Another Duck & Cover

With all the recent shootings more people are trying to find ways to keep their children safe.

Now you can keep your children safe!

With this blanket that straps on your back all for the price of $1,000!


This makes me feel a lot safer knowing that my brother could have this blanket to protect him shooters in school.


If we are to assume the picture is what the actually product looks like, I have issues with it. The shield while being made from the same protective gear used for law and military enforcement, it doesn’t cover the entire body. I can still see childrens arms, legs, feet, and their sides.

While this would be more helpful to protect from debris falling from the building during an earthquake, I can’t see this as being effective way of protecting children.

It’s just as effective as Duck and Cover video from the Cold War

What are your thoughts on this product? Let me know in the comments below!


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One thought on “Another Duck & Cover

  1. pavanneh

    I would have to agree that it doesn’t look like it would fully protect the children from gun fire. But, It does look like it could help in the other instances you mentioned. The best way to prevent gun shootings in school is to keep anyone from getting a gun in the school.


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