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My Favorite Halloween Candy

I know Halloween is over, but I can’t help but eat candy as I try to get through NaNoWrimo. Yes I am participating in that this year.

Although I don’t go trick or treating anymore, I still enjoy dressing up in costumes seeing all the other decorations and costumes that people wear, and of course eating candy.

This is a small list of the candy I looked forward to every Halloween:

1.) Crunch Bars

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I love these crunch bars. I don’t know what it is about the combination of the crisped rice and chocolate, but I love that crunch! (Did not do that on purpose)

2.) 100 Grand Bars

100 grand
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These were always rare to find in my halloween bag when I was younger, but when I did find them they were usually the first to go. Only after would I be filled with regret and wish that I had saved it for last and promise myself to wait to eat it last in the future. I would of course break that promise and remake it every time this occurred.

3.) Skittles

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I used to love getting skittles, until they changed the green flavor from lime to green apple. I still am sore about that and have issues as a result. I loved combining lemon and lime for an awesome flavor. For me, this change still upsets me. I know it is in the Darkside pack. Don’t care. I want it back in the original.

4.) Reese’s

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A combination of peanut and chocolate. What is not to love? Unless you are allergic of course…

5.) Kit Kat bars

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Again, I just love the crunch and chocolate.

What candy did you always look forward to getting on Halloween?


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