#AskThicke is a Beautiful Disaster


Woke up this morning and checked twitter.

Boy I am glad I did.

Everyone, even my mom had comments about Robin Thicke.

Hilarious and amusing doesn’t do justice to seeing all the questions being directed toward Robin Thicke.

Seriously who thought that this was a good idea? Don’t they remember/ know that every single #Ask that has trended has been backfired or “hijacked.”

E-Online says it was “hijacked by angry internet trolls. ” Yes, because why can’t human beings be ticked off by a man that wrote rapey music, who cheated on his wife, and is now harrasing her. Yes, there are trolls out there asking really stupid questions, but in this case E! you know he want it.

i know you want it dance

Seriously though hijack.

You make it sound like someone hacked into the twitter profile of the individual that started this hastag and started writing evil hashtags without anyone noticing until hours later.

No, its wasn’t hijacked, it was invaded.

It was invaded by intelligent people that actually respect other women, other human beings, and who happen to understand that no means no. It was invaded and written by individuals that can see through Thicke’s….whats the word???


That’s it! I know this may be a shock to you Robin Thicke, but no really does mean No.

I know it may be a shock to you but people don’t approve of you being sleazy and creepy.

Not only do I have issues with your songs, I have had issues with your actions.

From the moment I saw you on stage with Miley Cyrus letting her gyrate on you, while you are married, and you don’t seem to have a problem with it. And don’t say you weren’t expecting it, there is a thing called Dress Rehearsals.This stuff was probably practiced when you wife wasn’t looking in the audience. And even, even if that didn’t happen in the dress rehearsal and this was a shock to you, you didn’t have to stand there and smile about it. You could have danced away and she could have just twerked air.

When I was with my boyfriend watching this and seeing your wife in the audience I turned to my boyfriend and said, “These two will end in divorce.”

So when I heard news that you flirt with other woman and you cheat on your wife I wasn’t in shock at all.

A man that objectifies women isn’t a good ideal for a husband?!? Wow.

I was in shock though to learn that Blurred Lines is about your wife?!!?

confused black girl

I won’t even go into (for now) my thoughts on your new creepy/stalkerish album featuring songs all about your ex wife. That is for another post(which will be linked shortly). Now something that has irritated me just as much as Robin Thicke, is VH1’s responses to it.  I think it was Thicke himself that was tweeting and responding, or someone was typing it for him. Either way, the responses on VH1’s twitter in regards to Robin Thicke irritate me. A lot.


And you want to know how he responded??!!?

Seriously? seriously!?!  Please for the sake of humanity, someone ruin his life. Please. I usually don’t say things like this, but this individual makes me mad. At the same time though the way things are going for him he might just ruin things for himself. Unless he is trying to pull a Chris Brown.

ummm no


Well you are certainly no man.   And here is a tweet that just hurt my brain so much.

Now, to help you forget those disgusting tweets, here are a couple of my tweets and some of my favorites.



To find more of my favorites and my own tweets follow me on my personal twitter.

What are your thoughts on the #AskThicke that trended on twitter today? What were you favorite tweets? What did you tweet?  What do you of Robin Thicke in general? Let me know in the comments below!


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