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My Thoughts on “Spoilers”

im gonna troll you so hard

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I may tick people off when it comes to this, but I don’t really care. I am kind of irritated.

I know that when a new episode of my favorite TV Show, a new book to my favorite series, or a sequel to a movie I enjoyed has come out. I know there will be this crazy thing that will pop up on the internet called spoilers.

I also know that if I start getting into a series that has been around for a while there will be lots of fansites on the internet that could possibly spoil it for me. As a result I don’t go looking for it till I have caught up. I am okay with that.

And if a series is older than 10 years I shouldn’t have to post spoilers in the title. I shouldn’t have to post spoilers in the article at all.

But apparently on reddit you have to .

Even if the series is 16 years old….

You can click here to see for yourself. 

what what

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Really come on now.

When I am getting into a series and I know it is old; I don’t go looking online. If I do, I know I am doing it at my own risk. If I am just getting into a series that is brand new, if a new episode has come, out and I haven’t seen it yet; I will avoid those websites in the meantime until I have seen the episode. It is a lot easier to do than you think.

I have missed a lot concerning Once Upon A Time lately. Due to my facebook feed all I know is that the Wicked Witch is involved. That is it. I don’t know anything about it.

When I have missed new episodes from Doctor Who, Once Upon A Time, Sleep Hollow, Game of Thrones, etc. you know what I do? I do this amazing thing called don’t look and don’t search for it. I don’t go looking for things on tumblr, pinterest, etc. If something pops up while I’m on there I do this amazing thing where I ignore it. I don’t read it, I just click away from it.

I know crazy right.

crazy right

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Now when I am talking among friends in person I have more discretion because well even if they cover their ears there is not much they can do about it. Instead I talk privately about with the friends who are in the know or I ask if that person cares if I spoil it for them.

Most of them don’t, a few do. It’s cool.

What happens if what happened on the internet happened in the real world, where people actually interact face to face.

I am in a bookstore or cafe talking about a new episode with friends. It is just a conversation between the two of us. All of a sudden someone comes up to me and says ‘you just spoiled that episode for me!’ You should have said spoilers!’ ‘I wasn’t talking to you though and you didn’t have to listen in’, I say. ‘Still though you can’t go around talking about it and spoiling for everyone,’ says whiny fan(girl/boy).

See how ridiculous that is?

In all honestly though I don’t know what is so hard about not looking for information related to your fandom. My father does it all the time. I do it all the time, and so does my mother. We are all Geeks. If they sees any article related to TV Shows and yes even movies that they are interested in, they will do this crazy thing where they ignores it and they don’t read and or watch youtube videos online, or look up anything related, unless they don’t care. Which sometimes they don’t.

I do the exact same thing. I don’t fanboy/fangirl rage at someone for spoiling something, especially since, I went looking at the topic in relation to said fandom in the first place. I can understand it may be a little more “difficult” when you are subscribed and or following that person. Usually the titles though are a pretty good giveaway of what they are talking about. I follow so many geek related sites and I have yet to have the entire episode of Game of Thrones spoiled for me. It has only happened once. Once!

Big example. I have’t seen the current season of Game of Thrones. I accidentally saw something about the purple wedding and I only know that…..



You have been warned


Are you sure you want to go further



Fine I am not responsible….





Honestly that shouldn’t be a surprise to:

  • those who have read the books
  • those who have watched the season so far
  • those who know that George R.R. Martin loves killing people more so than Moffat.
    (Imagine if they did an episode together…)

OH the Horrors!

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I am not against warning people about spoiler related things, but there is a limit. Here is what I will post spoilers on…

I will still post spoilers on things that are:

  • The episode just aired
  • New books in a series that just came out
  • Movie sequel just came out
  • you get the idea….

But I won’t post spoilers on:

  • Movies (especially if the movie is based on a book- sorry I am no sorry- that is not happening)
  • Movies that have been in existence for more than a year
  • Book series that have been out longer than a year
  • New Bestselling Books (have to be about a year old)
  • TV Shows that are over in general
  • TV Shows Season that are over (like once the 4th Season of Game of Thrones is over- all bets are off)
  • Games- this just won’t happen

That is my stance because frankly if I have to put a spoiler alert on every single thing I am posting, it will take way too much time. And that is a little overkill.

So be warned anytime you see anything fandom related on my page. You have been warned.




My top 4 Favorite Web Series

I am on the internet a lot. I’m addicted, I can’t help myself I love to learn. Thank God I also love to read books otherwise I would never be off. Seriously, if I could make money fangirling over all my fandoms all day long I would do that. Since the likelihood of that is slim (we can’t all be Felicia Day after all) I’m in college studying English and History (and no I don’t want to be a Professor, I want to work in libraries).

Getting to the point, I am on the internet a lot. On youtube this past year I have discovered something amazing. Something I have never heard of, Online Web Series.  And they are free, you can interact with the people just as quick as you can send them a message and you can watch it whenever you want, as many times as you want.


Since you asked so nicely I will tell you. Basically instead of the random cat videos, vlogs or stupid stuff ( which can be good sometimes) that you see, these series have actual plot to them. Just like a TV Show, except a lot better than a majority of the TV Shows out there. Honestly, if I can stay glued to a series for a whole season you have to be good, for I have not have the desire to stop what I’m doing and make an actual commitment to watch the show. I may like the plot, but if I’m reading a book and the show is about to come on, it better be pretty amazing to take me away from my book.

Now unlike most TV shows, once an episode is posted, its posted for good. So far, at least the ones that I have been watching, they stay up forever. Now in the future they may take them down, but with the ones I have been watching they are still up and some of them are releasing a dvd of the whole show. If you want to get started with great Web series here are my top 4 I recommend (and one to look forward to!)

All of these shows have their own facebook page and I believe twitter as well. Some of them also have a tumblr to follow them and keep updated. Go check it out. Click on the titles and it will take you directly to their youtube page.

#4. Job Hunters

Image This web series takes place in a dystopian future where jobs are limited and you have to fight your way to the top, literally to get the job of your dreams. College Grads are basically chosen by this organization that sends to live in a house filled with people, all with the same mission of having to fight/kill the other. They cannot attack each other in the house, only during sanctioned times are they allowed to fight. They rest of the time, they have to eat and sleep in the same house.

The show has been on a hiatus due to money. However on their youtube channel they are showing that the 2nd season is coming soon. So catch up on the first season fast, its really enjoyable.

#3. Space Janitors

Image If you like star wars, you will enjoy this. Basically it follows the janitors and other lower staff as they are working on a space station controlled by an evil Dark Lord. This comedy follows the janitors and their friends as they go on adventures and learn more about themselves and the empire they serve. Honestly you need to watch this if you love star wars, you will enjoy this.

Currently Season 2 has finished and I haven’t heard that much news as to when the next season will come out, so for all the people who are interested now is the time to catch up on it.

#2. The Autobiography of Jane Eyre

ImageThis is a web series that is done as a vlog by Jane Eyre herself. Following her journey as she become a nanny/tutor to a brilliant intelligent girl in the modern day world. She never expresses her deepest emotions, but for those that have either read the books, seen the movies before, or just have a knack for knowing what happens next; you can tell what she is truly feeling thanks to the brilliant acting. This season is still going and she captures a modern day Jane very well. Yes, she is different but what do you expect? This is the 21st century after all.

I really enjoy this series. Some people will complain about the camera quality, but to me that is what makes it authentic. How many people can afford cameras that can cost up to thousands of dollars and just for a vlog. That doesn’t seem realistic and Jane Eyre, being such a crazy story they need to have some aspects of the story to be down to earth and Jane is a very down to earth character as well.


The Show that started it All for me-

#1 The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

ImageHer name is Lizzie Bennet and this is her life! This was the show that started it all for me. First of all, if you roam the internet and haven’t heard of this show I would honestly be surprised and congratulate you on that. Second of all, if you haven’t watch it you must. Third, if you have watched it already, watch it again and get a friend hooked with you!

Got a little excited 🙂  to the plot!

A Modern day adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, if takes the Bennett sisters, Bing Lee, and of course Mr. Darcy into the 21st century with new takes on certain aspects and bringing into light some modern day concerns, mixed with some old ones as well. All 100 episodes are honestly delightful and they actually helped me deal with my severe 3 month long depression, one of the reasons this show holds dear to my heart.

Also what was so great about this show was that each character had a twitter account, they would tweet what was going on in their life as it was “happening!” They even responded to fans at times (how cool is that, imagine trying to respond to a character from your favorite TV show- talk about geeking out) And you got to discover what happened once Lizzie loaded her videos. And other characters on the show had their own youtube videos as well (not as numerous as Lizzie and not as over the top as you would think it would be), they complemented Lizzie’s videos and as a result it gave us a well rounded perspective on what was going on in the lives of the Bennett family and the people they meet.

If the fact that its Jane Austen Adaptation, the idea of 100 episodes to look forward to, the ingenious of characters interacting with their fans, and my personal story didn’t move you. Maybe the fact it won an Emmy. Yeah, a youtube web series won an Emmy!!  As you can imagine, youtube just gained a whole level of respect because of that win. Youtube in a way owes a lot to the Lizzie Bennett Diaries as a result.

And a show to look forward to…

Emma Approved!

ImageFrom the creators of Lizzie Bennett Diaries comes the next modern day Jane Austen Adaptation, Emma Approved.  Based on Jane Austen’s Emma the series will follow Emma. She can do it all and with style. She is fashionable, intelligent, and smart. She can help improve a companies image or make the perfect match for you.

As Emma is Promoting on her Channel, I can make your life better!

The series starts Oct 7 for Emma Approved. I can’t wait to see this!

Check these series out for they are addictive and amazing!