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My Thoughts To Roosh V’s “36 Things Wrong with American Women”


So I decided to watch this, because it’s important to research the person you want to criticize instead of just blindly following the crowd. Be warned, I will use curses in this post. Also if you are a thinking human being, you will probably need a drink to get through this list.

I am really not kidding, I wish I wasn’t on all the meds I was on, otherwise I would have had a couple of drinks myself. I had to take breaks, it is just amazing to me that people like this still exist. There is so much stupid in on video, your brain will be dumbfounded.

For those that don’t know who Roosh V. is, I will introduce you to him before we start with the list. He is first generation American (Armenian and Iranian). To quote this guy on youtube

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 3.03.43 PM.png

Here is the video:

Here is the Video description

I made this video so American women can understand all the things they do wrong. I hope that they will embark on a journey of self-improvement after watching it.

I even wrote down the list for those who don’t want to watch it, are hard of hearing or deaf because the captions for it suck.  I will respond to each statement after I finished this list. My thoughts in this are italicized. The lines show where Roosh’s statements begin, I skipped the intro (nothing stood out in the intro), but kept the ending in for reasons you will see.


Roosh’s “36 Things Wrong with American Women” 

  1. They’re fat. Fat girls are simply unattractive. So, why should you waste time dating a fat girl?
  2. They’re constantly glued to their smartphone. These girls are addicted to an electronic device and are less capable of human interaction.
  3. They cut their hair short. They are so lazy to maintain long hair they make themselves ugly on purpose.
  4. They’re more impressed with the crappy DJ or instagram celebrity than a doctor who saves lives.
  5. They think being overly sarcastic is a quality that men love. Wrong, being sarcastic is rude and doesn’t show that you have a good sense of humor.
  6. They listen to stupid websites when it comes to learning how to please men.
  7. They don’t know how to cook. They’re idea of cooking is using a microwave or preparing macaroni and cheese and some women don’t even know how to do that.
  8. They wear flips flops when they are not at the beach, not at the pool or not in their house.  Flip flops are the laziest footwear you can put on and it screams to the world you simply don’t care.
  9. They have condoms in their dresser because they are fully prepared to sleep with random men. A man only wants a girl to be a slut for himself, not the entire town.
  10. They idolize drug addicted celebrities aiming to mimic their dead brain behavior. The role model for todays girl is Kim Kardashian, not a woman who actually achieved things in life.
  11. They acquire pets instead of putting in the work to land a quality man. When a woman gives up in life she buys a dog, this is sad.
  12. They don’t know how to be sexy and feminine, only trashy and slutty. Modern American women have no idea how to be a lady on the streets.
  13. They have standards way beyond their level of attractiveness. Even an average girl thinks she should land a prince charming.
  14. They think that to have a good job means they are a quality girl and a good catch. Newsflash, guys don’t care about your stupid office job nonprofit gig.
  15. They wear pajamas in public, this is retarded.
  16. They enjoy books like Twilight, 50 Shades of Grey, and The Secret. They are addicted to dead brain entertainment that makes them dumber.
  17. Their idea of travel is going to the beach or France. They have no idea how to use travel to learn about other cultures.
  18. They have too many trashy tattoos. Too many American women these days look like prison convicts.
  19. They are proud to be dating many men at the same time as if they were men themselves. These days women have no shame in hiding the fact they are sluts.
  20. They do and say filthy things in bed, even the first time you have sex with them as if they were an amateur porn actress. You know they are doing that to every other guy as well.
  21. They cockblock their own girlfriends when they are jealous. They can’t have it so their friend meets someone while they don’t.
  22. They make lame excuses for not putting effort into their appearance. It seems like a race to the bottom for every girl to be as homely as possible.
  23. #24 -(wait wheres #23) They always lie the first time you get them in bed saying “I’ve never done this before,” we know that’s a lie, but they continue saying it for every guy they sleep with.
  24. #25- (yeah, I think he skipped a number, misspoke, or can’t count) They confused being a challenge with being whiny and annoying. They have no idea how stupid they look when they give men are hard time for spending time with them.
  25. #26-They watch way too much TV, letting it influence their personalities. When you go on a date with an American girl, you are dating a combination of characters she has seen on television
  26. #27-On the way home from their comfortable office job they take off their work shoes and put on dirty sneakers. They have no idea how much of a slob they look when they do this.
  27. #28- They age their skin prematurely through fake tans. Maybe they will look good this week or next month, but in a few years time they are going to look like a raisin.
  28. #29-They insist on eating pizza, gyro, and other fattening food after a night of binge drinking and then they wonder why they are so fat.
  29. #30-They’re obsessed with cupcakes. An American woman gets satisfaction from eating tiny baked goods.
  30. #31-They care more about maintaining a career than a good home or family. She has made money the most important part of her life more than having kids or a good husband.
  31. #32-They rarely wear high heels, one of the most feminine behaviors that a woman can do.
  32. #33-They think dining out and eating food slathered with butter and salt makes them cultured and they call themselves a foodie while they do it. It just makes them fat instead.
  33. #34- They don’t speak any foreign languages. They think America is the center of the universe.
  34. #35-Their intellectual curiosity doesn’t go beyond the pages of gawker or buzzfeed. To get them to actually learn about the truths of the world is impossible.
  35. And Lastly #36-They drone on and on about the stupidest personal drama and nonsense. Thinking the day to day things they come across are critically important to anyone else

So there you have it, 36 (it’s 35) that are wrong with American women. While no woman of the world is perfect, I find that American women have the most flaws out of all the other foreign women I’ve dated. If you are stuck dating American girls right now, it would be worth your time and energy to see what foreign women have to offer you.


I actually feel physically ill just typing this list up; listening to it over and over again to make sure I got his exact words. My reaction upon listening to this individual and typing up this entire list.


By the way. congratulations. You made it through this asinine list created by a manchild that is upset that women want to be their own person and have a desire for independence.

thumbs up

That list was painful to type up, for those that didn’t want to watch the video or for those that are hard of hearing or deaf, you are welcome.


Headache starting thanks to this

Now onto my thoughts. I will respond to each individual remark he made with my own. His words will be in italics, my response won’t be.

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Sommo Publishing: Please Make More Music Videos!

soomo800A week ago in my American Revolution class since my professor had finished the lecture early she showed us this really cool video on youtube. I was curious and hoped it was good.

It was amazing. I loved it.

And a week later after she showed this amazing video to the class I came across on youtube another video. My Bad Romance: Women’s Suffrage. I didn’t realize at first it was the same group that did the first video.  My first impression when coming across this video was that it was going to be angsty and negative. Upon watching it though I was very, very happy. The lyrics are great, the dancing is good, and this was a great parody. *

Sadly so far these are the only two videos that have been posted and that was back in 2012. I really wish they would take more songs and do more eras of american or world history. That would be so cool!

Between the two videos which video do you prefer? If you like the video please message the channel to encourage them to make more of these videos. For wouldn’t it be awesome way to encourage people to get into history?



*I am not being paid in any manner to advertise this channel. I am just sharing something I love and enjoy that I found.


Why I Don’t Like the Word Tolerate.

Before everyone becomes angry with me about why I don’t like this word, please read the whole blog post. If you still disagree with me on my thoughts. Just let me know in the comments what you think.

First let us look at the definition of tolerate.

tolerate definition



It is the first part of the definition that bothers me. This “to allow (something that is bad, unpleasant).” For me it has such a negative connotation (definition- an idea or feeling that a word invokes in addition to its literal or primary meaning)  as though we are only dealing with it because it is society norm, we don’t want to look bad, etc.

When people are just tolerating one another, they are being fake. And being fake causes a lot more problems than needed.

We see it all the time. Politicians, celebrities, our bosses, co-workers, and yes even friends we think we know them, we think they are good people, than we learn about their racist, homophobic, sexist, or some other form of hateful ideology.

How come we didn’t see this sooner? They seemed really nice towards a diverse group of people. They were always very tolerant of other cultures and beliefs.

Again they tolerate an individual, doesn’t make them compassionate people filled with love and understanding. They can believe that other races are bad or unpleasant, they can believe being gay is bad or unpleasant, they can believe being a different religion is bad or unpleasant. They just tolerate them and “allow” them to live in the same world. And that is a somewhat of a problem.

It is a problem for the reason that sometimes people who tolerate don’t always openly discriminate another individual. As a result, they can disguise their reasons why that person didn’t get a promotion, a raise, a job, an A in a class, served at a restaurant, etc. More and more people say they are tolerant and that we should promote tolerance, but I am for promoting something else.

I am for promoting compassion and understanding.

We must learn to understand one another. Understanding is the key to solving a lot of problems or at least the key to being on our way to make the world better. We must also learn to have compassion. With having compassion, people will want to help others and help make the world better.

compassion def understand defin

Both understanding and compassion can be taught, it is up to all of us to teach each other what it means to be compassionate and understanding.  We must be compassionate and understanding toward each other, that is how we can teach other how to be compassionate and understanding.

Does being tolerant teach either of these things? In my opinion it does not. It just teaches us to deal with each other in a civil apathetic manner if we have different beliefs or ideologies. As a result it does not teach us to help each other out or to be there for each other. With how bad things are in this world, we all need to be compassionate and understanding with each other?

What do you think of the word tolerate? Does if have a negative connotation for you? If not tolerate, what word has a negative connotation for you?

Trends I Will Rock. I Don’t Care if Men Hate It

Thanks to tumblr I have been finding out more and more that men have a certain idea what women should and should not wear, or how they should look. There are lists upon lists about how men think we should dress. I really didn’t think men cared about fashion by how they dress, well apparently they do.

Guess what men? I don’t care. I will wear what looks good on me. I will wear what I like.

I understand everyone is entitled to their opinion, at the same time though the articles that I was reading here, over here, and  another here were all written in a manner that suggested that we should pay attention to what men think of our clothes.

Believe it or not guys. I don’t dress for you. I dress for myself. I love clothes. I love fashion and I love experimenting with it. I didn’t get the chance to do that for most of my life because I couldn’t afford to buy clothes for myself, my parents aren’t rich, and I went to private school where I had to wear uniforms so I didn’t have much of an opportunity to try different clothes and experiment.

  1. Jeggings- I recently got a pair of jeggings for Christmas and I love them. And I will continue to wear them
  2. Oversize Glasses
  3. Skinny Jeans
  4. Big Scarves
  5. White Lace dresses and tops
  6. Wedges
  7. Sun Hats
  8. High Waisted Retro Bikini
  9. High Waisted Shorts
  10. Dramatic makeup-My boyfriend is not a fan of this look believe it or not, however that is because he says it hides my natural beauty. However, that being said, he would never tell me I looked horrible or ridiculous. He would never tell me I shouldn’t wear that much makeup.
  11. Pointy toe shoes and boots
  12. Hair bows
  13. Bangles
  14. Oversized Sweaters- they are my favorite!
  15. Leggings- Also another favorite
  16. Shoulder Pads

  17. Dark lipstick
  18. Gladiator Sandals
  19. Baseball Caps
  20. Sneakers
  21. Yoga Pants
  22. Giant Scarves
  23. Red lipstick
  24. Bright lipstick
  25. Headbands

Fashion Trends I have never Worn, but I will try now:

  1. Rompers
  2. sticky lip gloss
  3. Beanies
  4. Peplums
  5. Bandanna biknis- Bikinis without straps
  6. High low dresses
  7. fold over ankle boots
  8. pantsuits
  9. black and white stripes
  10. Fishnets

This isn’t even the full list! These are only items that stood out to me.

Isn’t this list ridiculous? You can have an opinion, but the fact that websites that are driven towards women went to a bunch of men just to see what do they think and the articles are written in a way that suggest to us to reconsider, that is just ridiculous.

If I like an outfit, it looks flattering on me, and I feel happy in it. I should wear it and I will.

Are there any of these trends you would try? Any of these trends you wouldn’t try? Let me know in the comments below!

I Took Back the Night

ImageLast Night I went with my boyfriend and joined about 60 or more girls ( along with 3-4 more guys) to Take Back the Night at UTK campus.

What is Take Back the Night?

You can click the link above for the full information. To Sum it up it is a movement that has grown about protest that started when The first “Take Back the Night” march was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in October 1975, after the murder of a microbiologist, Susan Alexander Speeth, who was stabbed to death while walking home alone.

It has grown internationally and to include all violence against women: physical, emotional, and sexual.

I won’t lie when I first decided to go I didn’t think it would have that kind of impact on me. Even though I too am a victim of violence from another man, a man I thought loved me, I wasn’t prepared for all the emotions swirling in side of me.

I got a poster ready. Got a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks and headed to Pedestrian Walkway with my boyfriend.


My Boyfriend and I at Take Back the Night

I saw quite a few girls and not surprisingly very few guys. My boyfriend got a lot of stares. I became really nervous, so did he. The fact that he was one of few guys I think was a little nerve wracking. I was not so much nervous, but anxious. I didn’t know what to expect.

We began our silent march around campus.  A few guys that just happened to walk down pedestrian walkway held up papers mocking us saying, “I’m holding a sign too.” They soon left when they saw police. Cowards.

We walked and we were yelled at, some guy jeered at us from his car. Others from across the street asked what our signs said;  we all turned our signs and showed them. It was great that someone decided that take the long way, we were passing an event that was being held by the torchbearer statue that night.

We passed by the dorms and there were a lot more people. I don’t remember people making a lot of comments or shouting at us here. I really appreciated the UT Police Department being there. We circled around the dorms and made our way towards the library, than to the University Center.

It was a long silent march. I did a lot of thinking during that time. I knew that often that those who had been victims of violence had the opportunity to speak out in confidential forum. I was wondering if I should speak and I kept thinking maybe I would. I still held back though.

When we finally go to the room in the University Center I sat down and I looked up at the stage. There were two microphones. One was labeled media and one was labeled confidential. There was media at the event and since not everyone was comfortable with talking about their experiences, the restrictions was the media can only quote and record the people that were on the media microphone.


Katie Hnida

We had a great speaker, Katie Hnida, ” She is a pioneer in the world of sports, being the first woman to play, and score points, in a NCAA Division One football game.” She originally played at the University of Colorado. There she was sexually assaulted, emotional abused, and verbally harassed by various teammates. To make matters worse one of her teammates raped her. She kept silent on the matter; feeling afraid and low. She left Colorado and later on went to New Mexico. There she found a place, a home, and a family. Playing football for the New Mexico Lobos (spanish word for wolf). While here she heard about women that began to come forward about being raped by other football players. She came forward with her story and has been an inspiration since.

Kate Hnida with New Mexico Football Team

Katie Hnida with New Mexico Football Team

She spoke first and listening to her story was inspiring and heartbreaking. I could tell my boyfriend was becoming angry when he heard someone of the things she went through.  I went to talk to her at the end of the event (before the candlelight vigil), I had a small one on one with her. She was extremely genuine and a beautiful person, I hope I get to meet her again someday. I can’t wait to read her book.

After she gave her talk, they said the microphone was open to all and they asked everyone to remember the rules about which mic to talk to and how long you can talk. That way everyone had a chance to go. It seemed like forever, but no one moved. I kept looking around and no one moved. I had already decided that I was going to go that day. The more I looked around and saw the reluctance, I knew I was going to be the first to go. My boyfriend told me later he had the same though, “Is Christine going to the be one to go first to get this started?”

I took of my jacket and my scarf. I took a deep breath and I walked up to the stage. Kate Hnida had actually walked up to the stage (her back to me, not seeing me) and asked if anyone would like to volunteer, she stopped halfway through and asked if I would like to. I could only nod. I went up the confidential microphone, I wasn’t and I’m still no ready to share my full story to the world. So, you will not be hearing the whole story from me. Just results of the trauma.

I introduced myself. Explained that I suffer from PTSD as a result. That I have constant anxiety and panic attacks from the trauma. My depression, became worse after the incident. I am still afraid to wear dresses and skirts because of my experience. One of the things that helped me the most was that I found someone.I said,  You may say I don’t need anyone to give me validation and I agree, you are right. But it helped me. It was another stepping stone to healing. It was all thanks to a man, (I indicated to my boyfriend in the audience, one of the few guys there), who said he loved me for me. That my appearance was just the added bonus. I talked some more and I said Thank You.

I got an applause. Now soon after that those that were in charge of the event asked the audience to say ,”We Support You” instead of clapping. Personally I’m glad they clapped. It felt like they were saying thank you. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for going first. Thank you for working through your fear. We are proud of you. We are sorry for what you went through. Stay Strong. Stay beautiful. Keep Fighting.

Katie Hnida was in the front row while I spoke. From all the faces I saw in the audience I saw my boyfriend and her, the rest were all the blur. She was so sweet. Having her react in horror to my story, to know that a stranger feels/knows/believes that what I went through was and is wrong. It was having someone else validate that. Not needed, but another step towards healing that will stay with me. It’s nice knowing that I’m not the only one that believes it was wrong.

After that I of course had to leave the room. I met the College psychologist/counselor that was there on hand in case this kind of thing happened. I talked with her. Very nice and kind. I was mostly out of it the rest of the evening after I spoke. It can be very draining emotionally and physically when pouring your heart out. I didn’t go the candlelight vigil they were holding. I was too tired, I needed to rest and be away from lots of people.

It was a great experience. I did not think it would have the impact it did.  It doesn’t matter whether or not you know someone or if you are someone that has experienced violence. I encourage you to go and listen. If you have a story, you don’t have to share it. If you want to though, I encourage you to do just that. If they allow men (not all do, it’s to help the women there feel safe) please do go men.  There are men that have been victims as well. If you haven’t been a victim, be there to show support to the women. After all, it only takes one person to stand up.