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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Diagon Alley



I remember when I first heard the news. My mother while on her off time at work had gone on to a few park websites and learned that the Jaws ride had shut down.

Someone who worked there leaked to the world that it was because they were working on the new Harry Potter section. A couple months later. Official news is released and sketches are shown.

I was so excited.

You can imagine how I was when I saw this on TV for the first time.


Yeah I was excited.

What am I talking about…I still am excited.

Unfortunately I will not be going to Diagon Alley this year.


It is going to be hard to not look at a bunch of people recording their experiences on youtube.

I have already kind of ruined it for myself by watching the Preview webcast that occurred over the past 3 days.

Besides seeing Tom Felton…


Isn’t he cute šŸ˜€

My Favorite part about all of the previews was seeing how big Diagon Alley was, especially in comparison to Hogsmeade.

I remember when I first went there how small it was, even after a huge downpour of rain and the park was practically empty.

My least favorite part was that we didn’t get to see Knockturn Alley. I really wanted to see it (and more of Tom Felton).

Did you watch the previews? What are you looking forward to?

If you didn’t watch the previews, check out Universal Studios youtube page. You may have to hunt for it, but its worth it.


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My Thoughts on “Spoilers”

im gonna troll you so hard

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I may tick people off when it comes to this, but I don’t really care. I am kind of irritated.

I know that when a new episode of my favorite TV Show, a new book to my favorite series, or a sequel to a movie I enjoyed has come out. I know there will be this crazy thing that will pop up on the internet called spoilers.

I also know that if I start getting into a series that has been around for a while there will be lots of fansites on the internet that could possibly spoil it for me. As a result I don’t go looking for it till I have caught up. I am okay with that.

And ifĀ a series is older than 10 years I shouldn’t have to post spoilers in the title. I shouldn’t have to post spoilers in the article at all.

But apparently on reddit you have to .

Even if the series is 16 years old….

You can click here to see for yourself.Ā 

what what

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Really come on now.

When I am getting into a series and I know it is old; I don’t go looking online. If I do, I know I am doing it at my own risk. If I am just getting into a series that is brand new, if a new episode has come, out and I haven’t seen it yet; I will avoid those websites in the meantime until I have seen the episode. It is a lot easier to do than you think.

I have missed a lot concerning Once Upon A Time lately. Due to my facebook feed all I know is that the Wicked Witch is involved. That is it. I don’t know anything about it.

When I have missed new episodes from Doctor Who, Once Upon A Time, Sleep Hollow, Game of Thrones, etc. you know what I do? I do this amazing thing called don’t look and don’t search for it. I don’t go looking for things on tumblr, pinterest, etc. If something pops up while I’m on there I do this amazing thing where I ignore it. I don’t read it, I just click away from it.

I know crazy right.

crazy right

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Now when I am talking among friends in person I have more discretion because well even if they cover their ears there is not much they can do about it. Instead I talk privately about with the friends who are in the know or I ask if that person cares if I spoil it for them.

Most of them don’t, a few do. It’s cool.

What happens if what happened on the internet happened in the real world, where people actually interact face to face.

I am in a bookstore or cafe talking about a new episode with friends. It is just a conversation between the two of us. All of a sudden someone comes up to me and says ‘you just spoiled that episode for me!’ You should have said spoilers!’ ‘I wasn’t talking to you though and you didn’t have to listen in’, I say. ‘Still though you can’t go around talking about it and spoiling for everyone,’ says whiny fan(girl/boy).

See how ridiculous that is?

In all honestly though I don’t know what is so hard about not looking for information related to your fandom. My father does it all the time. I do it all the time, and so does my mother. We are all Geeks. If they sees any article related to TV Shows and yes even movies that they are interested in, they will do this crazy thing where they ignores it and they don’tĀ read and or watch youtube videos online, or look up anything related, unless they don’t care. Which sometimes they don’t.

I do the exact same thing. I don’t fanboy/fangirl rage at someone for spoiling something, especially since, I went looking at the topic in relation to said fandom in the first place. I can understand it may be a little more “difficult” when you are subscribed and or following that person. Usually the titles though are a pretty good giveaway of what they are talking about. I follow so many geek related sites and I have yet to have the entire episode of Game of Thrones spoiled for me. It has only happened once. Once!

Big example. I have’t seen the current season of Game of Thrones. I accidentally saw something about the purple wedding and I only know that…..



You have been warned


Are you sure you want to go further



Fine I am not responsible….





Honestly that shouldn’t be a surprise to:

  • those who have read the books
  • those who have watched the season so far
  • those who know that George R.R. Martin loves killing people more so than Moffat.
    (Imagine if they did an episode together…)

OH the Horrors!

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I am not against warning people about spoiler related things, but there is a limit. Here is what I will post spoilers on…

I will still post spoilers on things that are:

  • The episode just aired
  • New books in a series that just came out
  • Movie sequel just came out
  • you get the idea….

But I won’t post spoilers on:

  • Movies (especially if the movie is based on a book- sorry I am no sorry- that is not happening)
  • Movies that have been in existence for more than a year
  • Book series that have been out longer than a year
  • New Bestselling Books (have to be aboutĀ a year old)
  • TV Shows that are over in general
  • TV Shows Season that are over (like once the 4th Season of Game of Thrones is over- all bets are off)
  • Games- this just won’t happen

That is my stance because frankly if I have to put a spoiler alert on every single thing I am posting, it will take way too much time. And that is a little overkill.

So be warned anytime you see anything fandom related on my page. You have been warned.




I Have Registered for Classes for Hogwarts!

For those that haven’t heard the news Hogwarts is now offering classes online.

hogwarts 1

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I can officially tell you I am a first year student at Hogwarts!

I am a Ravenclaw. They do not sort you into the House, you choose your house. I have no idea why they did this, but if you have been sorted on Pottermore, you can use that as a frame of reference. I am a Ravenclaw on Pottermore, so now I am a Ravenclaw on Hogwarts is here!

I am have signed up for all the classes. I am in Astronomy, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions, and Transfiguration. Class Lessons are already up and so is the homework. First time in my life I have been excited for homework.

One of the Ā main reasons I am really excited is that I am actually writing a fanfiction story that takes place in the Harry Potter universe. To be honest, I have been working on it for a really long time. I have been gathering notes, writing scenes, etc. It’s not done yet, I mean, I plan on rewriting all 7 years. I have my reasons. Ā Over time though life happened and I sadly it has been gathering dust on my computer.

Now I have motivation to start it again!

The other reason why I am excited is because I love Harry Potter. I grew up with it. I started reading the books when I was 11 (I started the series a little late in comparison to my others) . I saw the movies when they first came out. I followed mugglenet, hp-lexicon, J.K. Rowlings official website, etc. For me this helps me reexplore my love of Harry Potter.

If you are interested in being friends on Pottermore or Hogwarts is here I would love to be friends.

On Pottermore I am AccioDream15354. On I am cmvanek

Are you on either site? Have you registered for classes? Let me know in the comments below!


Off to Hogwarts!


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What a wonderful way to wake up! I woke up this morning to some exciting news!

IĀ just signed up to attend Hogwarts (listening to Harry Potter soundtrack with joy)!


You are wondering how I did it? Well, I will tell you kind reader.

This morning I woke up to the news that some awesome people have come together, voluntarily, to create the Hogwarts experience for all of us. Check out my acceptance letter!

Muggle Tech Savy Hogwarts Professors have come forward to help create this website so that way all students can enroll. I literally enrolled this morning as I got out of my bed. It was actually my motivation to get out of bed this morning since it is 30 degrees in April. In the south. That doesn’t happen often.

hogwarts 1


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You know what makes the news even more exciting? It is free, completely free. Although I do believe they take donations.

You get to attend classes, do homework, take tests, and quizzes. There will be chances to meet up with other members in the area that are also a part of this online community. I mean, what more could you want (besides Hogwarts, A History in written form).

I’m not sure how they will do the sorting. I would imagine it might be similar to pottermore.

Have you enrolled yet? Are you excited to be attending Hogwarts? Let me know in the comments below!



A long time ago when Pottermore first came out I was on the website and I was bored by it.


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Before you judge me, please keep reading. I was expecting this magical, wonderful experience. I was expecting games, puzzles, and being able to do all this cool stuff that really didn’t happen. To be honest I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was disappointed.Ā the first time around I took the sorting hat quiz and I was sorted into Gryffindor. (for I like Slytherin and Ravenclaw). Despite my disappointment with being in Gryffindor I decided to keep playing.Ā Ā I became quickly bored and abandoned PotterMore.

I guess after the last book came out, than the last movie, I was in mourning. Even though I was disappointed with the last book and expected more than a really long camping trip I was really sad about the magic and how I could never relive the whole experience, only remember. For me I guess I was hoping that this could help me relive the experience and I was just disappointed that it didn’t happen.

Well a few days ago I Ā decided I would go back on.Ā Wow, has PotterMore changed a lot. I feel like I am reliving the magic again and I am very happy to be learning more backstory to the wonderful world that J.K. Rowling had created.

Unfortunately,I had forgotten the email, username, and password I had in order to access PotterMore.Ā I decide to start a new one and see what would happen. I had screenshot the whole experience. I even screen shoot the questions for the sorting hate so I could remember how I answered them, but for some strange reason I can’t find the file.

I think it was magic that did it. Or the Nargles.


So what house did I end up in?



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Ravenclaw! (The House mascot is an eagle. An Eagle! How hard is it to just understand that? I swear everytime I try to get Ravenclaw merchandise there is always a raven on it. I understand its easy to get confused because of her name, but come on already!) Moving on from random rant….

I was very excited and happy. I felt like this was truly my house. No, I didn’t research the questions before this. I went in blind and not remembering any of the questions from the first time around. I can’t tell you how happy I was when I got my wand too! Oh the Joys of being a Ravenclaw! I knew this was truly my house!

My Wand is 13 3/4 inches,Ā Cherry Wood,Ā Core is Phoenix Feather, and it is slightly yielding.


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My Username is AccioDream 15354. If you are on pottermore add me as your friend. I would love to meet people!

Are you on PotterMore? Which House do you Belong to? What is your favorite part of Pottermore? Let me know in the comments below!


My 3 Favorite Harry Potter Characters

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If you have read this previous post you know how my journey into the world of Harry Potter began. Having to decide who my favorite Harry Potter characters was very difficult.

Here are my 3 favorite Harry Potter characters:

3.) Professor McGonagall
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She has been a favorite of mine since the beginning. She questions Dumbledore, she stood up for Harry and his dreams, wasn’t intimidated by Umbridge, and was a all around general badass. Also reading her story on pottermore I learned that she had been in love with a muggle at one point and how she didn’t like how anti muggle the ministry was.
2.) Neville Longbottom
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II
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From the time he stood up to 3 housemates, to messing up spells, to slaying nagini. Neville has been my favorite and I wish I knew more about him. I haven’t played pottermore in a while so it is possible that there may be more on there. If there is, just say yes. Don’t tell me.

1.) Luna Lovegood.
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When she was first introduced in Book 5 I fell in love with her. To be honest she was one of the best things to come out of Book 5. Her ability to be completely who she is without care is my favorite part Ā about her.

Who is your favorite Harry Potter Character? Why do you like them? Let me know in the comments below!


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What I Ship.

If you have read my other two blog posts here and here.

Here are the list of the ships that I ship:

  1. Marcus & Ivanova
  2. Sherlolly -Molly & Sherlock
  3. Johnlock- John & Sherlock
  4. Thilbo- Thorin & Bilbo
  5. Dramione- Draco & Hermione
  6. Drarry- Draco & Harry
  7. Nuna- Luna and Neville
  8. Harry and Luna
  9. Harmione- Harry and Hermione
  10. Snape and Hermione
  11. Fremione- Fred & Hermione
  12. Captain Swan- Emma Swan & Captain Swan
  13. Rumbelle- Rumplestilskin & Belle
  14. Kiliel- Kili & Tauriel
  15. Legolas and Aragon
  16. Aragon and Eowyn
  17. Jared and Sarah (Labyrinth)
  18. Frodo and Sam
  19. Eowyn and Faramir
  20. Elsa and Jackfrost
  21. 9th Doctor and Rose
  22. Anna and Kristoff
  23. Rose and Jack (Titanic- I prefer happy endings)
  24. Katniss and Peeta
  25. Fionna and Marshall Lee
  26. Tamaki andĀ Haruhi (Ouran High School Host Club)
  27. Hikaru and Haruhi
  28. Kaoru and Haruhi

So these are all my ships up to date. What do you ship?