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#FreeKesha #SonySupportsRape

Today I heard the news. I am really pissed. No. I am super mega fucking pissed.

Yes, I will be cursing.

I have liked some of her music, but I wouldn’t call myself a die hard fan. Not even a fan, just an occasional listener.

Still, when I learned that she wouldn’t be free from Sony. I honestly felt like flipping over a table Teresa Guidice style.


Honestly, it may be a bad idea for me to write this unfiltered, but screw it. I’m going to.

They say there is lack of evidence of abuse and rape.

In the case when I was with an abusive individual for almost a year (many many years ago) there would also be lack of evidence (and still is), because most of it was emotional. When it was sexual it usually involved grabbing and such and the bruises would soon fade and I was too embarrassed to talk about it.

Guess what is still happened. Guess what I’m still dealing with the scars from it (although I’m a lot better).

This man, this asshole who calls himself “Dr. Luke” (how fucking pretentious) as of right now is getting away with it.


I don’t even have the words. I also learned he was born in the same state where I grew up for a good part of my childhood, Rhode Island. I liked that state and that scum was born there.


The girl was admitted to a rehab center for God’s sake for an eating disorder!

Or is she lying about that too Luke? Is she just making herself have an eating disorder to help support her case to get out of a contract? I mean shit do you have a doctorate? I can’t find any information stating you have even been to college, yet you call yourself Dr. Luke?

Your ego is showing. 

Same time there are rumors surfacing already that he has done shady shit before.

And now these images that are cropping up again (flashback) are starting to make more sense.


Another point someone made doesn’t help matters either, in fact in shows how lacking in morals the music industry is.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 3.06.48 PM

Don’t get me started on the whole Chris Brown thing. I’m still irritated by that. That is a whole other post in itself.

By the way as a feminist I have to ask

“Where are all the hollywood feminists at?

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My 5 Favorite Holiday Songs

I love this time of year. Although it has been a little more challenging this year to get into the holiday spirit because of everything that has gone on the past 4-5 months. Still here are my favorite 5 songs that get me into the Christmas Spirit.

1.) Hey Santa By Carnie and Wendy Wilson


Photo Credit

Strangely this was one of the first Christmas songs I fell in love with. This song is sung by Carnie and Wendy Wilson. When I was younger I even choreographed a dance to go along with it. I still remember part of that dance too and it’s been over 1102

2.) Anything Mannheim Steamroller


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For as long as I can remember I grew up listening to Mannheim Steamroller around Christmas time and honestly it doesn’t feel like Christmas unless I’m listening to it. I even had a chance to go to a concert they had while I was in Chattanooga.

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Please, Stop the Music


While waiting in the waiting room for my appointment with my therapist, there were these two young women across from me.

After 5 minutes of talking about their messed up love life, where the guy was being disrespectful and not dealing with his issues. They started playing music really loud on their phones. No headphones, no consideration for those around them; just loud music.

I saw so many people sitting near them soon leave. Others were looking at them from across the room and shaking their heads. I didn’t leave myself because I put my headphones in to listen to my music.

If you find no problem with playing music loud in public without headphones: whether it is a coffee shop, a bookstore, etc. You are rude and inconsiderate.

Just because you want to listen to music doesn’t mean I want to or anyone else in the office wants to listen to music. Not everyone wants to listen to whatever genre of music you are listening to.

What makes this situation even more disrespectful is that this is a mental health clinic; therapy and rehabilitation focus. There are people coming in here dealing with issues ranging from anxiety to substance abuse withdrawal. As a result people could possibly be on the edge, people could have panic attacks, suffer from ultra sensitivity due to autism, etc. The list goes on. There were also children (ages 4-6 years old) around and some of the songs had graphic language in it. There was a teenage girl who was rubbing her temples as though she was dealing with a major headache/migraine, no doubt that loud music was not helping.

So for these two women no older than 40 to play music in a mental health clinic with young children was not only inconsiderate but irresponsible.

The biggest disappointment was that there were multiple receptionist that were working and they did nothing.

Could I have done and said something? Probably. I was actually thinking of talking to the receptionist and mention that I noticed others were uncomfortable with the loud music that they were playing. Right as I thought that though, they left.

Thank God they did.

So please if you are going to be playing music, put your headphones in. If you don’t have headphones, than don’t play music. Play a game on your phone instead, but keep the music from the game off.


Spread the word. Share this blog with your family, friends, etc.

#AskThicke is a Beautiful Disaster


Woke up this morning and checked twitter.

Boy I am glad I did.

Everyone, even my mom had comments about Robin Thicke.

Hilarious and amusing doesn’t do justice to seeing all the questions being directed toward Robin Thicke.

Seriously who thought that this was a good idea? Don’t they remember/ know that every single #Ask that has trended has been backfired or “hijacked.”

E-Online says it was “hijacked by angry internet trolls. ” Yes, because why can’t human beings be ticked off by a man that wrote rapey music, who cheated on his wife, and is now harrasing her. Yes, there are trolls out there asking really stupid questions, but in this case E! you know he want it.

i know you want it dance

Seriously though hijack.

You make it sound like someone hacked into the twitter profile of the individual that started this hastag and started writing evil hashtags without anyone noticing until hours later.

No, its wasn’t hijacked, it was invaded.

It was invaded by intelligent people that actually respect other women, other human beings, and who happen to understand that no means no. It was invaded and written by individuals that can see through Thicke’s….whats the word???


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my 5 fav disney songs

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Disney songs. If I watched a Disney movie and there wasn’t at least one song in their it wasn’t Disney. To me any animated movie with music was Disney. I know that is not the case now, but that is what I thought when I was 5 till I was 12.

the more you know

Photo Credit

As I got older my taste in Disney music has changed. My favorite Disney Songs will include those that didn’t make the original cut.

As of 2014 here are my 5 Favorite Disney Songs:

#5.) I Can Go the Distance
Photo Credit

As I got older I kept dealing with depression and anxiety. Part of that resulted in feeling like a failure and how my life was going at time.

Listening to this song has helped me feel better.

#4.) God Help the Outcasts
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I thought this song was pretty when I was little, but when I heard it once again 4 years ago, I began crying. It touched me and really hit a chord. I can’t explain it, i wish I could.

#3.) I See the Lights


This beautiful piece is done by Wowiie on deviantart. Click on the link below to go to her page!

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I just really enjoy this song and it makes me think of me and my boyfriend. 

#2.) Let It Go
let it go again


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I have written so many times about Frozen. For me I connect with this song because of my anxiety and depression. Letting go is one of the hardest things for me. I still remember when I first heard this song I cried. It took me a bit to realize why I cried, but I eventually realized.


#1.)  If I Never Knew You
Photo credit

This was really hard for me to choose for the number one spot. It was between this and my #2.

I chose this song for the main reason is that it made me love this story so much more. It wasn’t in the original release of the movie, but during the 10th anniversary edition they put the scene back in. This scene, this song helped me love this movie and these two as a couple.

I enjoyed them before but I had a hard time seeing the relationship grow (granted its only one movie) and with this song it portrayed emotion, depth, and love that helped convince me. To me before this song the romance felt forced.

I just can’t put into words how this song makes me feel.


My Top 3 Favorite Movie Musicals

favorite movie musicalsI love musicals. I grew up on them, for me they area better than regular movies because people break out into song and dance and no one gives them strange looks. It’s completely normal. I wish we could do that in real life.

Here is a list of my favorite movie musicals

3. Rent


This is one of the more recent musicals that I enjoy. I remember watching this at a sleepover with friends. This made me laugh, cry, and throw a pillow at the TV in rage when Angel died. The music is wonderful and I still sing “No Day, but Today” at random times.

2. Brigaadon

For those that probably haven’t heard of it it takes place in Scotland and there is a town that goes to sleep for over a century, there is a catch though, they can never leave their little village. Things get interesting when outsider played by Gene Kelly and his friend stumble upon the town and fall in love with one of the girls, played by Cyd Charisse. The girls younger sister is getting married and its at the wedding things become heated and tense not just for the lovebirds, but for the whole town!

1. The Sound of Music

This has to be my all time favorite musical. No one can beat Julie Andrews, Carrie Underwood isn’t event close. This is one of those movies that always makes me happy no matter what is going on in my life. 

What are your 3 favorite movie musicals? Why? Let me know in the comments below!



“As Time Goes By” I have Learned to “Let it Go” and Welcome Life with “Open Arms”

I thought of my 3 favorite songs and this title for this post came into my head.

Seriously though here are my 3 favorite songs:

my 3 favorite songs

#3.) Open Arms


I remember hearing this song with my boyfriend. I think we had an argument recently or we were going through some difficulty. I don’t know or remember.

While in the car on the way back to the dorm from the mall, he put this song on the radio for me and I hadn’t heard it before. I was genuinely surprised that he played this song for me. I

#2.) Let it Go. 

let it go again


Photo Credit

This song says it all. As someone with Depression, anxiety, (and potentially OCD); this song means a lot to me. I don’t have to be perfect. I don’t have to put on a show or a brave face. I can be me. I remember when I first saw a clip of this scene on youtube. I was crying and I had chills. Every time I sing this song, I still choke up during certain parts of it. I always feel pressure to be perfect, so this song is a nice reminder to me that I don’t have to be perfect.

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