You Are Not God!

are you God

A while back I posted about how We Need to be Better Than the Westboro Baptist Church, just click on it to read the post.

Well someone commented on the post…

condem catholics



I didn’t approve of the post to be published simply because I’m not going to have a “I hate Catholic” blog being linked to my page. I’m not for condemning someone just because their faith is different from mine, so I won’t take it from others either.

Instead of going on about his bad grammar, I will just talk about the fact that this individual obviously condemns me for being Catholic.

I have been real disappointed with those within the Christian faith this past year. Between The Pharisee that was on campus to the multiple comments I have received in online forums as a result of my Catholic faith, I’m tired of it.

I don’t know why, but for some reason there seems to be a lot of hate from other Christians against Catholics. Which I find ironic since the whole Christian faith kind of evolved from Catholicism aka the Reformation. What I find more puzzling is when Christians hate those that are Jewish.

confused black girl

While the people in the Church’s history haven’t been perfect, neither have people from other religions and denominations.

I find it so aggravating when I see fellow Christians and or Catholics condemn one another. At the end of the day, these people seem to forget something.

They aren’t God.

You aren’t God. We aren’t God. I’m not God.

Since only God can judge us and none of us here are God, I don’t think you are one to judge or condemn me.

No human being has a right to condemn one another.

Matthew 7:1-2

Stop judging, that you may not be judged. For as you judge, so you will be judged, and the measure  will be measured out to you.

James 4: 11-12

Do not speak evil of one another, brothers. Whoever speaks evil of a brother or judge his brother speaks evil of the law and judges the law. If you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge. There is one lawgiver and judge who is able to save or destroy. Who then are you to judge your neighbor?

I find it so aggravating that people will just start attacking another beliefs. Do you really think by saying that their teachings are false or demonic will get them to join your side at all? Granted at least you are being honest with your feelings and not trying to deceive them into changing their faith, but I still find it sickening either way.

Unfortunately people that think like this commenter believe they are coming from a place of love when they say these things or they believe they are on a mission from God to spread their message.

While I understand the importance of preaching and spreading the word, I think ones actions should come from love, ones words should be from love, and one should not condemn another (which is not an act of love).

So, before you condemn another person and their faith, look in the mirror and take a good luck at yourself.


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3 thoughts on “You Are Not God!

  1. SR

    As a convert I really had to get used to the “Catholic Bashing.” It was very hard for me, and I lost a lot of friends when I “crossed-over,” as one put it. What gets me through it is, I think these things:

    “God chose me to be a Catholic, and I answered His call. It is the most beautiful Church in the world, and I am so blessed to be a part of it. What they do not understand they criticize, yet they do not want to take the time to ask me, so they can understand. They had rather hurt me, make fun of me, and say extremely mean things to me. Oh yeah, that is right, it is not about me, it is about Jesus.”

    They hurt Jesus more then they ever will us. In thinking of it this way, all I can do is have compassion on their souls. That is not to say I do not get verbal at times about it I do. Try your best to ignore, I delete comments like that on my blog, even at times they keep coming back, then I have to block them. I surround myself with Protestants and Catholics alike. Only those though who want respect and love which I try to give, and they return it 150 fold.

    Remember our readings this week, “The weeds are among us.” If we let a weed come into our field, then they will choke all the good grass in us out. Like any weed in a field. Good post and God Bless, SR

  2. janetennet

    I used to be a catholic, I was ‘saved’ as a young child even after going to Catholic Church for years, thereafter I’ve attended a non-denominational church which I’ve loved (and even worked at).

    I’m so sorry that what these people have said has affected you (however minor in your life) and I agree that what they’ve said is uncalled for- especially seeing as they don’t know you. No one should ‘bash’ another’s faith, it’s a very personal choice/ relationship which most will not understand.

    I agree with you the Catholic Church (as a whole) is one of the oldest and most beautiful churches around, having visited the Vatican I can tell you that it is beautiful, and I have incredible respect for the ‘ new’ Pope.
    The only ‘problem’ that I have with the Catholic Church is that the centre was not always on God, you can see this when you go to the Vatican and see the artwork,the materialism, the ‘powerful’ dress items and hear the history of the Vatican and of the historical Popes – it’s no secret that there were power hungry Popes who killed, robbed, and more to get their way.

    My feeling on any Christian religion is keep God (the Trinity) at the centre, the rest is peripheral but he always remains.

    AND YES!! Hello, the Jews, I can’t stand when people forget them or teach replacement theology. The Jews are still Gods chosen nation and He is still calling, protecting and covering them.
    (And before I have my throat ripped out or trolling, I don’t agree with war but I do agree with protecting oneself and self defense, there are two stories to the current Israel/Palestine situation at the moment and I know whose side I believe.)

    🙂 xx

    1. SR


      Though I respect your decision to convert as I did also, I do take exception to when one gives Church history and does not give both. Being a Protestant for 48 years, let me give you some of their history, and I do agree with you that there were some bad Popes. Not all.

      Henry the 8th: He started a whole new Church and broke completely from Rome. Fine. The only thing of it was the Church he founded was built upon murder, torture, putting the innocent to death, and adultery. The whole thing came about because he wanted to marry Ann Boleyn. Let us not forget what he did to Katherine of Aragon his first wife, a devout Catholic who was found to have been poisoned and died a very painful and slow death. He also beheaded Bishop Fisher and Thomas More because they would not pledge an allegiance to him and his new Church. They would also not say it was okay to divorce Katherine for “his new concubine.” Then he wanted to marry Jane Seymour so he trumped up charges on Ann, such as adultery and incest, and countless were tortured and murdered including her own brother. Two young girls Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth both lost their mothers for the simple reason of a new Church and adultery. The new Church was started only because Henry wanted that divorce and the Catholic Church would not grant him one.

      The Puritans: Did they not hang innocent people on the charge of being a witch? I mean if anything was done out of the ordinary they cried “witch,” and you were hung. Of course the Salem witch trials came from hysterical little girls who just wanted to have fun for the day though it cost almost 20 innocent people their lives, at the end of a rope.

      The American Indians: A whole nation of people, killed, starved to death, land taken, food was shot, (the buffalo) placed on reservations and as Chief Seattle said, “Yet you call us the savages, and you destroy everything.” This was done by people who wanted religious freedom.

      Elizabeth 1 did the same thing to Catholics. Many.

      Today’s television pastors: Billy Graham I have so much respect and love for. Talk about not being focused on God though! Does this sound familiar? “Partner with us, send us your money and God will bless you.” We do not partner with God. We are His servants. The only ones getting rich are these pastors and I had a friend who went bankrupt because of them. Most of them (not all) is about money and selling things.

      All I ask is if you are going to give history about the Catholic Church that it be done fairly. The Protestant history is no shiny rose either and these are only a few examples that I gave.

      As far as being “saved,” since when are Catholics not saved and who is one to determine if another person is saved or not? That is between them and God alone.

      I am not taking one Church over the other or one denomination over the other. However, I do take exception when history is given and Protestants think they were such a loving bunch of people and some were clearly not. I loved being a Protestant, and I was Assembly of God. Due to the direction it was all moving I had to get out of it. It works both ways Janet.

      God Bless, SR


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