A Century of Revolution, Protest, & Chaos

I remember hearing somewhere that the beginning of a century can define the feel of the entire upcoming one. It seems that since 9/11 we have been a time of protest, revolution, and chaos

I couldn’t tell you a time since 9/11 when the world has not been in conflict. It seems within the past 6-8 years that more and more conflicts have arisen throughout the world. And it doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon.

Just here in the United States alone: our economy is a mess, we can’t trust our politicians, our borders are open to anyone (which brings in children who are now orphaned, drug cartels, terrorists, disease we haven’t faced before, and a whole slew of problems we haven’t thought of yet), most Americans under the age of 30 most likely does not remember a time when we weren’t at war, we will probably be the first generation in a long time that doesn’t do better than our parents, and so many people my age are disillusioned by the state of the world.

I have honestly lost track of all the protests that have taken place throughout my lifetime, even just with the past 5 years,

Thanks to Wikipedia I was able to get an idea of all the current ongoing protests (as of the date this is published.


Screen Shot From this Page

And for the 21st Century Alone, not including the last 10 years of the 20th Century…

protests in 21st

Can’t read it? Go Here to see it. By the way, this will probably change and only more will be added.

There is nothing wrong with protesting or fighting an injustice. If one exists, one shouldn’t let themselves be walked all over. It is just very sad that there are injustices that still need to be fought.

I find it heartbreaking that so many people in this world are still suffering and still dealing with tyranny and oppression. While I am glad people are gathering their courage and strength to resist tyranny and oppression, I am sorry it is needed.

I think it finally hit me during the Ukrainian Revolution, Euromaiden, etc. You hear me talk about that a little more here as to why it affects me. To sum it up, I have Ukrainian ancestry in me. Although I am an American citizen I have heard the stories of my ancestors and they have stayed with me.

I remember those days, watching all the protests with obsession. Others began to be brought to my attention: Venezuela, Thailand, and now currently the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong.

With all these protests and revolutions going on, tempers will be high, patience will decrease, and people will (most likely) become violent. While seeing the peaceful and calm protests occurring in Hong Kong, I am afraid not all protests have been quite as peaceful.

Once the goal of the protest is reached, people will begin to demand change to occur right away, expecting everything to start going all right, forgetting how long it took them to get them there and how long it will take for change to occur. You can’t finish writing a book overnight without it being a piece of rubbish,you can’t expect change to occur with a social system that has been running for x amount of time.

I am not saying you allow the politicians to become slack in working on their promises or turn a blind eye as they play golf for what seems to be the upteenth time. What I am saying is that real progress, good progress, progress that lasts beyond our generation takes time.

It is easy to destroy, it is hard to build, and harder to rebuild. Right now we are breaking and chipping away at worn out and outdated infrastructures that have been in need of repair for a long time.  People around the world are finally challenging their governments and the people in them, many who don’t care two bits about the people they are supposed to serve and care for.


It is our time to keep them honest. It is our time to hold the leaders of the world to a higher standard, yes they are people, but people shouldn’t treat each other the way our leaders treat us. It is our time to say enough is enough.

I don’t care who you are, who you vote for, your education level, your income, your gender, your race, your beliefs, or any of that. You want to know what I care about?

Freedom, Equality, Respect, Patience, Love, and Accountability. That’s what I care about.

No more talking about the Revolution. No more talk of hope and change. This is our future, this is our lives and no government should interfere with that. We deserve to live in a world that is better than it is now.

We should be better than this by now.

Until we are though, I hope, pray ,and will do my part to make sure the world can be better.


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One thought on “A Century of Revolution, Protest, & Chaos

  1. RenaissanceThought

    I always think how its amazing that the Western world thinks it can, should, and will impose its social, economic, and other ideas on the rest of the world. Alright, so you got ahead because of the failure of the Chinese Industrial revolution about to take place in Kaifeng in 1125 because of a sack by the Mongols, and now you think your values are superior, just because of bad luck on the part of Chinese? I always find such a nonsensical attitude coming from the Western leaders and public in general. Has “democracy” helped Libya, or Iraq? While the regimes there might have not been the best possible, I would take Saddam Hussein or Qadaffi over ISIS and religious militias with possible links to ISIS. At least then there was order and a chance for entrepreneurship, normal employment, and a real education, while ISIS offers an Islamic State in a unprecedented extreme, and the Libyan situation just offers a chance to die while getting up to any normal everyday activity.


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