoyed it a lot, I had high hopes for The Beast Within. I was disappointed. At times it felt like I was reading bad fanfiction(and I like fanfiction, there is a lot of good fanfiction out there). Page 22 is a good example of what I am talking about.

There was a character by the name of Tulip Morningstar, that made my eyes roll. Tulip Morningstar? That was the best name the author could come up with? She was supposed to be the name for one of the love interests that the Beast meets before he meets Belle. Really? It sounded so stupid, I couldn’t take it seriously.

Circe being the witch/enchantress, a pig farmer’s daughter, and having three sisters (making me think of Macbeth) was another Wtf moment.

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50 Signs That Show You Can Read (or Watch) 50 Shades of Grey, Without Falling under its Spell

The Movie is coming out this weekend and all I can do is shudder. Many people around the world have read this abuse book disguised as erotica and have fallen under its spell. Sadly many of those same people will go out and watch the movie too (granted the script will probably be better than the book because they have someone who can write.) This makes me depressed.

There are those of us of course who recognize all these problems and still come out alive, but perhaps a little bit scarred as a result. You have my sympathies, but at least we are informed.

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Lists about 50 Shades of Grey

It is February and for some many are dreading Valentine’s Day. For me, I am dreading the release (and the madness to follow) of 50 Shades of Grey.

On the way home from classes, my boyfriend and I were talking about the upcoming movie and how we hope it will flop (sadly the reality is, many people will go to see it because it is popular). Somehow we began coming up with ideas of what would be more stimulating than reading the series or watching it. Soon it grew and now we have so many lists ideas that it I will probably be posting different lists regarding this throughout the month.

The List will be updated through the month:



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Web Series I am Currently Watching

Since the ending of The Lizzie Bennet Diaires, The Autobiography of Jane Eyre, and Emma Approved; I have been needing a new web series to watch.

Thankfully I have  found some web series that have been filling the gap that has been existing for a while. Click on the title of the web series to go straight to the channel to watch it, you won’t regret it.

Frankenstein, MD


A Modern day take on Shelly’s Frankenstein.  Victoria Frankenstein becomes inspired to revitalize the dead when someone close to her dies.  The consequences though are more than she suspects.

I won’t lie, she really irritated me in the beginning and I just wanted to slap her. I know that is part of her character. While I am glad to be watching this series I have felt that her character development has been too fast and not realistic enough for me. Some plot points felt thrown in their just to get the story along.

While I have that it will only be lasting about 25-30 episodes (which is a shame, for this series should be longer with all the material) parts of it could have been done better.

Despite this, I still enjoy it and it makes every Tuesdays and Fridays a little better too.

Classic Alice


Following College student, Alice, who is trying to live her life according to literature and the complications that follow as a result of this decision. Like Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Emma Approved the characters have twitter accounts you can follow.

What I love about this show is that it is not just adapting one book, it is adapting multiple stories for one long story. The main actress is relate-able and being an English Major I can imagine running into her in one of my classes. There is some potential romance in it and I am glad it is back on (they had to take a break due to funds).  I really enjoy the show and I hope this series goes on for a really long time.

The other really cool part about this show is that is produced and created by women.

I watch this show as soon it comes on every Tuesday and Thursday. I only wish that there were more episodes a week.

What web series are you currently watching? Let me know, I am always looking for new ones!


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Do you Read?

do you read

Whenever I meet someone I don’t judge them on their politics, their religion, or what movies they like. I judge on whether or not they like reading.

I’m not talking about reading magazine articles, or blog posts. No, I am talking about reading books. They are usually thick and filled with words. Most of the time they have a plot and great character development.

I have met individuals that actually don’t like reading. People who don’t like reading baffle me. I’m not including people who don’t like reading because they find it hard or difficult, I am talking about people who don’t like reading, just because they don’t like reading.

I don’t get you. I don’t.

I love reading and I love books. There is an opportunity to discover a variety of stories and knowledge that exist out there. For people to not like reading, they have cut themselves off from all that potential of learning and reading great stories.

For me if you don’t read, we might as well just part our separate ways, its not that I don’t like you, but a majority of my life involves books. I’m an English & History major, I plan on going to grad school for library information science. I plan on writing books.

Books are my life.

If you don’t like reading, the likelihood of our friendship lasting (or starting) is slim to none.

This post was in spired by The Daily Post

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Book Review: The Romance of Tristan

romance of trsitna


Title: The Romance of Tristan

Author: Beroul

Publisher: Penguin Classics (July 1978)

Genre: Fiction (Literature)

Paperback:176 Pages

I had to read this book for my Medieval Literature class (which on a random note I saw my medieval literature professor at my church the other day- weird) . It is a love story that was very popular throughout all of Europe and had been translated into numerous languages.

I am not a fan of medieval literature, but I honestly suggest you read this.

It is hilarious.

The writing, at least in this edition, is very easy to read and follow.

It is also ridiculous. There is a magical dwarf, the king is an idiot, the girl is witty, and there is a dog that appears that you never see or hear from again.

When I read it, this is the conclusion I came to

I found it comical and it reminded me of humerous version of Romeo and Juliet. Even though both stories invoke a sense of sadness, I had a difficult time taking this story or the characters seriously. With the asininity of the characters, particularly Tristan and Yseult, this story is a little erratic.

I guess the main reason why I have problems with Tristan and Yseult is because after 3 years, the time the potion is supposed to wear off, they still act in the same manner towards each other as to when the potion was in full effect. It  is true that when the potion begins to wear off they both began to have a sense of regret. At the same time though they still view each other with love, “Let us both pray that the King of Heaven will have mercy on us, Tristan, my love.” I thought the love potion had worn off by this point. They keep telling everyone that it isnot their fault, but the love potions fault. And yet no sooner does Yseult vindicate herself, Tristan runs back to meet her in secret to talk with her, and be with her. The reason for this is because he has missed her greatly. They can’t blame the love potion at this point for it has worn off. I find it fascinating that even the author to an extent is trying to lay all the blame on the love potion near the end of the book. In the end Tristan and Yseult both die from despair and grief because of the other. Where they were buried two trees grew from their graves, one from Tristan and one from Yseult and intertwined. The author claims that “some say” it was the love potion that caused this to happen. That makes no sense since the love potion should have worn off by now, in fact it already had worn off. It seems to me that the love potion was merely an excuse, a scapegoat they could use.

In my opinion the love potion only emphasized what was already there, for they still loved and wanted each other after the love potion worn off. To me this makes both of them responsible for their actions. They know right from wrong. If they knew it wasn’t wrong, they would not have had to hide their love from the king, constantly lie or use equivocation. They wouldn’t have to go into hiding, and it certainly wouldn’t account for Yseult having her serving maid take her place the night she was supposed to consummate the marriage with King Mark. Even though I hold both of them equally responsible for their actions and only see the love potion as an excuse, if I had to give my sympathies to one of them it would have to be Yseult.

The reason why I would give my sympathies to her and not Tristan is because she is a woman, married to a king, far away from her family and friends, and she has nowhere to go. In that time period being a woman was already a disadvantage, for they don’t had limited rights. She is married to a king, which that itself holds a great deal of responsibility. Her nearest family and friends are far away in a different country and can’t get to her quickly if she gets in trouble. Finally it is not probable that she would be able to leave on her own, for she does not have the means to leave the country. While Tristan is far better off than Yseult. He is not married, he could be with whoever he wants and not be criticized. Even if he was married, he would have an easier time having an affair in comparison. If he needed to, he could leave the country and he has the means to do that. Between the two, the consequences are far worse for her than him.

For me this I think the love potion was merely an excuse that was used so that way Tristan and Yseult could have an affair without people really shaming them. Even though they story was comical and the characters were foolish, I still enjoyed it.

I would give this book 5 stars as a humorous book and 1 star as a piece of great literature. Overall I would give this book… 1.5 stars

1.5 star

Have you read this book? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below.



Book Review: I Wrote This For You

i wrote this for you


Photo Credit

Title: I Wrote This For You

Author: pleasefindthis (if you want to know the author click here to find out the authors name, look in bio section)

Publisher: Central Avenue Publishing [2014]

Genre: Poetry

Paperback:  204 pages

I was browsing through the poetry section with my boyfriend. Even though I have written poetry and have read some, it is really hard for me to find poetry that I like. It is hard to find poetry that doesn’t read as though it is written by an academic trying to sound lofty and brilliant; seeking to be patted on the back by his colleagues.

This book however caught my eye.

I started browsing through this book and I loved it. I was amazed by the simplicity and the expression.

To me this was poetry, not that esoteric drivel that I tend to hear sometimes in the classroom and at poetry slams. I have heard time and time again (with being an English major) that more people need poetry, that poetry isn’t as popular as literature, etc. Well if you don’t make it appealing to a wide audience, if you don’t consider your audience (instead of expecting the audience to read and know every single academic, lofty reference you make in this poem) than people won’t read it. It is that simple.

I have put little tabs on my favorite poems and my boyfriend is still in shock. He knows my stance on a lot of poetry. I loved this because of the simplicity.

I can’t tell you my amazement when I found the website. And to have learned that there is another sequel to the first one.

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This was a great book of poems. I really enjoy it.

I give this book 5 stars. 5 stars

Here is one of my favorites..

The Point of Contact

And then my soul saw you and it kind of went
“Oh there you are. I’ve been looking for you.”

~Pg. 7 I Wrote This For You

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts on this book? Which poem was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!