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My Favorite Halloween Candy

I know Halloween is over, but I can’t help but eat candy as I try to get through NaNoWrimo. Yes I am participating in that this year.

Although I don’t go trick or treating anymore, I still enjoy dressing up in costumes seeing all the other decorations and costumes that people wear, and of course eating candy.

This is a small list of the candy I looked forward to every Halloween:

1.) Crunch Bars

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I love these crunch bars. I don’t know what it is about the combination of the crisped rice and chocolate, but I love that crunch! (Did not do that on purpose)

2.) 100 Grand Bars

100 grand
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These were always rare to find in my halloween bag when I was younger, but when I did find them they were usually the first to go. Only after would I be filled with regret and wish that I had saved it for last and promise myself to wait to eat it last in the future. I would of course break that promise and remake it every time this occurred.

3.) Skittles

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I used to love getting skittles, until they changed the green flavor from lime to green apple. I still am sore about that and have issues as a result. I loved combining lemon and lime for an awesome flavor. For me, this change still upsets me. I know it is in the Darkside pack. Don’t care. I want it back in the original.

4.) Reese’s

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A combination of peanut and chocolate. What is not to love? Unless you are allergic of course…

5.) Kit Kat bars

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Again, I just love the crunch and chocolate.

What candy did you always look forward to getting on Halloween?


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My 3 Favorite Harry Potter Characters

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If you have read this previous post you know how my journey into the world of Harry Potter began. Having to decide who my favorite Harry Potter characters was very difficult.

Here are my 3 favorite Harry Potter characters:

3.) Professor McGonagall
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She has been a favorite of mine since the beginning. She questions Dumbledore, she stood up for Harry and his dreams, wasn’t intimidated by Umbridge, and was a all around general badass. Also reading her story on pottermore I learned that she had been in love with a muggle at one point and how she didn’t like how anti muggle the ministry was.
2.) Neville Longbottom
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II
Photo Credit

From the time he stood up to 3 housemates, to messing up spells, to slaying nagini. Neville has been my favorite and I wish I knew more about him. I haven’t played pottermore in a while so it is possible that there may be more on there. If there is, just say yes. Don’t tell me.

1.) Luna Lovegood.
Photo Credit

When she was first introduced in Book 5 I fell in love with her. To be honest she was one of the best things to come out of Book 5. Her ability to be completely who she is without care is my favorite part  about her.

Who is your favorite Harry Potter Character? Why do you like them? Let me know in the comments below!


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My 4 favorite Animals of All Time!

Who doesn’t love animals? People who don’t love/like animals are weird.

Here are my 4 favorite animals of all time:

  1. Dolphins- I love them dolphins because of the simple fact they are graceful and beautiful. To me they always look friendly, happy, and they swim in the water. They even get high off of puffer-fish!

  2. White Tigers- I first connected with these creatures when I first saw them at the zoo. I thought they were the most beautiful creatures I had ever seen (I have never seen a dolphin in person). When I found out that they are in fact a genetic defect  and that they are usually rejected by their parents and my heart bleed for them. I fell in love with them.

  3. Cheetahs- They were one of my first favorite animals because they were fast and pretty! I love how agile they are.
    Cheetah Mom and Cubs, Masai Mara, Kenya

  4. Snow Leopards- I saw these at the Knoxville Zoo for the first time and I thought they were just so pretty. My thoughts were they were like cheetahs, but white! I just like them, they are so pretty.

What are your favorite animals? Let me know in the comments below!