A Superhero Power I would Not Want

I was looking at the WordPress daily prompts that they give and I stumbled across this one.

jedi mind tricks

The prompts says you can only pick one superhero power out of the three:

  1. the ability to speak and understand any language– very practical for todays world as the world is growing smaller. It would be cool to understand ancient, dead, and rare languages and would be cool to help others learn those languages as well.

    At the same time though, learning a language outside of class is more enjoyable than learning a language in a classroom setting. I don’t need to know every language.

  2. the ability to travel through time– very cool idea. I would not want to travel by myself though, would be more fun to bring someone along. Would I be capable of doing that? I would like to think so. I would be concerned how well I am able to travel through time if my body itself was the said vessel, but it would be cool.
  3. the ability to make any two people agree with each other – while I like the idea of getting along. This is one I would have to say no to.


The reason why is simple: Making people agree with each other wouldn’t help solve any problems at the end of the day. You may disagree and that is okay, but let me present these questions.

  • How long would they stay in agreement with each other once you have moved on from that conversation?
  • How do you think they would react if they figure out knowing that you had a hand in manipulating their emotions in order for them to agree?
  • Don’t you think this power could be abused?
  • How far could this power go?
  • Don’t we learn and develop through disagreements?
  • Is it truly okay to manipulate with people emotions and thoughts just to get them to agree to an idea that they may not agreed to in the first place if they hadn’t been manipulated?
  • Imagine having the ability to make just two people agree on anything, wouldn’t it be possible to say that they could repeat that ability again and again?
  • Aren’t there people out there that do this already and more often than not it is for selfish/personal reason?


Many politicians or those in positions of power tend to be very charismatic. The more charismatic you are, the more you get people to agree and go along with your ideas. We have seen it in history, you are probably already are thinking of individuals in history that were so charismatic, people went along with their ridiculous ideas without questioning that persons words.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 4.04.19 PM

Hold on. I know that is just another form of persuasion and using good rhetoric and arguments to convince people you are right. However, there is more to that when it comes to charisma.

Let us use John Adams is an example.

john adams.jpg

Even though he was a politician (and became the 2nd president of the U.S), had great arguments, was logical, passionate and cared for his country; you could not deem him as charismatic. He was unpopular, considered obnoxious and dislikable.

Now comparing to other charismatic individuals in history who were great speakers, likable overall, and convinced people to go along with ideas without questioning them. I know you can think of individuals.

And that is only using Charisma, imagine an individual who has the ability to just make people agree against their free will.

Even though it is the same thing as the cool jedi mind trick we see in Star Wars, the whole idea of making people agree to something against their free will bothers me greatly. I do wish there was more harmony and peace in the world, but the idea of forcing and making people get along or be in agreement is just as disturbing as all the discontent and chaos that exists today.

It would be better if we could learn to get along with each other despite our differences and disagreements, instead of forcing one another to agree.

I can’t decide between time travel and being fluent in ever language, but I can tell you that I would never want the ability to make people agree with each other. I just find the whole idea disturbing.


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3 thoughts on “A Superhero Power I would Not Want

  1. One More Shot Please

    Very interesting commentary on this prompt. You have such a way with words that it makes me want to read more! I completely agree with the arguments you present against making people agree on anything. There is no limit to these powers. You seem stuck between time travel and being a polyglot. Check out my take on the prompt at https://morescoopplease.wordpress.com/

  2. rogershipp

    “I would not want to travel by myself though, would be more fun to bring someone along. Would I be capable of doing that? ” I had not thought of that!

    “…but I can tell you that I would never want the ability to make people agree with each other. I just find the whole idea disturbing.” Amen!


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