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My Highest and Lowest Moment of the Year (So Far…)


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This is in response to the June blog  challenge. Hey I figure if I write the challenge, I should participate too. Only fair, I came up with it. If you want to participate, go here to check it out!

At this point of the year I would have to say my highest and lowest point is related to my depression and anxiety (I know seriously, I feel like that is all I talk about, but I have reasons!)

For me it is my highest because I am finally able to live and overcome it for a majority of my time. I can live my life, I am finally able to wake up 3/4 of the time and actually get out of bed without fighting myself and telling myself to “get the hell out of bed,” “you are a failure,” etc. Well thanks to the medication it has helped me greatly. That does not mean it is a cure. It helps me, but I still have depressive episode. In fact when I first began taking the medication how I felt about the whole medication idea was a different story.

This part of taking medication was the lowest point of this year (so far). My boyfriend can tell you that the first week I felt neutral. Starting into the second week, I felt like a train wreck. In fact, I honestly thought it was the worst bouts of depression that I have ever experienced since I was 13. I felt all over the place and a mess. Not a hot mess, just a mess. During that week the only thing that helped me through was remembering the fact that with taking this medication it will get worse a little bit before it got better.

And it did. I can tell you I have been taking this medication since January and my life is a whole lot better as a result of it. I am going to a therapist that helps me work  on the problems with more of a clear head, without the chemically induced depression and anxiety getting in the way.

Have you experienced this before? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments below!


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June Blog Challenge #4 Personal Changes


We all change. All throughout our life we change.

How have you changed since this year has began. We are halfway through the year, a lot has happened.

What has been the biggest high of your year? What has been your biggest low?

Why was this moment your biggest high?  How has that moment impacted you? Share your thoughts, emotions, pictures, etc.

What about your lowest moment?  Why was that your lowest moment? What was the hardest part about that experience?  How has that moment impacted you?  Share your thoughts emotions.

Here is my response if you want to read it.



If you are looking for an extra challenge or if you are still itching to writing an extra post here is my challenge for you…

Remember that Challenge from Day #2?  Where I asked if there was any aspect of your life that you could change and improve on. Well, have you been working on that?  And be honest, that is the only way you can make progress.

What did you do to work on/overcome your challenge today? Are you happy with the start you have made? Are you not happy? If you haven’t started already, telling me your game plan.


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