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Book Review: The Beast Within

the beast within

I grew up loving Beauty and the Beast. I have read many different versions of the tale. I have read modern adaptations and I have read different cultural adaptations. I will be talking about the book in length, so there will be spoilers.

Having Read Fairest of All, and having enjoyed it a lot, I had high hopes for The Beast Within. I was disappointed. At times it felt like I was reading bad fanfiction(and I like fanfiction, there is a lot of good fanfiction out there). Page 22 is a good example of what I am talking about.

There was a character by the name of Tulip Morningstar, that made my eyes roll. Tulip Morningstar? That was the best name the author could come up with? She was supposed to be the name for one of the love interests that the Beast meets before he meets Belle. Really? It sounded so stupid, I couldn’t take it seriously.

Circe being the witch/enchantress, a pig farmer’s daughter, and having three sisters (making me think of Macbeth) was another Wtf moment.

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50 Signs That Show You Can Read (or Watch) 50 Shades of Grey, Without Falling under its Spell

The Movie is coming out this weekend and all I can do is shudder. Many people around the world have read this abuse book disguised as erotica and have fallen under its spell. Sadly many of those same people will go out and watch the movie too (granted the script will probably be better than the book because they have someone who can write.) This makes me depressed.

There are those of us of course who recognize all these problems and still come out alive, but perhaps a little bit scarred as a result. You have my sympathies, but at least we are informed.

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Life As Cindy

Looking for a potential new web series that can fill the gaps in your hearts.

Well look no further, help Cindy be a reality.

The man who co-produced and co- wrote Beetlejuice and co-wrote The Addams Family, Larry Wilson needs your help raising funds for the new web series on Kickstarter.

Cindy is the foster child in a family that is on a reality show. Her Step-mother and Step-siblings treat her like the family maid. The web series though follows her experience and shows her side of the story. Check out their website.

It has dark humor and some disturbing aspects to it just like you would imagine a writer a Beetlejuice and The Addams Family to create. My persona favorite character that I am excited about is the Fairy Godmother who is addicted to fairy dust.

unnamed (1)

Cindy is very different from Disney’s Cinderella. I am not sure what to think of Cindy myself, she is very pessimistic, even more than me. Understandable with the situation she is in, but I hope that she develops into a less pessimistic individual if the series is able to get its feet on the ground.

If you love Cinderella, love modern day takes on classic tales, or you are just desperate to see another good web series be developed, please donate to their kickstarter*.



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I am not being paid to advertise this. I am doing solely because I enjoy good stories and I think this series has potential.


Contributing for The Daily Beacon


I decided to join a newspaper and be a contributor for The Daily Beacon.

The Daily Beacon is the University of Tennessee’s newspaper that has been around since 1871. Over time it has evolved and the staff has grown. I am very excited to be part of a Newspaper that has a great deal of history.

I had heard of them last year but I was still trying to overcome all the mental health issues that I was dealing with at the time. Now  that I was better and because I wanted to get involved on campus (preferably something that could help my future) I decided to try my hand at journalism.



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My first interview was all right, but I was very nervous during the whole process. I will say I do find it easier talking with students than with those in positions of authority. I know this is because the student that I am interviewing have less likely been interviewed than the adults.

I currently have one article that has been published and I am very excited about writing more.

Now due to writing for The Daily Beacon, I won’t have as many blog posts up on here, but if you want to keep up with other writing that I am working on just click here.


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Do you Read?

do you read

Whenever I meet someone I don’t judge them on their politics, their religion, or what movies they like. I judge on whether or not they like reading.

I’m not talking about reading magazine articles, or blog posts. No, I am talking about reading books. They are usually thick and filled with words. Most of the time they have a plot and great character development.

I have met individuals that actually don’t like reading. People who don’t like reading baffle me. I’m not including people who don’t like reading because they find it hard or difficult, I am talking about people who don’t like reading, just because they don’t like reading.

I don’t get you. I don’t.

I love reading and I love books. There is an opportunity to discover a variety of stories and knowledge that exist out there. For people to not like reading, they have cut themselves off from all that potential of learning and reading great stories.

For me if you don’t read, we might as well just part our separate ways, its not that I don’t like you, but a majority of my life involves books. I’m an English & History major, I plan on going to grad school for library information science. I plan on writing books.

Books are my life.

If you don’t like reading, the likelihood of our friendship lasting (or starting) is slim to none.

This post was in spired by The Daily Post

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June Blog Challenge #26: A Guilty Pleasure


We all have a guilty pleasure. Whether it is reality TV, listening to Justin Bieber, or reading Twilight.

We all have one.

What is your guilty pleasure? What are you afraid to tell your family and friends that you like? Let me know!



If you are looking for an extra challenge or if you are still itching to writing an extra post here is my challenge for you…

Remember that Challenge from Day #2?  Where I asked if there was any aspect of your life that you could change and improve on. Well, have you been working on that?  And be honest, that is the only way you can make progress.

What did you do to work on/overcome your challenge today? Are you happy with the start you have made? Are you not happy? If you haven’t started already, telling me your game plan.


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Just Want to Let You Know

ut campus

(Note this is more of a fictitious piece)

~By Christine Vanek

Walking back from class I came across an envelope on the ground. Thinking someone probably lost it I picked it up. I was about to put it in my purse, when I realized it had a name on it. My name.

I look around around me, I only see other students walking by; all focused on where they were going. I went over the to sit down in the grass, took my backpack off, and decided to open the envelope.

It was a letter to me.

Dear Christine,

I know it has been hard for you. You are still in college I’m guessing. You want to quit. I understand completely.

Let me tell you something. Don’t quit. I have seen your future. I can’t tell you what will happen in your future, but I can tell you that yes your dreams will come true.

Stop doubting yourself Christine. I know you are scared and I know you have a fear of failure. You are capable of accomplishing anything that you put your mind to, in fact you will accomplish so much this year. I am not saying this to pressure you, I am saying this to reassure you. Keep working hard, stay smart, and take care of yourself.

You are on the right path.

I know you feel this degree of yours may be useless to your dreams. I can tell you, you have no idea the opportunity that will come up in the next few months. Keep a lookout for it. Be open, be aware.

I am writing this to you because I too received this letter at this same time 1 year ago.

Thanks to a certain Doctor I have been reassured about my future, your future.  You will still face hardships. You will still face pain. And you will still face challenges.

Despite all of this, you will be happy. You will succeed.

Relax. Take care of yourself.


The Doctor & Christine 🙂


Folding the letter back up, I look around and in the distant I see under the bridge that leads to the Humanities building, a blue telephone box fading away until it was no longer there.

Smiling to myself I stood up, looked at the letter in my hand, and walked to the library to study.

I have a happy future to look forward to.

“Thank you both”

Inspired by the Writing 101 Challenge

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