Daily Archives: June 15, 2014

June Blog Challenge #15: Rant it Out


There is so much going on in the world.

Between the economy, wars, protests, injustice, etc. There is a lot to be upset about.

This is your chance to rant. I want you to rant about whatever topic comes to mind. You can rant about several topics, I don’t care.

However, what are you going to do about it? What are you going to to try to bring change? How are you going to try to make things better? Do you think you can make things better? Why or why not?


If you are looking for an extra challenge or if you are still itching to writing an extra post here is my challenge for you…

Remember that Challenge from Day #2?  Where I asked if there was any aspect of your life that you could change and improve on. Well, have you been working on that?  And be honest, that is the only way you can make progress.

What did you do to work on/overcome your challenge today? Are you happy with your progress? Are you not happy? What changes have you made so far?


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