I’m Back, Let’s Party.

Seems like I have been gone forever, huh? Well guess what: grab a glass of wine, a party hat, and get ready for a story.

If you read this post you will know I have been dealing with a lot, including the death of our family dog, who we had for 15 years.

Where have I been? Dealing with a lot of stuff: being sick, family dealing with medical issues, and things breaking down around the house. Sine my family is more private than I when it comes to this kind of thing, we are going to stick with talking about me.

At the beginning of November the pain in my back returned, not as strong as it was the last time. Went to the ER and while there was told that my kidney infection had most likely returned. Well it turns out it wasn’t a kidney infection, although at this time I am unsure what the cause is.

My trip to the ER alone was not fun. Once I was in and went through the whole ‘when was your last period? Are you pregnant?’ questions, I was than wheeled into the ER. The nurse who was in charge of the IV did a horrible job sticking the needle into me, there was just enough of a hole for blood to pool around. Having been in hospitals enough times and having been around them thanks to my dad, I knew that she wasn’t doing the best job.

After having to give blood, which I have never had a problem with until that night, she gave me drugs for the pain through the IV. They were pretty nice drugs, but at first it felt awful. Those who live with chronic anxiety can understand this; I felt this rush throughout my body as though I was experiencing an instant panic attack. I hadn’t felt one this strong in a long time, I felt like I was going to hyperventilate and pass out. This was a result of the instant adrenaline rush that was sent throughout my body. Following that, I felt very out of it, as though my head was fuzzy and lifting off the pillow. Only closing my eyes helped alleviate the sensation.

A half hour later I was getting an ultrasound done: checking out my kidneys, gallbladder, etc. The guy was really nice and he was really cool. He showed me how the machine worked and showed what each organ was on the screen. When that was done almost 45 minutes later I went back to the room only to wait an hour to be released.


So I stayed home the first week, in pain, and not functioning that much. I know I went on the internet occasionally, but I couldn’t tell you what I did….that sounds really bad :/

Seriously though, I was out of the first 3 days I think the amount of time I was awake per day for the first 3-4 days was 5-6 hours maximum. I barely ate during those days, I mostly drank water, went to the bathroom, and went back to sleep. Boyfriend helped me keep in touch with my professors and my boss to let them know that I was sick.

A week later I went to have a follow up with the doctor and I learned that I may not have had a kidney infection. To put it simply I either have irritable bowel syndrome, there is a traffic jam going on in my colon, or both. Either way I had to take pills: pain medication and well, something to help clear the traffic jam. As a result I was either in bed asleep, passed out (once again)  and/or tired from all the pain and medicine. My boyfriend helped me email my professors and boss once again that I was out for another week.

The crazy thing is, I tried going to class for one day. I went to class Monday, during the second week, and by the time my first class was over I felt like I had just gone on a hike. After my second class, I felt so tired and wanted to take a nap and the pain was beginning to return. Keep in mind I had only been on campus for about 2 hours. After a hour of waiting for my next class and sitting in my last class I was having trouble sitting in those hard chairs. Carrying my backpack with only a notepad and my planner in it was painful. As soon as I got home I went back to sleep.

During the second week I tried to get some reading and assignments done (like two papers out of the 8 I had to do) for classes done in between being asleep, going to the bathroom, and eating a little. I finally went back for good the week of Thanksgiving break. I still wasn’t %100, but I couldn’t miss anymore school.

As one can imagine being sick for two weeks can put one behind in one’s schedule so everything went to the wayside: NaNoWriMo, this blog, and mylog which I had started a few days before I became really sick. Between being sick, being behind two weeks as a result of being sick, and finals week was only a few days after Thanksgiving, I would say I had pretty good reason as to why I have been silent.

I hope you are all doing well and I can say without a doubt that I am very glad to be back to blogging again.


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