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First Impression: Time and Eternity

I was playing this at a friends house a few months ago. I started playing this game and right away I got annoyed. In the picture below you see 4 girls and the one guy. I can’t stand the guy. He is such a jerk and all he thinks about is sex.

Seriously that is all he thinks about.  I loved the story and the idea, I really wish though they would stop making games just geared towards guys. Thankfully I can fight as the girl, but still this is ridiculous. There are also random scenes where they have conversations together and have little dates  and these images come up:

Really? REALLY? I swear the person who wrote this game was a pervert. My friend thinks this game was created, written, and animated, by a group of 40+ year old perverts who think that acting like a jerk  is a way to be a man or it was an individual 40+ year old pervert.


I will say that I really do enjoy the plot, the whole idea that there are two souls sharing the same body, interesting and cool. Also love the fact that she can somewhat control time, although I have been disappointed that I haven’t been able to use this in the game itself save for moving the plot along in cut scenes.  I do wish that when I am walking around that I could run or jump instead of just walk. Trying to turn around is really stupid and annoying, it looks like she is walking backward when she turns around.

What I have really enjoyed so far is fighting, collecting items, and completing quests. I love this so much.  I enjoy it immensely that and the hope the story will get better keeps me playing.

Overall I enjoy the plot of this game, I just wish the male character wasn’t so annoying. For now I give it 3 stars out of 5. It will change once I finish the game.

3 star