10 Things I Want For Christmas 2014

While the possibility of me receiving gifts this Christmas is slim because it has been a rough year for my family, my boyfriend, and my friends.

Still a girl can dream about what should would like for Christmas.

Here is my list of things I want for Christmas:

1.) Old World Journal–  I love writing and I love vintage maps, so for me this is a win win.

2.) Jane Austen Literary Mug – I love Jane Austen and I love drinking Tea. This is perfect for me 🙂

3.) Aluminium Assassin’s Creed Pendant – I love the game and would love to be able to wear this.

4.) I Blog Because Pillow– this pillow is fantastic.

5.) Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera – it’s pink and its a camera, I love it.

6.) Tennessee Pendant – I want to be able to show my Tennessee Pride.

7.) Decorative White Tiger Pillow – I love white tigers and I love pillows. This is a win.

8.) Wicker Lemon Purse by Kate Spade – It’s cute and it’s something I wouldn’t usually go for, but I enjoy the colors and the texture. I have no idea what or when I would use it, but I still want it.

9.) Belle Ear Hat Ornament – Belle is my favorite Disney character and I want to start getting ornaments for my future Christmas Tree.

10.) Tiger Bangle – I don’t have enough white tiger items and this would be awesome to have.

Inspired by The Nerdy Girlie

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