There is Nothing Wrong with Being a Single Mother

If you have read one of my recent posts I had talked about a crazy Justin Bieber fan.

I was talking about an interesting conversation with another girl on this post.

Well you can imagine I got some bieber fans replying with nasty responses. One of them upset me, but not for the reason you would think. I will let you read the comment.

crazy fan 3

let’s ignore the other crazy comments here….

Shaming single mothers.

She is assuming that I am a single mother just by reading one blog post (granted she read it wrong since I am not) and as a result calling me a whore.

There are many young women that are in high school who have unprotected sex and become pregnant. They decide to keep the baby, but the biological father for some reason doesn’t want to be involved. Other times the father tries to help, but it doesn’t work out, they never get married, etc.  I wouldn’t call them a whore

There are many young women who haven’t found the guy yet so they go through sperm donors to have a child. I wouldn’t call them a whore.

There are people who get divorces and 2 become 1/1. With the mother either only having her child part of the time, all the time, or ,sometimes, not at all. I wouldn’t call them a whore.

There are women who have lost their significant other, whether through war, disease, or a car accident. As a result they are on their own. I wouldn’t call them a whore.


There are couples who aren’t married, but plan on it, and they have kids together already. I wouldn’t call them a whore.

You know what I think of Single Mothers? I admire them a greatly.

hand clap gif

Clapping for you single moms

While I personally hope the child(ren) have some father figure in their life in some form or fashion, I don’t see anything wrong with single mothers.

They have to be two parents. They have raise a child without having the same support they would (hopefully) receive from a significant other.

Sometimes they are working terrible jobs, sometimes they are the only one with the income, and sometimes no one is there to help them.

So Janice….


For slut shaming and calling someone a whore just because you think (inaccurately in this case) that they are a single mother.

You are the reason why young women are afraid to tell their friends (when they aren’t married, ready, etc.) they are pregnant and get abortions.

You are the reason young women struggle and feel uncomfortable because you and other people like you shame them for doing a wonderful thing by having (and keeping) the child.

While I don’t think young women should have kids at a young age (as can be seen on 16 and Pregnant, a lot of issues arise). For they are young, there is prom, high school graduation, driving a car for the first time, dating, going to parties, etc. When you are pregnant, you have another life to think about and the majority of young women in the teenage years aren’t ready for it. You have to grow up fast.

Now, those that decide to keep the child, I applaud you. I don’t know what it is like and I can only imagine that it is not easy.

I doubt you will ever read this, but I wanted to at least put my two cents out there.

What did you think when reading her comments? What would you have said to her? Let me know in the comments below!


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5 thoughts on “There is Nothing Wrong with Being a Single Mother

  1. Carol B Sessums

    I think you hit the nail on the head. You were much nicer than I would have been but you came through quite well. My post as well as my reply to the BFH would have been too nasty. ;P

  2. The Floral Bunny

    Wow that commenter was so rude! They say nobody attacks Justin, but then go right around and attack someone else. Good for you for getting your point across without being awful right back to her. I don’t know if I could’ve been that nice.


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