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My 5 Favorite Superbowl Commercials of 2016

A lot of the commercials weren’t that great this year, like everything else relating to the superbowl this year, it was very meh. Still I was able to enjoy some of the commercials and there were some that were rememberable, for amusing reasons.

In a way, this should have been titled 5 Superbowl Commercials I found amusing, but I’m not gonna change it now.

Here we go.

5.) #Ballogize with Steve Harvey

I was surprised to see Steve Harvey in this commercial and I loved the fact he made fun of himself over the recent mistake he made this past Miss Universe pageant. Same time T-Mobile is calling out Verizon, which is hilarious.

I even found the extended version of the commercial to be enjoyable and not a waste of time.


4.) Chasing A Prius #GoPriusGo

I really liked this commercial, acknowledging the joke that is the Prius, they gave it an amusing storyline and it made me think of the OJ Simpson case. Instead of murdering people, this was occurring because they stole from a bank.

I have to say though, I was amazed by the gas milage.

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Why Do People Still Believe Apollo?

People keep using the fact that Apollo has text messages as proof that Phaedra has cheated.

Before I continue with that though, let’s examine Apollo’s behavior and his past with a list.

  • He has been to jail before.
  • He has lied to Phaedra on multiple occasions
  • He has committed Fraud
  • He punches holes in the walls
  • Threatens Phaedra
  • Threatens to burn down the house
  • Gets enraged over the locks being changed and demands to know why
  • Approaches Phaedra with an electric screwdriver and tells her to not call the police
  • Shows up late to prison
  • We now know that he has threatened her from prison through a letter!

Do I need to go on?

Now since this man has lied multiple times about the most ridiculous things, has committed fraud, and has been violent why are people taking what he says seriously?

Look at this fake conversation I had made!

Look at this fake conversation I had made!

Just through a google search I found numerous sites here, here, and here just to start. Now if a man is able to commit bank fraud, I’m sure he can find a way to create fake texts. Anyone can make a facebook profile use another persons image and create a fake conversation.

I made a fake conversation that took less than 5 minutes. I don’t think it would be a problem for Apollo to do it.

What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below!


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5 Characters I would Love to be for Halloween

Halloween is coming up and I am so excited. I already have an idea of which character I want to be for Halloween this year, but these were some of the characters I have come up with.

In no Particular Order:

1.) Velma

162px-Velma_Dinkley MV5BMjE1ODUyNDg2OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNDg3MTg2._V1_SX640_SY720_

Photo Credit                          Photo Credit

For me this is a no brainer.  She is smart, clever, and a badass. I always thought she was under-appreciated and without her, the team wouldn’t have solved nearly as many cases as they did.

2.) Padme


Besides being a Queen from the Star Wars prequel trilogy at such a young age ,she is strong willed individual and just happens to be the mom of Luke and Leia.

Out of all of her costumes, this is my favorite. I love this costume, since I love renaissance and medieval fashion, makes sense.

3.) Susan Ivanova

susan ivonova



Photo Credit

She is snarky, sarcastic, hilarious, and Russian. She is from the 90’s TV Show Babylon 5, a show that for me was my 1st fandom.

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Thoughts on Season 1 of Ladies of London


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This past week Ladies of London ended with tension, but no yelling.

For those that frequently watch Bravo the final showdown between Caprice Bourett and Caroline Stanbury was one of the most tense, but the least over the top exchange on Bravo TV and there was no yelling!

Finale Itself!

Caprice shows up to the Dinner party late and does not even address the host. While I wish Caroline had stood up to say hello, its not necessary. It was more important that Caprice address the host and than the host could have gotten up. No instead she says hi and hugs other people at the party instead. She also didn’t thank for the vegetarian or vegan meal she had (I can’t remember which one it was), a big no no.

I really did like the fact when they were having a discussion there was no yelling and it was still tense. I found it really annoying that when Caroline sad she had proof in an email and Caprice is saying that she isn’t interested in seeing it, even though she has been saying that Caroline is lying.

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Why I Won’t Watch Game of Crowns Anymore

game of crowns


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After watching last nights episode I didn’t feel relieved or any better. I stated in this blog post my reasons behind for watching reality shows (and yes I understand how scripted they are). For the first time while watching a reality show I was left feeling not relieved of stress or thankful that that is not my life. No, I felt frustrated and upset.

I think this is the first reality show that I have watched that has made me feel upset.

Why am I upset?

I can deal with cattiness, I have watched enough Housewives reality shows to be immune to the cattiness by now. Still the level of cattiness on Game of Crowns really bothered me and I couldn’t place my finger on it, which is why I continued to watch it past the first episode. I finally realized what about it bothered me last night.

It reminded me of middle school and high school all rolled into one.

I was amazed/disgusted last night by the level of pettiness and cattiness that existed among the majority of the women on the show. These women were all trying to out pretty, out smart, out class, etc the other and were trying to tear each other down in the process.

I knew when I began watching this reality show there would be drama, especially when a Tiara is involved, but it is like these women have never grown up!

If I was in the same situation, I would just love to put on pretty dresses, do the competitions for fun, and if I won I would be happy, but if I don’t I’m not going to go around scheming trying to find a way to get to the top.

It was really sad to see women who talk about the importance of class, grace, poise, etc. demonstrate anything but that. It was really disappointing to see women take bets as to whether or not their friend would win (not classy at all). It was disappointing to see women trying to live vicariously through the children. It was disappointing to see grown up women, who were acting like 12 year olds.

I thought Pageants were supposed to be about being the best women you can be. I thought it was about being a good role model. I thought it was supposed to be fun. These women make it look like hell.

I would rather watch Jersey Shore (and I couldn’t stand that show) than watch this show again, for although the level of intelligence on that show can be debated, at least they weren’t acting like a bunch of catty middle school girls.

Have you seen the show? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below!


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Dear Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Dear Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,

Thank you.

Having read of couple of the stories and watched many movie and Tv show adaptations I want to thank you for inspiring some of the greatest shows and movies.

I know this many be difficult for you to hear, seeing how you killed off your own character because you became tired of him. And to make matters worse he was so popular that people wanted him back so you had to keep writing about Sherlock Holmes to satisfy fans and to make money.

While I know you were frustrated and probably irritated by the idea of only being known for Sherlock Holmes, let me reassure you it could be worse.

You could be known as being the writer of Twilight. You could be known as the writer of 50 shades of Grey. You could be known as someone who was responsible for the deaths of millions (like Hitler, Stalin, etc.)

Instead you are known as the writer of Sherlock Holmes.

I hope one day to inspire people to the point where they create numerous movie and tv adaptations, inspire many stories to be written (whether they are fanfiction or actually published), I hope to inspire like you have inspired.

So thank you Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


A Sherlock Fan.

Inspired by this Writing Challenge

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Loyda, Lies, and Love?


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I wanted to relax and watch TV. While scrolling through the channels I came across MTV’s Catfish. I have watched it before and I thought hey, why not?

This episode is messed up. I am underexaggerating.

Here is what happens.

This girl steals another girls facebook photos, identity, and creates a fake instagram. She meets someone and falls in love with Ramon. All the while not telling him who she really is.

And you want to know why she created this fake profile. She was bored!

Read a book, learn to draw, paint, exercise! Do something that is productive and creative. Not pointless like that.

How sad are you to create a fake profile mimicking another random individual. That is sad. Get a life.

Wait there is more….

We learn that she did try to tell Ramon that she was the cousin of the girl (which she isn’t). That she tried to tell Ramon, but he didn’t want to believe it. Even though he originally went on the show because he wasn’t sure…

I think he wanted to get revenge on her and embarrass her personally.

Than we learn from her facebook profile that she is faking an engagement to Ramon. She even bought a ring with the money that Ramon gave her and she lied to her mom, and created an elaborate setup to convince her mom that Ramon proposed.

When Nev Schulman & Max Joseph confronted Loyda’s mom that her daughter had been lying and the mother gets angry with them.



But they have skyped supposedly, they have seen each other for real, and according to her here he did give it to her.

I don’t know who to believe. They are both liars and they are both messed up.

In the end she eventually pays him back for how much he spent on her, which is the only redeeming thing about her.

I don’t know what is currently going on with Ramon, but I can tell you that Loyda married a guy she had met online before she met Ramon, although other sites says she was with both guys at the same time. I’m going to say she was with him because she has constantly lied. Not only is she a liar, deceiver, but a cheater as well.

That episode hurt my brain. I still can’t comprehend it.


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