Dear Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Dear Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,

Thank you.

Having read of couple of the stories and watched many movie and Tv show adaptations I want to thank you for inspiring some of the greatest shows and movies.

I know this many be difficult for you to hear, seeing how you killed off your own character because you became tired of him. And to make matters worse he was so popular that people wanted him back so you had to keep writing about Sherlock Holmes to satisfy fans and to make money.

While I know you were frustrated and probably irritated by the idea of only being known for Sherlock Holmes, let me reassure you it could be worse.

You could be known as being the writer of Twilight. You could be known as the writer of 50 shades of Grey. You could be known as someone who was responsible for the deaths of millions (like Hitler, Stalin, etc.)

Instead you are known as the writer of Sherlock Holmes.

I hope one day to inspire people to the point where they create numerous movie and tv adaptations, inspire many stories to be written (whether they are fanfiction or actually published), I hope to inspire like you have inspired.

So thank you Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


A Sherlock Fan.

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