Medical Compensation Scam Calls


For the past 2 months I had been receiving random calls from numbers I had never seen before. After a month of ignoring them and the calls becoming more insistent. I looked up the phone numbers on the internet and many people have said it was a scammer (not surprised) but it had to do with medical compensation.

I answered and a man with a think Indian accent asked for me by name. I never said if it was me or not. I asked what he wanted. Right away he talks about medical compensation saying that I have $7800 owed to me by the US Department of Health.

I told the guy that I want my number taken off his call list. He seemed really irritated since I didn’t listen to his whole prepared speech.

Well ever since than I have received numerous phone calls all from different numbers and sometimes unknown.

Every time I pick up I get a man with a thick Indian accent saying the same thing over and over again. I usually just ask him to take my number off his call list.

After the recent phone call from today. I’m tired of asking.  I’m just going to start messing with these people.

How do I know it’s a Scam?

  1. HIPA Laws. This law is in place to make sure that our medical information stays confidential.
  2. Why Would they Contact me? The Government is not known for being forthright when it comes to giving money, so why would the Department of Health be contacting me about money they owe me. They are more likely to call me if I owe them money.
  3. The numbers change every single time or it’s from an unknown. If it was who they say they are their numbers wouldn’t keep changing.
  4. They wouldn’t keep getting angry at me for asking simple questions. I ask where they get the information? What medical procedure are they referring to? How did they get the number? How do they know that I am who they say I am? I could be using this persons number and not be really them?

Here are the numbers I have received so far. I will be keeping this updated..

  • (210) 215-6455 TX, USA
  • Uknown
  • No Caller ID
  • (972) 348-0245 Dallas, TX
  • (202) 407-9091 DC, USA

All have called multiple times, and this isn’t including all the insurance scammers that have been calling me.

If you have been recieving similar calls or the exact same, leave the number below so we can help others keep an eye out for this kind of thing.

What do I plan to do?

I plan on messing with them. I plan on wasting their time. Whether I’m just going to be my normal self, asking them questions to putting on different accents and drive them crazy.

I plan on doing that.


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7 thoughts on “Medical Compensation Scam Calls

  1. trentpmcd

    Are you on the national no call list? If not, look it up and add your name. After a few weeks report all of the calls you get. I’m on the list and was still getting called every day. I reported the number and the calls stopped instantly.

  2. pavanneh

    I was at lunch with my Uncle. He says his phone calls say he owes X amount of dollars and to send cash cards to this address. He laughed. He knows exactly how much he owes. But he is getting inundated with these calls.

  3. norgeloki

    (832)206-3369 – Same thing you described. I kept him on the line for about fifteen minutes trying to get him to give me a call back number or a website to look into what they were saying. He finally hung up on me.

  4. Lisa

    I also been getting calls from tel# 404-891-5588 about medical compensation and that I will get money at my doorstep and I don’t have to do anything or give any of my information. He asked if I had been hospitalized or had a surgery… (he also had a very heavy Indian accent) .. I told him I never had.. He still insisted .. very weird..

  5. Jody

    I have been getting these calls also from a person with an Indian accent. Calling me a few times a day. He also was very irate when I didn’t want to speak to him. I am on the do not call list and I am still getting these calls. Here is a list of numbers they are calling from today
    443 451-4454 & 786 275-5986

  6. Anaka

    I just received one 2 times from the same number 305 713 1042… and they are muslim (which hurtme because so am i, and this is against islam) after going through the whole medical compensation speech i said some arabic phrases with strong meaning and reminders they then called back on and asked how do i know how to say the phrases, i informed them i too am muslim and they apologized for trying to scam me. Please ppl do not give your personal info to no one calling u on the pho e


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