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5 Fandoms that Made Me Who I Am Today

It is really hard for me to say when I became a fangirl. I think because of the family I grew up in I was born to be a nerd and geek. With my father he love of science, star trek, science fiction books, comic books, etc. My mother love crafts, phantom of the opera, romance books, books in general, and when she become obsessed with it, she sucked the life out of that obsession until she sucked the life out of it and than moves onto the next fandom.

I was born to be a fangirl.

I had to think for a long time about this. I was wracking my brain, trying to go through the mess I call my memories to figure out what began my way to being a fangirl.

What were the 5 fandoms that started it all?


1.) American Revolution History & 1776

Photo Credit                                                             Photo Credit

I know everyone is probably looking like this the image below, but hear me out.


The reason why I have this at number one is because between the Musical 1776 that I remember watching when I was a little girl in Rhode Island, learning about American Revolutionary history during my trips to Boston, and just growing up in a household that encouraged learning- I was hooked to this aspect of history. Practically every time in history class when we got around to this topic I was excited. I still remember the huge paper diagram we did in my 5th grade class of the “Road to Revolution.”

Wish I had a picture of it, it was awesome.

I know the musical is inaccurate and I know that not all aspects of the American Revolution are things to aspire to, but the history is something I have always geeked out about. This helped develop my love of backstory, connecting past, present, and future. It also helped appreciate the history of my country.

2.) Fairy Tales & Disney


I tried to take a picture of my moms book, but it kept turning out terribly (I think there is something up with my camera) , so I borrowed another persons and linked it in the photo credit.

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

Fairy Tales and Disney for me went hand in hand when I was younger. For Halloween I have been Aurora, Jasmine, and Belle (twice).  I loved Disney and Fairy Tales. As I got older I fell in love with the book my mom had, The World’s Best Fairy Tales (Readers Digest Anthology).  It had beautiful illustrations in it and different fairy tales in it. That is when I learned of that Disney had changed some of these tales, which seeing how The Little Mermaid originally ended. I’m okay with the new ending.

Thanks to fairy tales, I am okay with the fantastical and different.

3.) Scooby-Doo

Photo Credit

I didn’t Cartoon Network when I was younger so I was unable to watch Scooby-Doo, but I was able to read the Scooby-Doo comics. My dad would go to the comic book store all the time, I even went with him sometimes. I don’t remember how I started getting the Scooby-Doo comic books, but once I started getting them, I haven’t stopped reading comics since. I don’t read the Scooby-Doo Comics anymroe, not because I don’t like them, but because I have expanded my comic book reading and I want to go beyond the meddling kids ending (even though that phrase still brings me a smile). It was all because of Scooby-Doo comics I began reading about Batman, Superman, X-Men, Thor, and various other comics I now read.

4.) Babylon 5

Photo Credit

The Babylon Project was our last, best hope for peace. A self-contained world five miles long, located in neutral territory. A place of commerce and diplomacy for a quarter of a million humans and aliens. A shining beacon in space, all alone in the night. It was the dawn of the Third Age of Mankind…the year the Great War came upon us all. This is the story of the last of the Babylon stations. The year is 2259. The name of the place is Babylon 5.

I still geekgagasm whenever I hear these words. Since this series first came out when I was too young to understand, I wasn’t able to appreciate it as much. Yes, I would watch a few episodes with my parents and I really enjoyed the story. It helped cultivate my love for sci-fi, fantasy, and space. Later on as I got older I began watching the full series on DVD and I became hooked. Although I was sad and disappointed by the last season, it was still good and it still has left its mark on my geek heart.

5.) Harry Potter

Photo Credit

The Book that finally helped me confirm who and what I was- a geek. Believe it or not, it took me three times to read the first chapter before I could get into it. It just felt a little slow for me at first. I finally got into though and once I did, look out.

I didn’t know another geek like me out there (among people I knew, not on the internet). I was on Mugglenet, HP Lexicon, The Leaky Cauldron, Potter Talk, HP Companion, and JK Rowlings website. I began reading HP fanfiction while waiting for the next book to come out. I found a whole new world where others geeked out like me, loved the back story, analyzed all the details and tried to figure out what happens next.

Although I was also disappointed with the ending of this book and series, I still love it and it still has a place in my heart.

For me, even though I may no longer obsess some of these fandoms as hard as I did back in the day, they still have a place in the heart.


What fandoms started your way onto becoming a geek?

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Fans at Fault For Not Buying Comic Art

I wish I was kidding, but that is the summary behind two articles that have been posted on Denise Dorman’s blog site here on wordpress.

dave dorman

Dave Dorman

I found this article through The Mary Sue. I read the whole article before commenting by the way. Yes I commented; for I prefer to tell a person my opinions about them before writing about them (if I have the opportunity).

my comment to her first article

Comment on her first post in regard to this matter.

She responded to my comment and I responded back.

She responded to my comment and I responded back.

Response to 2nd post

Response to 2nd post

She is the wife of Dave Dorman, apparently a famed Star War artist (I have seen his Star Wars art before by the way, I didn’t realize it was him , but I have seen it before and I always thought it was cool) that hasn’t been doing so well when it comes to his sales. As a result which is why the wife wrote this first blog post in anger, irritation? You decide.  Either way, it came across as immature.

In her first article it really does come across as she is blaming cosplayers and those that spend so much time seeing cosplayers. I can understand her frustration and appreciate it. For people are sometimes cosplaying as characters that artists have come up with and people are paying mroe attention to the cosplayers than the artists who came up with the character in the first place.

I have slowly come realize that in this selfie-obsessed, Instagram Era, COSPLAY is the new focus of these conventions–seeing andbeing seen, like some giant masquerade party. Conventions are no longer shows about commerce, product launches, and celebrating the people who created this genre in the first place. I’ve seen it first-hand–the uber-famous artist who traveled all of the way from Japan, sitting at Comic-Con, drawing as no one even paid attention to him, while the cosplayers held up floor traffic and fans surroundthe cosplayers–rather than the famed industry household name–to pose for selfies.

However In Dave Dorman’ & Denise Dorman’s case I am having some issues:

#1.) He did not create the characters in Star Wars, yes he did a great job drawing them, but he didn’t create the character from scratch. The characters existed before he drew them, he did his interpretation on the characters, that is the only thing he can own.

#2.) Artists of all kinds borrow from each other all the time. He did some batman art and you can say he was probably inspired and probably borrowed from other artists, nothing wrong from that. All artists inspire and borrow from each other.

#3.) If your point Denise is being misinterpreted, it is not the readers fault, it is how you wrote and presented the issue.  This came off as a rant and blaming the people that attend, which leads to my next point.

#4.) She isn’t owning up to what she did. And neither is her husband saying to her “Hey Denise, I’m glad you love me and you are protective of me, but that wasn’t cool.” If I did something like this (which I wouldn’t) my love would tell me that I reacted wrong and I would tell him the same if he reacted that way (which he wouldn’t).

However she writes another article saying that she doesn’t blame cosplayers. She says she wanted to have this as a avenue for discussion and it blew out of control.

What I had hoped for, igniting an HONEST discussion about what we, as exhibitors (and they the convention owners) could be doingdifferently and how to give the fans what they want and still be able toafford to exhibit, turned into something ugly. Online harassment. Threats. Hate.

Whether or not we agree with someone, sending threats to an individual is wrong.

I have to call her out though, the first post, did not sound like someone wanting to have a discussion, she just honestly sounds pissed off. Which is not a bad thing, but if you are going to rant, own up to the fact that you had a moment you lost your cool, apologize and move on.

Don’t backpeddle, which is what she did not surprisingly with the amount of backlash she received.

In her Second post about this topic she talks about how she blames fans and those that attend:

 “It’s the new breed of attendees who are there because someone said it’s cool to be there; they are the onescompletely unfamiliar with the comics industry. They are the ones who attend any hard-to-get-tickets event just to boast online. They are the people I take issue with.NOTthe Cosplayers. Those are the people who care only about their selfies on their Instagram profiles.Those are the people who hijack events like #Burning Man,#Coachella and #SDCC with no understanding of why these events exist, or their raison d’être. Once they show up to the party, the event jumps the shark. “

While I understand she is blaming a certain type of fan, she is still blaming fans and attendes. She is still acting in an exclusive manner which, silly me, I thought was against geek culture.  Yes, it can be annoying when people who have no idea what Star Wars is about are taking pictures with Slave Leia because she looks hot. At the same time though these individuals could become potential fans.

fans at fault

Denise Dorman herself

It is because of Social Media that I have Heard of Burning Man, Coachella and other venues where people come together to have a great time. Yes,it may be annoying that people are going there just to be seen, but they are the reason why I have heard of some of these great events!

Social Media is a wonderful thing. It can make or break you. Unfortunately between; her husbands site which is under construction and not user friendly, the fact he doesn’t market himself to a younger generation but seems to be expecting his fans (which seem to range from 40s-50s) to carry him through) and this bad publicity he just got due to the fact that his wife went on a rant, he may have a harder time appealing to the younger generations now.

My Overall Critiques on Their Social Media Presence:

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I Just Heard About the Wonder Woman Movie


By SpazChicken on DeviantArt Click on Photo Credit Below to go to the link!

Photo Credit

I know I am behind on this news, but I don’t care. I am so excited about Wonder Woman finally being turned into a movie. Time for me to do more reading on the comic book series.

People will be surprised/shocked since I am a nerd and geek. I haven’t seen the original Wonder Woman series. It’s not that I don’t want to, it is just I have not had the chance. I also haven’t read many of the comic books. I read more batman, x-men, and scooby-doo.

Don’t judge.

I checked IMDB to see who would be playing Wonder Woman and I have my doubts…. I was kind of disappointed by the choice of Gal Cadot. People may look at me like, ‘you have barely read the comics why do you have an opinion’. I have read some of them.


Photo Credit

Gal Cadot who has been in 2 Fast and Furious movies and in Fast Five. I haven’t seen either myself. I couldn’t tell you how good of an actor she is.

I do know that Wonder Woman is an Amazon Princess and for some reason I expected her to look more like these women below. I haven’t seen all of these actors :

  • Zoe Saldana
  • Photo CreditDifferent, but she is a great actor and she is known to the nerd and geek community. She has been in both new Star Trek films and Avatar. Bonus she played a small past as Anamarie in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.
  • Michelle Rodriguez

    Photo CreditI haven’t seen anything that she was in, but when I saw her, I thought, ‘Yeah I can totally see her as Wonder Woman.’ I have no idea about her acting ability though. What I did find out from IMDB was that she, just like Gal Gadot, was also in
  • Lana Parrilla
    lana parrilla
    Photo CreditShe is well known as Regina aka the Evil Queen on the show Once Upon A Time. It is because of Lana Parrilla I have fallen in love with the Evil Queen character. She does a great job portraying her. For me she would have been my top pick.
  • Morena Baccarin
    Photo CreditYou might remember her from Firefly. She would have brought in fans of firefly for that itself is a cult following. She also appeared on the TV Show “V”

I hope in the coming months to read more Wonder Woman comics.

I will always have my doubts just because I really am excited about this movie and I don’t want them to mess it up. I hope the actress Gal Cadot goes beyond my expectations.

What are your thoughts on the Wonder Woman movie? Have any concerns? Let me know in the comments below.