Say No to #OnePanem

Just finished watching the New Promo by Capital TV with President Snow.

Let’s just say it left a bad taste in my mouth.

Watch the Promo before you continue…

Bq9b2eGCUAACJAA.png large

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Finished? Okay.

Together as one my ass.

The Message rings loud and clear, if you rebel you will fail.

We see Peeta besides Snow. This is no surprise to those that have read the books. (If you have an issue with spoilers read my spoiler policy here.)

peeta and snow
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From this we can gather that Peeta is already being tortured and is being used by the Capital for one reason and one reason alone.

To make Katniss stop what she is doing.

To all the Tributes out there. I need your help.

I hope you join me in my response to President Snow.

Let us show Snow what we think of him and all that he has done for Panem.

Let us tell him how we really feel.

Let the voices of all tributes and citizens of Panem be heard.

Spread the message throughout Tumblr, Twitter,etc.

Let’s get this trending!

#DownWithSnow #DownWithTheCapital

Down with snow



Spread the word. Share this blog with your family, friends, etc.

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