June Blog Challenge #19: A List of Lasts


Today you have to fill out A List of Lasts!

Fill it out and if you can let me know when this last happened! The More details the Better!

  1. Last Kiss
  2. Last Movie (at Home)
  3. Last Movie (in theaters)
  4. Last Book you finished completely.
  5. Last Time you had ice cream. What flavor?
  6. Last Person you called on the phone.
  7. Last person who called you on the phone
  8. Last person you texted.
  9. Last person who texted you.
  10. Last time you did something crazy. What was it? Why did you do it?
  11. Last time you sat down and did nothing but relaxed.
  12. Last TV Show you watched.
  13. Last time you binge watched a TV Show. What Show?
  14. Last Movie Marathon you had. Was there a theme? What movies did you watch?
  15. Last Time you blogged. Include a link.
  16. Last time you took a Selfie. Why did you take it?
  17. Last Time you said I love you. Who did you say it to?
  18. Last time you said goodbye. Who did you say it to?
  19. Last time you volunteered your time to help someone. Was it a stranger? Someone you know? Why did you help them?



If you are looking for an extra challenge or if you are still itching to writing an extra post here is my challenge for you…

Remember that Challenge from Day #2?  Where I asked if there was any aspect of your life that you could change and improve on. Well, have you been working on that?  And be honest, that is the only way you can make progress.

What did you do to work on/overcome your challenge today? Are you happy with your progress? Are you not happy? Why?


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