“20 Minutes of Action” you say Mr. Turner

From: Someone who was in an abusive relationship for a year, who dealt with sexual abuse, and who has been sexually harassed and assaulted in the past

To: Mr. Turner

Calling the rape your son committed “20 minutes of action” is so disgusting, there are no words I can think of at this moment that can describe how ill it makes me. I actually want to physically throw up.

I would say misogyny, but that doesn’t even cover it how revolting you and your son are as human beings. Nor can I describe how revolting at how low the prison sentence is for your son. I hope somehow your son is locked away in prison for a very long time.

And your son, the pathetic excuse of a human being that you raised has the audacity to blame it on party culture, drinking,etc. I have gone to parties and not committed crimes. I have gotten my ass drunk and the most I have done is dance like a moron and tell everyone I loved them and we should hang out more.  People get their ass in trouble when they commit crimes, whether or not they are drunk in the process. So there’s no excuse. Being drunk is not a get out of jail card.

not accpetable.gif

There have been people wondering how the father would have responded if it had been his daughter. There are people that are outraged by his words and rightly so, he is painting his son as the victim, when in reality the one who was raped is the victim.

To be honest, if he is saying this about his son, he comes off as the kind of individual who would think promiscuity equals an individual “wanting it” or “is asking for it.” No doubt he would drill that idea into the mind of his daughter from an early age. I could be wrong of course on that, but with reading this letter, I’m not holding out much hope for this mans character. If it happened to his daughter even though she wasn’t “asking for it” in his mentality, he would go to trial. But if she was wearing clothes or behaving in a way that he would consider “asking for it”….one wonders what his actions would be than.

Another thing I thought of, the fact he calls it “20 minutes of action” instead of rape, you have to wonder….has the father committed the same sins in the past that his son has now been convicted of. I wouldn’t be surprised if the father had committed those same “20 minutes of action” when he was his sons age.

Yes, I am going there.

People aren’t born racists, sexist, misogynist,etc. Where do you think he could have learned the behavior, the mentality that he is entitled to “action.” Now I know there are those cases that it isn’t learned from home, but from other places. But and a Big BUT , between this letter, him calling rape “20 minutes of action,” and his sons behavior; one wonders if whether or not he nurtured the mentality in the household.

Mr. Turner, your son isn’t the victim here. Your son is the criminal and I have no sympathy for him whatsoever.  He raped a women, and to be honest he got off lightly. So what if this bothers him for 6 months. That young women will be spending years in therapy, will be dealing with nightmares, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and possibly  go on medication because of your sons actions.


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