My Final Thoughts on The Fine Bros (Part III)

If you got this far after reading Part 1 & Part 2, congrats!

Thank you for your patience.

fine bros

Now onto my actual thoughts on this instead of just sharing all the facts as they are.

I can understand wanting to protect ones format/ideas, the thing is though, reaction videos have been around a long time now. They just became really popular on youtube and the fine bros just happened to be the ones to make it big.

They sad and stupid thing is they said they like how youtube runs and is different from traditional corporate ways, and yet make comparisons to America’s Got Talent.

Then to top that all of what they proposed was basically a pyramid scheme. The stated that they would share logos, branding items, and send out adive through emails to those that sign up to be a part The Fine Bros business. From what I understood, they won’t give you equipment, buy the software for you,etc.  Now one you would have had the videos uploaded the Fine Bros would take a larger share of the profits you made on your channel. The whole process works like Marykay or Avon business practice works. The Person higher up on the pyramid profits from the person on the lower part of the pyramid works.


Instead of starting your own reaction channel, creating your logos, and buying the equipment you would have to buy yourself anyway (even if you worked with fine bros) and keeping all the money for yourself, someone else would give you logos, random “free advice” in return for a bigger chunk of your profits.

you read that right

Don’t worry you read that right. It’s why people are irritated.

With all the evidence shared in the previous posts on this matter, I don’t blame people for not wanting to be subscribed to the fine bros. Between them acting as they are the ones that own that idea, especially since all they do is share other peoples content on their channel (who spent time and money creating it) and have people react to it.

Going after smaller youtubers and having their videos take down and than stealing their ideas is wrong. Asking fans to go after The Ellen Show was stupid (and I don’t even watch the Ellen show, I just usually don’t watch talk shows). Then hearing about how animators have had issues with them and listening to the Fine Bros apology of


And the fact they took down both of their videos relating to this topic instead of keeping them up, shows they are scrambling in response to all this backlash.

Have I already unsubbed from them, yes I have. Will I message their sponsors and the company demanding justice. I’m on the fence with that. Part of me is like


and the other part of me just doesn’t care at this point. I mean if you want to, go ahead I won’t/can’t stop you or condemn you for that.

Do I think they will hit 0 subscribers at some point.? I doubt it. Between all the forgotten account of people who forgot their passwords, emails, and those that will still find some reason to stand behind these people, I don’t think it will ever hit 0.

Is it possible they will bounce back from this? It is possible, but highly unlikely. True a new scandal will come along and distract people, but there will always be people who won’t forget and make it their mission to remind everyone the shitty actions that The Fine Bros had done and were about to do.

Out of all of this though, I have discovered some interesting and pretty cool youtubers on youtube. At least something good came out of all of this.

I do have concerns though. They were close to actually trademarking react and trying to pull it off. If they hadn’t uploaded this announcement onto youtube, they could have succeeded. That scares me.

Who knows what other big youtubers will try to keep information to themselves in terms of copyright and or trademarking that people won’t learn until it is too late. We know that many corporations (big and small) are trying to get into the whole youtube business now and make as much money as possible.

I don’t know how to end this post except for saying that, hopefully they have learned their lesson. I hope other youtubers have learned from this as well. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of this kind of stuff in the future.

I want to hear your thoughts and your opinions. Let me know in the comments below.


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