Book Review: Lint (Acme Novelty Library #20)

lint comic book

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Tiitle: Lint (Acme Novelty Library #20)

Author: Chris Ware

Publisher: Drawn and Quarterly; Ltd Col edition

Genre: Graphic Novels/Comic Books

Hardcover: 72 pages

I came across this book while working in the library and was fascinated by it.

I decided to check it out and I have read it over 4 times since I have checked it out. I still don’t know what to think about it entirely.

When I finished this book I was really down and depressed. If you are going to be reading this I suggest that you read this when you are at a very high point, because if you read this while depressed it will just make you feel worse.

One of the things that encouraged me to start reading/looking over this book was the fact that it focused on a boy going through his whole life in 72 pages. From him being a baby seeing the world through very simplistic eyes, to the end of his life and the images becoming a little more surreal.

Jordan Wellington Lint grew up with a father that was abusive to his mother. He was a bully, a man that lusted after other women, he is a jerk, is an adulterer, he is nasty to his family and friends, and we learn even a more terrible truth near the end of the story. I honestly couldn’t stand him and he reminds me of some of the guys I met in high school. Especially the bullies.

I love how we see his memory and his perception only. We don’t see a lot of early childhood memories before his mothers death. Nor do we see his relationship with his children before he cheats on his first wife. At on point I still can’t figure out if he committed statutory rape on a young teen girl or if it was just a dream he was having.

Although I feel bad for his really early childhood, I could only pity him. I can’t sympathize with the main character because he is annoying, selfish,etc. I felt bad for him, but only because he messed up his life so much because of his actions. He would have to remind me of the our stereotypical image of the male. He has so many opportunities and he wastes them. I was honestly annoyed by this man and hoping he would turn himself around anytime now.

There were two things that surprised me:

  1. Reference to 9/11 I was not expecting that.
  2. The twist at the ending. We learn about his relationship with one of his sons.

I would have to rate this book 4 stars. 4 stars


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