Contributing for The Daily Beacon


I decided to join a newspaper and be a contributor for The Daily Beacon.

The Daily Beacon is the University of Tennessee’s newspaper that has been around since 1871. Over time it has evolved and the staff has grown. I am very excited to be part of a Newspaper that has a great deal of history.

I had heard of them last year but I was still trying to overcome all the mental health issues that I was dealing with at the time. Now  that I was better and because I wanted to get involved on campus (preferably something that could help my future) I decided to try my hand at journalism.



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My first interview was all right, but I was very nervous during the whole process. I will say I do find it easier talking with students than with those in positions of authority. I know this is because the student that I am interviewing have less likely been interviewed than the adults.

I currently have one article that has been published and I am very excited about writing more.

Now due to writing for The Daily Beacon, I won’t have as many blog posts up on here, but if you want to keep up with other writing that I am working on just click here.


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