No Cancelation- #BigOrangeScrew Once Again

Yes, that is an actual image of the bridge on campus not salted, not cleared off, and a dinky yellow sign that says caution wet floor. This was an image passed around on the #bigorangescrew hashftage on the 18th of this month during the terrible conditions that had forced many students, faculty, and other staff to stay home.

If you don’t remember, last year in January and February, there was a great deal of snow and the administration did a poor job of handling the situation. It is not uncommon for the University of Tennessee in Knoxville to not close the school despite the harsh weather conditions. Granted how the state and local government responds to the issue is another matter. This post will be focusing on how the University has handled it.

Now the Knox News Sentienal, a local newspaper, brings out this article as the University’s official reason as to why it doesn’t close. I started choking as I started to read it.


Here is the reason why I think that. When I was looking at @UTKnoxville’s twitter account I noticed they shared this.

You can see why I can bull on the whole story that they don’t close because of an incident that is over 50 years old.

Before I continue I want it to be noted that many of the dining halls on campus and a few other facilities are closed. The workers in the dining halls and the grocery stores on campus are contracted through Aramark. Also many students in dorms are having trouble with heating and getting hot water in general. All Knox County schools are closed, as well as many colleges in knox and blount county.  One more thing, it is faculty appreciation week too. Nothing like forcing faculty to go through treacherous roads to get to work.

Now onto My thoughts-

Why I think they are keeping it open? Money.

I’m almost positive the reason why is because they don’t want to have to give money away freely to the professors who aren’t working (I could be wrong, but what else could it be). I’m pretty sure they still have to pay the professors even if the school is off for a snow day. If they keep it open they are paying the faculty for actually working.

Not only is this just greedy, it is irresponsible. We live in Tennessee, where mountains and hills are as plentiful as beaches are in California. While there are students on campus, there are also a number of students that have to commute to campus. Maintenance staff have to commute to keep the heat going, to salt the sidewalks, to shovel the snow, keep old pipes in shape,etc. Professors have to commute to teach students and faculty have to keep the administrative duties of the college going.

The person responsible for all of this  is the Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration. You would think they would learn after what happened last year. Apparently you can’t teach them to put people before profit. I plan on emailing the Vice Chancellor myself, although I doubt it will do any good. Still I can say I tried at least.


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