My Choice to Live at Home Over the Dorm


My Old Dorm Room

Last year I had a wonderful chance to live in 1436 with a wonderful roommate. I lived in the “Penthouse” of Morrill Hall with (mostly) other transfer students. I had a great RA, a less than great cafeteria, and out of the 3 elevators one of them would usually get stuck once a week.

Even though I’m glad to be living off campus this year, I will surely miss it.

I had a wonderful experience living on campus last year with an awesome roommate. I have also had terrible experiences of living with other people.

That is not the reason why I am not living on campus.

Not gonna lie to you, I was concerned about the idea of going from an awesome roommate to a horrible one. While that scared me, I still wanted to live on campus. It would have been convenient and easier that way.

Why am I living at home than?


It costs about $4,500 to live in a dorm and that is not including the required meal plan, which adds about $1,500 more (and that’s the lowest one too). That would make it a total of roughly $10,000-$11,000 each semester.

Thanks, but no thanks.

It won’t be easy, for one thing I don’t have a car. As a result my boyfriend will have to drive me to school everyday. I will have to make sure I have everything with me before I head to campus. Not to mention I can’t carry as much with me.

I do miss being able to just leave my dorm room, head on down to campus to all the various activities. I miss being able to sleep till an hour before class so I can just crawl out of bed, throw some clothes and makeup on, brush my teeth, grab my bags and head out to the door for class. I miss having constant access to a gym, and “free” activities on campus.

At the same time though, I love being able to go to a fridge and find it filled with food and not have to leave the building to get food. I enjoy not having to deal with lousy hall-mates who come back drunk from partying at night. I can still focus on sleeping and doing my homework without feeling pressured to socialize with my roommates or hall-mates (not that I mind, but studying comes first). I can still go the gym the time I am on campus and take advantage of the free fitness classes they offer for students.

Will I miss living on campus? Of course. Do I regret my decision to not live on campus?

Not one bit.


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