Loyda, Lies, and Love?


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I wanted to relax and watch TV. While scrolling through the channels I came across MTV’s Catfish. I have watched it before and I thought hey, why not?

This episode is messed up. I am underexaggerating.

Here is what happens.

This girl steals another girls facebook photos, identity, and creates a fake instagram. She meets someone and falls in love with Ramon. All the while not telling him who she really is.

And you want to know why she created this fake profile. She was bored!

Read a book, learn to draw, paint, exercise! Do something that is productive and creative. Not pointless like that.

How sad are you to create a fake profile mimicking another random individual. That is sad. Get a life.

Wait there is more….

We learn that she did try to tell Ramon that she was the cousin of the girl (which she isn’t). That she tried to tell Ramon, but he didn’t want to believe it. Even though he originally went on the show because he wasn’t sure…

I think he wanted to get revenge on her and embarrass her personally.

Than we learn from her facebook profile that she is faking an engagement to Ramon. She even bought a ring with the money that Ramon gave her and she lied to her mom, and created an elaborate setup to convince her mom that Ramon proposed.

When Nev Schulman & Max Joseph confronted Loyda’s mom that her daughter had been lying and the mother gets angry with them.



But they have skyped supposedly, they have seen each other for real, and according to her here he did give it to her.

I don’t know who to believe. They are both liars and they are both messed up.

In the end she eventually pays him back for how much he spent on her, which is the only redeeming thing about her.

I don’t know what is currently going on with Ramon, but I can tell you that Loyda married a guy she had met online before she met Ramon, although other sites says she was with both guys at the same time. I’m going to say she was with him because she has constantly lied. Not only is she a liar, deceiver, but a cheater as well.

That episode hurt my brain. I still can’t comprehend it.


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2 thoughts on “Loyda, Lies, and Love?

  1. The girl you wrote about

    I only pray that after Two years you’d get your story straight. I was told to say I met the new beau online dumbass but hey, the money was worth every bit of horrible acting on my part. The man was actually an ex boyfriend of several years and we had gotten back together a month after filming catfish so you couldn’t be any further from the truth. But I guess that’s what happens when you believe 45 mins of edited 80+ hr of footage and online 😏

    1. myrenaissance Post author

      If this really is the girl I wrote about:
      (1) I had actually forgotten about you till you commented and had to reread the article to figure out who you were
      (2) amazed you found this random article on the internet, do you always go around reading commenting on articles written about you, since it is so old as you say. Must be missing those 15-20 minutes of fame to be going out of your way to do this.
      (3) you were told to say by who? mom? the show? I didn’t realize someone forced you to go on the show and say and act these things. Did they hold a gun to your head? keep you hostage? Didn’t realize reality tv was a brutal business.
      (4) as to how I am further from the truth, which part? You being a cheater? A Liar? all the above? Or are you actually married to Ramon and I missread some article somewhere, which is entirely possible. The whole thing was so ridiculous that trying to follow it was trying to understand a really bad soap opera.
      (5) if this was an act why are you so surprised and upset at people who called you out on your supposed ridiculous behavior? iBetween the two of us you appear to be the dumbass for going onto a show that you say is an act and edited to the point where it has the potential to portray you in a poor light. Even if for money, why not do something crazy like get a normal job. Why agree to go on the show in the first place if a catfish has never happened in the first place or knowing the possibility you could be portrayed poorly? If the answer is for money, not only is that sad it kind of shows me that your character in real life and your character on the show aren’t so different.

      Whether or not you are Loyda, I found this must amusing and diverting. Your attempt to insult me was pathetic and to be honest, hilarious. Instead of going around seeking articles written about you, trying to insult those individuals in the process (especially after how many years since the episode aired?) why not try picking up a new hobby that doesn’t involve lying, cheating, or creating fake accounts. Who knows maybe with that hobby you can create money and maybe, just maybe keep whatever dignity you have intact.


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