Beauty Review: Yes to Grapefruit

yes to grapefruit

Brand: Yes to

Skin Care: Facial Scrub

While Shopping at Ulta this product caught my eye because of the packining was pink. I am a sucker for pink.

I opened it up, smelled it, and fell in love. This smells so good.

Even though I love the idea of facial scrubs I have a hard time finding one that isn’t harsh. This is that product.

It isn’t that harsh, I don’t feel any of those weird beads (or whatever they are) after I have washed my face. My skin also feels really great after I have used this product. I definitely see an improvement with my skin regarding acne.

Would I use it again? Probably, but there are other facials scrubs I want to try.

I would have to give this product 4 stars.4 stars


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2 thoughts on “Beauty Review: Yes to Grapefruit

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