#MediaBlackout & #Ferguson


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Last night I had trouble sleeping and stayed up till 4 in the morning looking through twitter and what was trending. I came across this hashtag and was like

So I looked into it and I was confused, surprised, and not surprised by what I read.

Many of the tweets were talking about Ferguson, That’s so Raven, and the media in general. For those that didn’t catch the memo or weren’t on twitter till 4 in the morning I will help fill you on.

People thought that Disney was using a Throwback Wednesday marathon episodes of That’s So Raven as a distraction from people being aware of what was going on in Ferguson, MO. The problem with this is that the throwback wednesday or whatever they call it has been going on for months now! Are people going to pay attention to TV Shows, celebrities over important issues in the news? Of course, that is nothing new, but I don’t think that was the intent of Disney in this case.

HOWEVER,  there is another issue at hand.

Whether or not you believe Mike Brown was innocent or not, people have a right to protest and people have a right to record and report the protest in the media. Last night I spent a lot of time looking up different videos on youtube that were related to the protest, some were from the perspectives of media pundits, but many were from people who were near/at the protest itself!

Before I continue though I want to get this out of the way.

Yes, I know looting and destruction of property occurred. Yes, I know people have a right to be angry. It doesn’t give people the right to destroy property (especially when it will affect the community more so than the police). I don’t know at what point but from what I have been reading online, there have been protesters fighting back or instigating fights (not really clear) by throwing molotov cocktails at the police and just not cooperating.

There were protesters who were trying to tell the looters and those causing destruction to stop it. That it was only making matters worse. It doesn’t help that there have been reports that supposedly police did not intervene when it came to the destruction and the looting in the Ferguson area, a building was even burnt down as a result of the destruction.

It doesn’t help that there also has been animosity between the police and the residents of Ferguson for a while.



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Either way, with some of the videos that I saw last night. I didn’t see anyone throwing molotov cocktails, no I saw a bunch of people in the street outside of a neighborhood. Far enough away from the cops. All they were doing was talking (granted there was some colorful language) and they were holding up signs. What shocked me was that they cops reacted to them being out at night when they weren’t being violent in an aggressive manner. Between blaring a siren so loud, to throwing tear gas (wearing tear gas masks on ahead of time), flash bombs, and shooting plastic bullets into the crowd. From watching multiple videos of the one protest from multiple points of view, looked like they weren’t going after the cops, just protesting. Let’s not also forget there were sniper rifles there and they were aiming them at the protesters who would put their hands in the air and kneel on the ground to show they mean no harmed. Not to mention they advanced onto the people into the neighborhoods and continued throwing and shooting stuff into the neighborhoods, no doubt causing damage and waking up the residents there- since this was taking place at night.

Out of all of this, the part that became the final straw for this whole ordeal was that reports were leaked out (and it was heard in multiple videos I watched) that not only was the media asked to turn off their cameras, reporters had been arrested for not complying with the police.

Know this:

You are allowed to record the police, they need to be aware, but you are allowed to record them. They record you from their squad cars, you have every right to record them!

This most of all outrages me. For they are trying to hide their actions and get away with it. I am not surprised by this. Politicians and major public leaders have been pulling this for years, but they do it through bribery and blackmail (if you think otherwise, that is VERY naive).

It doesn’t help that the police appear to be militarized and it just has an orwellian feel to it.


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