While I won’t be at the game this Saturday due to lack of funds, I will be watching the game against Florida on TV.

Normally Tennessee Fans would just dress up in orange and white and you would see a blend of the colors throughout the stadium.  For this game though, UT has something big in mind.

They want to #CheckerNeyland and they will need every Tennessee Vol that is going to do their part. I hope they are able to accomplish it, it won’t be an easy task. That is why I am blogging about it. To help bring awareness to this awesome idea.

For those that don’t know at the end of the goal posts in the stadium, they are checkered orange and white, inspired by the checkered pattern in Ayres Hall Tower design.

ayres hall


Make sure to wear the right color for the game this Saturday! Go over to this site. All you have to do is put in your section, row, and seat number. You will than be told what color to wear.

While I am watching the game on TV, I will be wearing orange and white and I hope to see the stadium checkered in orange and white.


Spread the word. Share this blog with your family, friends, etc.

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