Thoughts on Season 1 of Ladies of London


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This past week Ladies of London ended with tension, but no yelling.

For those that frequently watch Bravo the final showdown between Caprice Bourett and Caroline Stanbury was one of the most tense, but the least over the top exchange on Bravo TV and there was no yelling!

Finale Itself!

Caprice shows up to the Dinner party late and does not even address the host. While I wish Caroline had stood up to say hello, its not necessary. It was more important that Caprice address the host and than the host could have gotten up. No instead she says hi and hugs other people at the party instead. She also didn’t thank for the vegetarian or vegan meal she had (I can’t remember which one it was), a big no no.

I really did like the fact when they were having a discussion there was no yelling and it was still tense. I found it really annoying that when Caroline sad she had proof in an email and Caprice is saying that she isn’t interested in seeing it, even though she has been saying that Caroline is lying.

Things get more interesting when Caprice calls Caroline a bully and calls her out for her treatment of Marissa and Noelle ( which I don’t agree with , Caroline shouldn’t have been snappy with them Caprice asked one of the girls (I can’t remember which one) and that girl asked a friend to help them out.

Annabelle seems to have lightened up and not take life to seriously since her fall. Which I’m glad she is doing better and continues to recover. I just hope she realizes how silly and rude she was leaving a party just because some new clean panties were brought as a gift. Overreacting much? After all I’m sure she has been photographed for worse by the tabloids. (And yes I do think Juliet’s behavior was unnecessary as well, it would have been better if she tried to talk to Annabelle privately).

Thoughts on the Season Overall

My First Impression of this show was less than favorable. I only watched the second episode because I usually like to give a show a couple of tries before quitting (like I have with Game of Crowns).

Overall I was surprised to find myself liking Caroline Stanbury. I was not a fan in the beginning. I really thought I was going to like Annabelle throughout the show and loved the rebel in her, but was disappointed that she got so upset over a pair of clean underwear. To put it plainly, until she fell off the horse and realized to appreciate life, she seemed to have a stick up her butt.

Noelle screamed social climber the whole season. Everytime I watched I was wondering what was she going to do this episode to try to make herself look good. From throwing a charity event to have it mentioned in the tabloids to begin a go between Caprice and Caroline, she lost any sympathy she could have gained over the situation with her boyfriend.

Overall I enjoyed the show and didn’t expect to. I hope to see a 2nd Season.

I can understand if there isn’t a Second Season for the renewal since the first episode did turn off a lot of people for the same  reasons why I didn’t originally like it.


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