Going on the Record About #Ferguson

As an Independent Conservative, what is going on in Ferguson with how the cops are so militarized, the arresting of reporters, the media (normal)  not telling the full story, and the lack of response by the politicians is pissing me off.

I couldn’t tell you whether or not Mike Brown was guilty or innocent. I wasn’t there to witness it. What I can tell you, the excessive force of the police, the imposed curfews and the area looking like a war zone, is too orwellian and dystopian for my taste.

Yes, I know there has been looters and property has been destroyed, but there have also been people protesting peaceful. There also have been citizens (not the police) that have tried to stop the violence and destruction.

front lawn

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People have the right to protest peacefully. The government, the police, all civil servants have NO RIGHT to impose a curfew and to use excessive military force at peaceful protests. If they are really  causing destruction and looting arrest them. If they are just standing there holding signs, doing chants, and just spouting words.


I know many will disagree with me and agree with me.

Am I shocked it took forever for the media to report it? No, all mainstream (from CNN to Fox News) media has an agenda and of what goes on in the news doesn’t fit that agenda they either twist it to make it fit or ignore it.

Am I shocked that this is happening? No. Public Servants have been abusing power for FAR too long. From the President of the United States to our local police. From a President that goes on too many vacations while ignoring major issues to police that feel like they can go at 90 miles an hour for no good reason on the highway even though their sirens aren’t on and the lights aren’t flashing.

From the smallest abuse to the biggest, it has been going on for too damn long. I’m sick of it.

This isn’t about race. This isn’t right vs left.  This isn’t man vs women. This isn’t rich vs poor. This isn’t religion. This isn’t about money.This isn’t any of these things (although they can be included in there).

No, this is about our rights, vs people who don’t care that we have them.

We all have rights in this wonderful country. And NO ONE should take them away or ignore them.

That is what this is about!

If you think it won’t happen to you, think again. Check your history.


Originally posted this here, errors and all.


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